Friday Favorites

Sharing all of my favorite things lately on the blog today. Most days I feel rushed going to work, being on my feet all day running around and then driving an hour home exhausted with still so much to do before I go to bed. With all the craziness, I still take the time to find a favorite thing of that day. Even if it is small like wearing a cute outfit or being able to finish my coffee that morning when it was actually hot. The little things in life!! January has flown by and this month has proven that 2018 is full of opportunities. Continue reading “Friday Favorites”


Friday Favorites

Hello, friends! I am bringing back my Friday Favorites, where I share some of my favorite things of the week. As much as I love to share new products to try, new home decor or pretty flowers in my yard, it also gives me a reason to sit down and reflect on my week.

This week, we said goodbye to summer and experienced some crazy weather. I worked crazy hours at J. Crew the last few weeks because of Labor Day weekend and now I desperately need a vacation! I feel like we can’t catch a break with hurricane after hurricane. Forest fires, earthquakes and flooding to name a few. When natural disasters hit, it makes me take the time to appreciate the little things in life.

So here are my favorites this week…

New Arrivals from J. Crew Factory.… someone just cut up my credit card now because the new arrivals at J. Crew Factory are so cute!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Little Peony… is my new go to color for transitioning into fall. It survived a full week working retail without one chip. Proof that this stuff is a miracle!

Black slide on mules from Target….I have been wearing them to work lately, and customers have been asking if they are Gucci (ha!)  I am making everyone I own get them because they are only $20.

Dinner from Trader Joe’s… I went to Trader Joe’s for the first time in a while because it is a bit of a hike for me. I stocked up on some easy dinners to make during the week and now I think I am going to have to buy these in bulk! I made dinner with the oven instead of the microwave for the first time in months… and it was quick, easy and delicious!

Hello, August

For me, once July is over I feel like summer ends with it. The Fourth of July feels like forever ago, but this month seemed to fly by. With fall hovering around the corner….Bath & Body Works has their fall candles out and the Nordstrom sale full of fall clothes are now in our closets…

The last few days have been chilly and I am not okay with leaving this hot weather. I want to soak up all of these sunny days we have left. I have bathing suits in my drawer that have not been worn yet and plenty of beach days I still need to enjoy. There is still plenty of summer to be had, but here are some of my favorite things from July.

  1. DSW
    I haven’t bought new shoes in months, but lately I have been buying new shoes every week. This habit definitely needs to stop, but it is so hard to talk myself out of buying new shoes when they are so affordable. This month I bought these, these and these. AND because I signed up for the rewards, I was able to use my points to get $30 off of these.DSW Shoes
  2. Lancome Mascara
    When I graduated from college, one of my goals was to invest in higher end makeup. For years I bought the $5 mascara from the drugstore, but once I started to use Lancome mascara I quickly learned I could never go back to drugstore mascara. Every year I pick up a new Lancome mascara to try, but got super excited when Influenster sent me the new Monsieur Big Mascara for free for testing purposes. This one is my new favorite.
    Lancome Monsieur Big.jpg
  3. Skincare
    In the summer months I like to spend more time on my skincare routine because that sun, sweat and off the shoulder tops really take a toll on the skin! I have been using my Olay body wash and a loofah everyday to make sure my skin stays soft. img_7366
  4. Netflix
    This month I finished watching the series Salem and I am catching up on Season 3 of Madame Secretary right now. I love watching an episode while I clean my room or wind down from the day before bed.Netflix_Logo_Print_FourColorCMYK
  5. End of Summer Season Sales
    Around this time, most stores start emptying their stores to make room for fall. Crazy, right?? I shared my J. Crew favorites here and my J. Crew Factory favorites earlier this month. Hurry and stock up on some cute things. img_7391

Friday Favorites

That awkward moment when I get home from work and realize it was Friday, but I had no idea. Oops! This post is a little late to go up but that also describes the type of week I am having. Always lots to do and very little time to get everything done. I recently took on another job so now I am balancing three jobs, sleep, personal hygiene and sleep as well as a Netflix episode or 20!

Here are some of my favorites this week….


One of my goals this week was to take more walks. I spend so much time going from place to place, but rarely take the time to just go on a walk with no destination. I came across this sign on one of my walks in town and fell in love with it.

What I Bought

Victoria’s Secret Just a reminder that it is the Semi-Annual Sale at Victoria’s Secret and while all of us gals stock up on undies for $3.99, now is the time to pick up a new traveling case as well. I went in this week to buy underwear that I didn’t need, but saw that their traveling cases were on sale. I purchased the classic pink stripe one and while it is sold out online, it should still be available in stores. I usually have to pack more than one travel case when I go on trips, but I love how handy this is because I can use one bag with two compartments to store my products.


Target Every trip to Target begins with the intention to buy one thing and leaving with things you don’t need! I went to pick up a new razor and hand soap…. and scored in the clearance section. This palm print is perfect for summer and I am so happy it finally made it to clearance! Also, their monogrammed towels finally went to clearance so grab them quick!

placemats // pillow // towel


Kate Spade Okay, so I didn’t actually purchase these items but I had to share on the blog! I went into the Kate Spade Outlet on my lunch break this week and look at how cute these summer bags are!! Ugh if I had money I would totally buy that pineapple!

My Favorite Products


img_5860As always, my week would not have been made possible without dry shampoo. I opened up my cabinet to realize I had 3 full bottles of Batiste. Ha! I found a bottle on clearance at Target and I always get mine at TJ Maxx because it is always less than $5.  You can read my full post about it here.


Still obsessed with all of these products from last week’s Target haul.

What I Wore


dress // shoesimg_6643

tank // jeans // shoes