Summer Fridays CC ME Serum Review

There are very few products I have tried that make me this upset when I use every last drop. My morning routine was completely thrown off the other day when I went to use my Summer Fridays CC ME serum and nothing came out. I’ve used a lot of products that claim to make your face look brighter, smoother, etc. and this one actually gave results. It’s a favorite for many people because this serum naturally brightens, improves skin texture, and reduces dark spots and hyperpigmentation. It does it all and looks great under some light foundation and concealer. I found that I didn’t need to apply that much makeup when I used it because my face glows when I use this serum.

The serum is light and dries quickly so I didn’t need to wait for what feels like forever with other products for my skin to absorb the serum. I brought it on my recent trip to Disney and I’m so happy I did because your skin can show signs of travel and lack of sleep very quickly. All of my pictures from our trip turned out great and I didn’t have to worry about what my face looked like with no sleep because of this serum. Sounds a bit dramatic, I know, but when you find a serum that makes your skin glow and hides dark circles and fine lines, buy it in BULK! Or sign up for auto-replenish because that’s a thing now. 


Summer Fridays CC ME Serum


Summer Makeup Look for Everyday with Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter

Once the weather starts to get warmer, I need to change up my makeup products to stay put with the heat and sweat during the summer months. The first step is to have a good daily moisturizer to use after you wash your face. I never put on any face makeup without properly washing my face and applying a moisturizer. Foundation looks and feels better on your face when it is properly hydrated. I’ve been using this face moisturizer in the mornings. I’ve been using this foundation the last few weeks during those really hot days. The foundation is actually a multipurpose primer and highlighter so when applied to your skin, you can easily blend the product to be a full coverage or light coverage depending on what you need. Great for those “no makeup” days when you don’t want to wear makeup but want a little glow. This bottle contains magic because my face is poreless and glowy like an Instagram filter when I use it!

If you are looking for more coverage, you can blend it with your foundation on your brush or makeup sponge before applying. To get that dewy look, use the applicator to use as you would with a brush with a highlighter compact dabbing along the areas you would like to highlight such as the top of your nose, cheekbones, chin, etc. I then lightly dab with a makeup brush and apply face powder lightly around my face for some light coverage.

I’ve been grabbing the Flawless Filter more and more since you can’t go wrong with a dewy look that looks fresh all day even after a long 12-hour day!

Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter

Choosing a Scent with Lancome

I remember being in high school and being obsessed with perfume samples in magazines. Finally in college, I saved up my money to purchase a perfume and wore it sparingly because I didn’t want to run out! Since then, I have picked up a few more fragrances to try and it’s one of my favorite splurges. I usually “gift” myself a new perfume to myself around Christmas and my birthday. Luckily, I now have Jake who pays attention when I talk about a perfume I like a lot around him so he gets the hint about which one I’m loving at the moment!

A few weeks ago, I got a surprise PR package from Lancome with their new La vie est belle Oui perfume. I have been using La vie est belle perfume for years and even have a bottle at my parent’s house because I kept bringing mine back and forth every visit so my mom gave me another one! Oui is a bright and floral fragrance making it perfect for every day, not just special occasions! And how cute is the bottle?! It looks so chic and cute on my dresser! I’m a fan of Lancome fragrances because the scent lasts all day without being overwhelming. The new fragrance, Oui, has hints of sweet iris, rose and jasmine.

Lancome La vie est belle Oui

On a busy day there is Too Faced Born This Way Foundation that can keep up!

Is anyone else going through a busy season right now? Right now, work is extra busy as we get to the end of the school year and with the warmer weather, my social calendar is filling up very quickly! This means less time to get ready in the morning before work and I need makeup to stay in place all day. My morning starts with Zoom meetings before I transition into in-person meetings at school before we kickoff program at 2pm. Then I’m running around trying to keep up with the kids and going to dinner with friends after work if I’m not running errands! My week days are exhausting and my weekends are filled with fun things to do so I need makeup that can keep up with my busy schedule. More and more, I have been reaching for this foundation because I know it can keep up and stay put without fading or getting oily. While I love using drugstore foundations, this time of year when it’s hot one day and chilly the next, I like to use my higher end products because of the dewy, poreless glow this foundation gives me no matter the weather. A little bit goes a long way which makes it worth every single penny!

I love this foundation so much! The coverage is great without looking too heavy and it is very long wearing perfect for the working girl. Besides getting a preless dewy look, I also love how easy it is to blend which is super helpful in the morning when I’m rushing to get ready! Let me know if you are a fan in the comments below.

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

A Pop of Pink with L’Oreal Paradise Collection

Once February comes around my obsession with pink only grows. I recently changed a few things around in my closet to make room for my pink sweaters. L’Oreal sent me a package with their new Glow Paradise balm lipstick and it is so nice! The balm lipstick feels like a lip balm and instantly makes them feel softer with a touch of natural-looking color.

L’Oreal Glow Paradise Balm-in-Lipstick

L’Oreal Paradise mascara

L’Oreal Paradise eyeshadow palette

L’Oreal Paradise Eyeliner

Affordable Everyday Lipstick with Revlon Colorstay

It is impossible to run into a store to run an errand and not come out without a lipstick to try. Since I work from home in the mornings and I spend hours on Zoom and Teams calls, I need an easy way to stand out on camera. This makes my impulse buying of lipsticks come in handy because I can look “awake” on camera when I put on a minimal amount of makeup with a bold lip. Revlon sent me a package with a Revlon Colorstay Satin Ink Liquid Lipstick and I’ve shared it on my Instagram before. I like to wear it in the morning when I know I have meetings on Zoom and I need to go to school in the afternoon because it does not come off when I wear my mask. This lipstick is surprisingly comfortable being a liquid and doesn’t dry out my lips like most lip stains.