Friday Favorites 7.1

When you focus on the good, the good gets better.

I am in shock that we are in July! Does anyone else feel like summer is almost over when 4th of July comes around?? I had a slower week this week since school wrapped up and preparing for summer camp to start next week. I’m enjoying my “summer break” as much as I can after a busy school year. I’m making a list of things I want to do and see this summer so I don’t miss out! Today, I’m working from Panera since I dropped off my car to be serviced at 7 am. Not how I wanted to end my week but at least it’s been a productive morning. Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend!

Jake and I are always looking for a show to watch together and right now we are watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine. While I’m enjoying being able to work from home this week, I’ve been watching Ladies of London during my work breaks. I’m begging that Bravo brings back this show because it’s such a gem in the world of reality tv. This week a lot of new episodes dropped from our go-to shows from The Boys and Westworld.

I’ve talked about this shampoo and conditioner on Instagram before but as I’m finally finishing up the bottles, I need to talk about it again because it’s so good for blondes. I’ve always wanted light blonde hair but my natural hair color makes my blonde a brassy color. Our city water does not help at all but since I’ve been using this shampoo and conditioner, my blonde has been perfect without my weekly purple shampoo 45 minute application. Keep an eye on the blog for a full product review because it’s that good!

It’s summer (and hot) which means I’ve tossed my foundation in the trash. Just kidding but I’m giving my skin a break and I’ve been using this budget friendly moisturizer daily. It gives a nice rose glow with just a little bit of product and does better during the hot days.

I sat down on a chair in the backyard and it literally collapsed seconds later. Our outside furniture was given to us by a neighbor and we wanted to fix up the backyard before we purchased any furniture so I wasn’t that sad. That day we ordered this budget friendly outdoor furniture set since this isn’t our forever house and didn’t want to worry about the weather to ruin nice furniture.

It’s summer so that means that Ed the cat is shedding. A lot. I’ve had this pet hair roller in my cart for almost a year and finally pushed the checkout button. Excited to use it and get our couch back!

Treated myself to a face ice roller after purchasing one for everyone I know except me. My mom loves hers so I’m excited to add this step in my morning routine.

Saw this window privacy film on Instagram and immediately added it to my cart. Our second floor bathroom needed a new one and this design makes it look like an intentional design feature instead of being up for privacy reasons.

  • Saw this chair at Target and it’s made of sherpa and it swivels. Fell in love immediately!
  • A lot of the Studio McGee items at Target are on sale! I’ve picked up pillows, artwork and small pieces for the house the last few weeks.
  • Fresh flowers in the living room.
  • On Wednesday, we had a work lunch at Not Your Average Joe’s at Suburban Square. It was a nice treat in the middle of the week.
  • Our backyard is very green and the grass is coming in so nicely! It’s a project we put off for so long because it was a lot of work but I’m so happy that the grass seed we planted came in perfectly.
  • Our new outdoor furniture is being delivered today. YAY!
  • The upcoming 4 day weekend!

How to start working out again… when it’s been a while!

Summer is around the corner and I’m looking forward to warmer days and spending my time outdoors as much as I can. However, my body is not ready for those little shorts and cute tops so I’m committing to getting a bit more toned to feel more confident. After wearing leggings or pajama pants all day this past winter, I didn’t realize that I was slacking on my personal fitness goals until it was too late. While my body is not ready for a high intensity work out class, I am giving my body some grace and going to take things slow to get back into the routine.

First, get those workout clothes out of storage and put them in one place that you can easily get to. I try to always change into workout clothes before working out because it’s a way to tell my body that it is time to MOVE. If I can, I will put on leggings and a workout tank first thing in the morning so it’s a reminder to get my body moving throughout the day. If you need some new workout clothes to get you inspired to sweat, buying new leggings or shorts has been shown to help motivate working out!

Right now, we have a routine where Jake and I both do a quick workout as soon as he gets done with work so we can get it out of the way and enjoy our evening. Some people prefer working out before work but we prefer to do it at night because we are not morning people! Whatever works for you, try to do it the same time every day so your body gets used to it and starts to expect some sweat instead of dreading it. Also helps prevent life from getting in the way and forgetting a workout when you plan ahead.

