Hello, August

For me, once July is over I feel like summer ends with it. The Fourth of July feels like forever ago, but this month seemed to fly by. With fall hovering around the corner….Bath & Body Works has their fall candles out and the Nordstrom sale full of fall clothes are now in our closets…

The last few days have been chilly and I am not okay with leaving this hot weather. I want to soak up all of these sunny days we have left. I have bathing suits in my drawer that have not been worn yet and plenty of beach days I still need to enjoy. There is still plenty of summer to be had, but here are some of my favorite things from July.

  1. DSW
    I haven’t bought new shoes in months, but lately I have been buying new shoes every week. This habit definitely needs to stop, but it is so hard to talk myself out of buying new shoes when they are so affordable. This month I bought these, these and these. AND because I signed up for the rewards, I was able to use my points to get $30 off of these.DSW Shoes
  2. Lancome Mascara
    When I graduated from college, one of my goals was to invest in higher end makeup. For years I bought the $5 mascara from the drugstore, but once I started to use Lancome mascara I quickly learned I could never go back to drugstore mascara. Every year I pick up a new Lancome mascara to try, but got super excited when Influenster sent me the new Monsieur Big Mascara for free for testing purposes. This one is my new favorite.
    Lancome Monsieur Big.jpg
  3. Skincare
    In the summer months I like to spend more time on my skincare routine because that sun, sweat and off the shoulder tops really take a toll on the skin! I have been using my Olay body wash and a loofah everyday to make sure my skin stays soft. img_7366
  4. Netflix
    This month I finished watching the series Salem and I am catching up on Season 3 of Madame Secretary right now. I love watching an episode while I clean my room or wind down from the day before bed.Netflix_Logo_Print_FourColorCMYK
  5. End of Summer Season Sales
    Around this time, most stores start emptying their stores to make room for fall. Crazy, right?? I shared my J. Crew favorites here and my J. Crew Factory favorites earlier this month. Hurry and stock up on some cute things. img_7391

One thought on “Hello, August

  1. Great post. I know the feeling, August the days are getting shorter, the evening temperatures cooler and there’s a slight feeling of Fall in the air. I feel like sandals season is quickly become ballet flats season. 😦 Great find at DSW. Love that shade of pink. I’ve been eye a similar pair of slides but like you, I’ve bought too many shoes lately.


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