Friday Favorites

Hello, friends! I am bringing back my Friday Favorites, where I share some of my favorite things of the week. As much as I love to share new products to try, new home decor or pretty flowers in my yard, it also gives me a reason to sit down and reflect on my week.

This week, we said goodbye to summer and experienced some crazy weather. I worked crazy hours at J. Crew the last few weeks because of Labor Day weekend and now I desperately need a vacation! I feel like we can’t catch a break with hurricane after hurricane. Forest fires, earthquakes and flooding to name a few. When natural disasters hit, it makes me take the time to appreciate the little things in life.

So here are my favorites this week…

New Arrivals from J. Crew Factory.… someone just cut up my credit card now because the new arrivals at J. Crew Factory are so cute!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Little Peony… is my new go to color for transitioning into fall. It survived a full week working retail without one chip. Proof that this stuff is a miracle!

Black slide on mules from Target….I have been wearing them to work lately, and customers have been asking if they are Gucci (ha!)  I am making everyone I own get them because they are only $20.

Dinner from Trader Joe’s… I went to Trader Joe’s for the first time in a while because it is a bit of a hike for me. I stocked up on some easy dinners to make during the week and now I think I am going to have to buy these in bulk! I made dinner with the oven instead of the microwave for the first time in months… and it was quick, easy and delicious!


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