Plan for a 20 minute workout so it doesn’t seem like a bigger task than it is. I’ll put on a playlist I created on Spotify and just start. 20 minutes a day doesn’t take too much time out of your day and I have less reasons for excuses when I remind myself it’s like listening to 5 songs.

Now that you are dressed and ready, the next hurdle is usually, “now what?” I created a board on Pinterest where I save workouts that I can actually do, nothing too high level or intense to look at for inspiration. While scrolling on Instagram, if I find a workout that looks fun, I also save it to a folder on Instagram. To keep the workout moving, I like to stick to the same workout routine everyday so I don’t have to think too much about what’s next so I can keep moving. When I have a workout routine, I can usually keep going for a lot longer than the “20 minute workout” I planned on doing.

Water. Lots of water. I fill up a cute Starbucks tumbler first thing in the morning every day and keep refilling it throughout the day. When I have water nearby I’m less likely to grab a sugary drink when I’m thirsty.

Try for daily walks when the weather is nice. It’s something I love to do when it’s warm outside so I try to get dressed first thing in the morning and plan my day around going on a walk when the sunshine is shining. Those days that are cold and rainy are my rest days ha!

Walks Around the Neighborhood

If you have been a reader for a while, you know how much I love a long walk. The last few months have kept me indoors because of the cold weather but once we got that 40 degree weather, I was eager to get back outside. I’ll admit that my jeans were a little snug but I was excited to get out of pajama pants and into real clothes. My route doesn’t change much and with my daily walks in the fall I have explored most of our neighborhood. Overtime I watched my neighborhood go from blooming trees, lush green sidewalk landscaping and warm sunshine rays to crunchy leaves and a cool breeze. Nowadays on my walks, I see dead tree limbs, bare bushes and dirty streets caused from the never ending cycle of melting snow with a new layer of snow before the rain can clean the streets. I’m hoping that the warm weather stays and brings life back into the many gardens and trees in our neighborhood.

For a neighborhood we recently moved into, I could walk these streets with my eyes closed. One thing I got out of this lockdown was being able to get familiar with each street and block. I was spoiled living in a beach town my whole life where everyone knew everyone. In a city, it’s a big world and I can feel small living in it. Neighbors rarely talk to each other with the hustle that comes with the city life. With everyone at home the last year, I’ve noticed railings have been painted, sidewalks repaired and other home projects keeping neighbors busy. When I walk past fellow walkers, we give each other an awkward wave as we step aside to let the other person pass or a head nod as we acknowledge our fellow walker. Cities are not meant to be this empty so when I see people, we are eager to make eye contact and smile even though it’s hidden under a mask. There is this sense of grace we are giving one another; a lighthearted joke and smile as a way to communicate, “I feel the same way.” I’ve had more conversations with our mailman and our Amazon drivers before 2020. I hope when this lockdown ends and things start opening up again, we continue to give one another grace and know how far a smile goes to brighten someones day. The once invisible workers are some of our most valuable workers keeping us safe and comfortable at home. I can only hope they get the praise they very much deserve.

Walking past businesses and restaurants in Rittenhouse makes me smile to see the busy foot traffic and creative efforts to make outdoor dining safe and fun. Philadelphia is not a quiet city and it’s working hard to stay relevant and busy. This time last year I was itching to get out of our house and missing our “old normal”. I found walks to be therapeutic and a great way to get some exercise in. It doesn’t matter where you live or how much money you have in your wallet, anyone can go on a walk and get inspired.

Friday Favorites 1.8

When I sat down to start this post a few days ago, I was so excited about what 2021 had to offer. I woke up with this new energy and motivation to have a good year. Recent events have put me glued to the tv and scrolling Twitter looking for updates and answers to this unfortunate historic moment. It would be wrong of me not to mention this week’s events before I start talking about my favorite things. What we can do today is get informed and hold the people responsible for the riots accountable. Unfollow, use your vote, and send emails. 

