The New OPI Nature Strong Line is Perfect for Fall!

So now that I’m back to work, I’m spending a lot of time doing things that can ruin a good manicure! Luckily, OPI set me a package in the mail of their new Nature Strong line of nail polishes. It’s a vegan nail polish line that lasts longer than any other nail polish I’ve used! With 30 shades to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one. I personally hate chipped nails and never have the time to sit down and do a full manicure. OPI Nature Strong makes it easy because the nail polish dries very quickly and lasts for more than two weeks. Seriously, it lasted two weeks even after I spent my mornings typing away on my laptop and then afternoons in the classroom!

Early fall is weird because it’s not always cold right away and I’m not ready to wear dark colors just yet! Which is why I loved the pink shades because they are good neutrals to transition into fall with. Have you seen the new line of nail polishes in store yet? For me it was life changing because I don’t have time to wait for my nails to dry these days!!


OPI Nature Strong

Easy Ways To Get Healthy Skin

I love the summer months because the sun gives my face a hint of color. Any imperfections are hidden by that sun glow I get even when I wear SPF. We spend more time outdoors in the summer and get a good daily dose of vitamin D. Then fall comes around and we slowly start to turn up the heat, spend more time outdoors and our skin is exposed to harsh cold winds. Naturally, your skin is going to react to this big environmental change so be sure to be prepared this year with the right tools to keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. 

Drink Water All Day

 My first sign that my skin was feeling the affects of the seasons changing was that I was thirsty all the time. My lips felt chapped, my mouth dry and I could tell that my body needed more water intake. During the summer months, I am constantly drinking water or some beverage to keep cool in the heat. But during the fall, I just forget to keep a water bottle around me at all times. Now I fill up a big tumbler of water and keep it with me throughout the day as a reminder to keep drinking water. 

The Lazy Version of an Organic Diet

You won’t find me shopping exclusively in the organic section of the grocery store, but I do try to buy fresh food always. If 2020 taught me anything, it’s how to cook with fresh ingredients because I had the time to experiment in the kitchen. Now we cook almost all of our meals from scratch and stay away from processed foods. To stay healthy, we also limit our dairy intake and use dairy alternatives whenever we can. Our fridge has chopped up vegetables for easy snacks and always have a stocked fridge so we have easy dinner options instead of ordering in. 


I go to bed every night with dewy skin because of the amount of products on my face to keep it hydrated and healthy. It took a while but I finally found a nighttime routine that got me ready for bed in under 5 minutes that worked for me and my needs. At night before bed, I wash my face, brush my teeth and apply toner, serum and a moisturizer before bed. A lot of this is for preventative care knowing I will appreciate this 5 minutes of self care a night in 10 years. It’s a lot more difficult to correct skin damage and make it healthy again than a few minutes a day of preventative care. Create a routine that works for you to apply a face moisturizer at night on your face, neck and chest and your future self will thank you for it!

Create a Healthy Lifestyle

Lack of sleep, stress, anxiety are just a few things that can make your face look tired and dull. A few years ago I started to set an alarm at night as a reminder when I should be getting into bed. Some days I need that little reminder that it’s time to unwind and get into bed. Sleep is so important for skin health and for calming anxiety throughout the day. (Almost) Everything is possible when you are well rested! Change your sheets weekly, use the Calm App to become less anxious and journal to release those strings of thought that can add to a stressful mind. 


Besides taking my daily vitamin, I also have a scoop of Vital Proteins collagen in my morning coffee every day. If I have the time, I love to make a fruit and spinach smoothie in the afternoon to get my daily dose of fruit and vegetables. We need to be mindful of what we put into our body and I have seen big drastic improvements in my skin when I take certain supplements. However, always do your own research and do what is best for you and your lifestyle. 

Mornings with Vital Proteins are my favorite!

After a long vacation, I was so excited to get home and back into my routine. Before I can even sit down and relax, I’m looking at a very long to-do list of laundry, unpacking, and a trip to the grocery store. One simple thing I can do to get back into my normal daily routine is to start with a cup of coffee. It’s my favorite part of the day and it’s an easy way to get my daily dose of collagen supplement in. I’ve been putting a scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides in my coffee every morning for the last year and I’m constantly talking about the benefits to my family and friends. After a few weeks, I noticed a drastic improvement from head to knees, literally! Benefits of taking Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides daily are, healthier skin, hair growth, and reduce joint pain to name a few. My body recovers faster and I notice that my body isn’t as tired as it usually was after a long day.