We started off our 2021 watching Black Mirror and WOW. It’s a show I’ve been putting off and I’m happy we spent the long weekend binging it. It’s definitely different and made me put my phone down for a bit. Crazy to think how much we rely on technology and how much social media controls our lives.
I also got sucked into the world of Bridgerton and it’s the perfect show to start 2021 with! Excited for another season to see what Lady Whistedown will write next. The costumes and sets are amazing and as a nerd who usually criticizes period dramas because they are inaccurate on certain details, Bridgerton tells the story beautifully and accurately displays the social scene in London so well. And the soundtrack is on repeat in our house all day every day!
Some exciting news is that the Magnolia Network premiered this week and there was a sneakpeak on HGTV this week. So far, I am obsessed with Joanna’s cooking show. She isn’t a professional cook at all and she wanted to make mistakes on camera so it wouldn’t be an over-produced show. The Magnolia Network is available on the new Discovery+ streaming service which is free for some Verizon Wireless members for a year! YAY! Makes me want to plan a trip back to Waco, TX asap!

Earlier this week I shared on my stories the Beekman 1802 X Schitt’s Creek set and it’s almost too pretty to use. Their current collection is sold out but they will be releasing a Valentines Day on January 21st! I worked with Beekman 1802 over the summer and can say that their products are a one of a kind.

Jake gave me this NYX lippie set that is on sale now for Christmas and it makes me look forward to being able to go places without a mask again.

This year my big goal is to use all of my products so I have more shelf space. I’ve been so overwhelmed with clutter lately in our only spare closet so I need to use it or toss it. I’ve been “shopping” in my closet and making things easier to find so I use them more.

Making it a goal not to buy anything this month but that doesn’t mean that Jake can’t order anything ha! But seriously, I’m excited to save as much money as I can this year for big purchases (car) and a much needed vacation. My last big purchase recently was a big grocery run before we returned our rental car coming back from North Carolina. I can’t begin to explain how excited I was to do a big grocery run and how cheap it was since we weren’t shopping at the small grocery store down the street. It’s the little things we sometimes take for granted that make me smile most!

Finished Promise Me, Dad by Joe Biden over the Christmas Holiday and wow, it’s a book everyone should read as we go into a new presidency. It made me cry, bring me comfort reading Biden’s foreign affairs experience and excitement for this new chapter. Currently on my nightstand table is Little Women to start off the new year with a classic. 

At the top of my list is my new Macbook that Jake got me for my birthday. I’ve been without a laptop for years and was using a work laptop for a while and then a free Chromebook we got when we signed up for our Cable package with Verizon. I was able to check email and write up blog posts but found it difficult to do much else. I’ve been an Apple product girl for forever and missed the feel of this keyboard! Jake says he got me this laptop so I can apply to jobs but he’s been really supportive of me investing time and energy into Blonde Rosie. 

I’ve been wearing my new Kendra Scott necklace every day that Jake got me for my birthday. He knows I love anything that sparkles and it was such a great surprise to open. Also got the earrings to match 🙂

I gave Jake an amazing Ew, David Christmas ornament for Christmas and I think I’m keeping up our tree a bit longer just because I love seeing it on there so much. 

Starting off the new year committed to working out and I’ve been doing a really good job of doing a 30 minute intense work out every day. Don’t see results yet but it’s definitely become a part of my day that I look forward to. 

I’ve also been really committed to healthier habits like eating healthy, taking vitamins and having a scoop of Vital Proteins collagen in my coffee each morning. I have the collagen on the counter next to the Keurig as a reminder to use it each morning and my vitamins are next to my coffee mugs so they are easy to take and not forget about them. 

I’m slowly starting to take down Christmas and just leaving the garland up so it’s more of a winter themed at least until the end of January. I’ve been using some new storage container that I talk about in a recent blog post HERE

The Best of 2020

I love looking back at the previous year as a new year begins. I’ll go through my photos to remind myself of what I’ve accomplished, trips I’ve taken, and look back at my favorite things. This year I invested a lot of time and energy into this little corner of the internet. Blonde Rosie has always been just a fun hobby but this year I really needed a creative outlet to get lost in. After way too many days of working from the couch and not getting much done, we finished renovating our guest room and made space for a desk. Now when Jake works in his office during the day, I have a room to myself where I feel most creative! Over the weekend I sat down and looked at analytics to see what worked on the blog and what wasn’t. It was fun to revisit posts and see what your favorite things were on the blog. 


Refrigerator Bins
I need to do a better job of sharing the inside of my fridge because it is clean and organized all of the time because of the plastic bins. I shared them originally in THIS blog post over the summer and clearly, they were a bit hit with all of you!

Flannel Sherpa Comforter
There are a few things that I buy that Jake loves more than I do and one of them is this comforter! It was something I purchased because I wanted affordable (cheap) holiday bedding. I was okay with something that looked cute but didn’t have to be high quality since it was seasonal bedding. We were both pleasantly surprised at how soft and cozy it was and we have no plans to swap out our bedding anytime soon! 

Gucci Belt Dupe
Looks like this older post was popular this year! I have always been weird about designer dupes because I know that you pay for what you get when it comes to quality and I’ve been slowly purchasing higher-end pieces. Saw this Gucci belt dupe circulating around Instagram a few years ago and decided to see if it’s as good as they say. Now it’s on display and rarely worn because who wears jeans these days? 

Smoothie Fruit and Veggie Smoothie Kit Blend
Over the summer I was obsessed with these frozen fruit and veggie blends for an easy smoothie. Making smoothies at home can get expensive and I found it was cheaper to buy the bag instead of buying everything separately. I should also note that they are delicious! 

Puff Sleeve Dress
This dress was a highlight of 2020 for me because once we made the decision to stay home for Thanksgiving and not see family, I bought myself a new dress so I could get excited. I shared it on the blog and Instagram and Target picked up the photo and shared it on their website. I’ve worked on collaborations before but I loved that my content was being seen by big brands without a marketing company making the collaboration possible. 

Old Navy Thermal Pajamas
Our tradition of matching pajamas for Christmas is still going strong! These have been our go-to since we started dating (and matching) so we stocked up on fun prints again this year when they went on sale. 

Lemon Kitchen Rug
We are renting our house right now so there are limits on how we can decorate at the moment. When I first saw our very yellow kitchen, I immediately thought of lemons and they have been slowly taking over our kitchen decor! This lemon rug was one of the first things I bought when we moved into our house and it’s held up very well the last two years. It’s still in stock and easy to throw in the wash when I clean the kitchen floors. 

Serena and Lilly Glasses Dupe
For years I have been a big fan of the dollar bin at Target and this is where I found these Serena and Lilly dupes! A lot of my home decor is from Target and over the years I’ve been able to collect really timeless pieces that go together. Just a little reminder that you don’t need a ton of money to make your home look perfect. 

Loreal Revitalift Derm Intensives Serum
This year I was really committed to taking better care of my skin. To make sure I don’t forget, I keep my nighttime moisturizer on my bedside table and a few times a week I’ll apply my Loreal Revitalift Derm Intensives Serum. Right away I noticed my skin started to glow and I could get away without wearing makeup because my skin looked so good!

Marc Fischer Caitlin Pumps
Remember when we wore shoes? To work!? Crazy times, I know! These are the only heels I used to wear to the office because they are so comfortable. I was able to commute, run around the office, and never had any discomfort! Over time I’ve been buying them in every color possible when they go on sale.  


Dermaplaning with Tinkle Razors
These little tools are amazing at getting soft skin and getting rid of peach fuzz on your face. Spring Cleaning with a Side of QuarantineAnyone else get obsessed with cleaning around this time because we had nothing else to do!? I remember when stores starting selling out of hand soap and cleaning supplies being so grateful I had my subscription service so we never had to run low on anything!

Blonde Rosie Holiday Gift Guide
I love putting these together and hope they were a useful guide as you did your shopping this year!