Personally for me, I have continued to take Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides daily because it has transformed my hair. It is thicker and I’m constantly discovering new hair growth all over my head! On my recent vacation, I went without my daily scoop and noticed that my whole body ached. My knees hurt when I was walking up stairs and my back was sore. None of these things were an issue when I was taking my daily scoop of collagen. I’m excited to get back into my daily morning routine with a cup of coffee and a scoop of Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides!

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides helps work on the inside so I have the strength and healthy body to keep up.


Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides (best price!) // Keurig K-Duo

Glowy Vacation Look with Vita Liberata Beauty Blur

When I first started to pack makeup for our trip, I had to remind myself it was going to be hot and humid. With that heat, I didn’t want to bring any heavy foundation so I packed my new tinted moisturizer to try it out. Since it’s a moisturizer, I found it really easy to blend and it held up really well with the 100 degree plus temperatures. Being on a cruise, I also wanted a minimal makeup look and found that the Beauty Blur Primer & Tinted Moisturizer gave me a nice natural glow without looking like I had makeup on. At night, I added some bronzer and blush to look a little more done up when we went to dinner but for the most part I wore the tinted moisturizer. Cannot recommend enough for an easy makeup look on vacation when you want a barely there makeup look.


  • Use a pea size amount on the face or decolletage and dot lightly onto cleansed skin after moisturizer
  • Blend outwards with fingers in circular movements or a foundation brush
  • Can be worn alone or under makeup


tinted moisturizer // bikinis and bellinis tee shirt

Sassy by Savannah Cosmetics Review

I will be the first to admit that I cannot resist trying new makeup brands especially celebrity founded ones. When Sassy by Savannah Cosmetics by Savannah Chrisley first launched last fall, I was one of the first people to buy one of everything before it sold out… the first time! At first I wasn’t sure what to expect, nonetheless I loved the branding right away. The price point is very reasonable and in my opinion way cheaper than I was expecting for a celebrity founded cosmetic company. Lately, I’ve been grabbing the Sassy Cosmetics eyeliner and mascara a lot lately. It’s great for everyday and lasts all day which I need for the long hot summer days. The collection also has a full face palette which I love to play with because it comes with 15 eyeshadows, two bronzers, two blushes and two highlighters. A lot of great products for only $22! NO wonder this item keeps selling out! The brand is small and items are often coming in and out of stock, and still I cannot wait to see what product comes next! I’ve used the bronzer that is included in the face palette and I’m excited to see now that it is now for sale on its own. Be sure to add a makeup brush kit (under $20) to your cart before you check out. I love to have a brush kit in my travel makeup bag so I don’t forget anything. For years, we have heard the hype about lip kits and I personally found them a bit overpriced for a product I wasn’t sure I would even like. I purchased a few while I was checking out because they were very inexpensive. Sassy by Savannah lip kits come with an eyeliner, lipstick and lipgloss for $12. At that price I bought a few to try out and new shades will be added because they are so popular. Another plus besides the high quality and affordable price point? All products are vegan, cruelty free, paraben free and phthalate free.


Lancome Idôle Ultra Wear Foundation Stick

I’m the type of person who feels most confident while wearing foundation. A good foundation can even skin tone, hide any imperfections and most importantly, get glowing skin. There are so many foundations out there that work so well and lately I have been loving the Lancome Idôle Ultra Wear Foundation Stick because of its convenience. The foundation is creamy and easy to blend leaving a nice matte finish. If I want more of a glow, I will dab a bit of bronzer and highlighter on my cheeks since they blend nicely. The best part is that it comes with a built-in kabuki brush making it easy to apply on the go or in a hurry. The Lancome Idôle Ultra Wear Foundation Stick has been my go-to lately because it lasts all day and works well with my oily skin looking like I just applied my makeup. I often go back and forth between drugstore and higher end foundations and I always come back to Lancome because the quality is always amazing.


Lancome Idôle Ultra Wear Foundation Stick // block sandal heels // dress (old Ann Taylor) // headband (old Target)

Thank you to Influenster and Lancome for contributing to todays post. Products were received complimentary, all opinions are my own.