Friday Favorites
These posts started off as a way to share links to items since I didn’t have the swipe up feature on Instagram. But over time I have loved writing these posts because it makes me reflect on the previous week and find happy moments in usually non-eventful weeks.

 Are Billie Razors worth the Hype?
In 2020 we all found ways to simplify our lives and a razor subscription service is just what I needed! Shared my full review on the blog and I’m still a fan! 

Dreaming of Paris
Anyone else watch Emily in Paris and start buying a wardrobe to bring to Paris one day? Just me? Well, it looks like a few of you were also interested in some French themed wardrobe picks!It’s Time for a Reset

Lipstick Can’t Solve My Problems, But it’s a Pretty Great Start!
This was a dream collaboration with a luxury brand that I have loved for a long time! Tom Ford has that classic and edgy style that go so well together. I’m excited for the world to open back up again so I can wear a good lipstick and feel like I can conquer anything! 

Bye Bye Breakouts with Dermalogica
Sometimes I get the opportunity to try new products and I am blown away by how amazing they are. This was one of them and I used this foam wash every single day in the summer to help fight breakouts i the hot southern sun! 

2020 Thoughts & Goals for the New Year

This was not the year I was expecting and I am sure my readers will agree.  It was a tough year for me and it made me slow down to find some piece of gratitude each day. While this year had its challenges, by the final days of 2020 I was able to reflect and really understand the saying that everything happens for a reason. I started off this year leaving my job to find a different career path and I quickly went from job interviews to accepting funemployment until there was a vaccine. This was not an easy transition but after sitting down to look at our finances and my mental health, I could use the break to focus on me and we could afford me not working. After years of working long hours, multiple jobs and hustling, it took me a long time to finally breathe and realize you shouldn’t revolve your life around a job.

I’ve sat down a few times to write something that really explains my thoughts as this year comes to an end and another year begins. Nothing really felt right because while I am trying to find the good that came out of a very difficult year, I can’t neglect the bad that also came with it. While this corner of the internet may seem to look like a highlight real, there was a lot of hard conversations, difficult decisions and struggling that happened on my side of a computer. Besides the cancelled trips and staying home for a full year, my relationship had to grow and I had to work on my mental health which wasn’t so good even going into 2020.

I have to give a lot of thanks to Jake because he has been so supportive this year. He has encouraged me to take a year off of work and just enjoy this time.  There were so many days I would feel so guilty that I wasn’t as productive as I thought I should be and he encouraged me to take advantage of this opportunity. His responsibilities at work changed like it did for a lot of other people so he was often working longer hours and was having to adapt to not only working from home, but his coworkers also working from home who he supports with tech requests. We have been enjoying the time in our house that we moved into two years ago but never got to really enjoy because we were either always working or traveling. Looking back at pictures from 2019, we realized how busy we were and how much we spent traveling so we have enjoyed having this year to slow down. 

This year we learned that grocery delivery is a game changer, ordered a lot of food from Philadelphia restaurants to support them and I took a lot of long walks exploring my neighborhood. Since I wasn’t working, I took the opportunity to spend the summer  with my parents in North Carolina. The summer I moved out of my childhood home, they also sold that house and moved to a house I had never seen in North Carolina. I’ve spent 3 day weekends here and there at the house and visiting them but it was never enough time to feel settled. This summer I was able to spend a lot of time outdoors and enjoy their pool, as well as spend some much needed time with my family. I finally was able to decorate my assigned bedroom at my parents house and go through my old things that got sent to North Carolina in the move. My mom and I worked on decorating a few rooms, a few renovation projects and spent a lot of time in the pool drinking sweet tea and reading books. With everything going on in the world, I knew I was lucky to spend this extra time with my family. In late August, my cousins and Jake joined us for a week at my parents house to have a mini family reunion. Since then we have experienced some health issues in our family and I’m grateful for FaceTime and weekly Zoom calls with my family this year. 

In the next few weeks, I’ll go back to applying to jobs since the vaccine is finally here! While I’ve enjoyed this time off, I admit that I’ve missed working and being social with other people besides by roommates (Jake and Ed). I’m making a list of things I am excited to do this year. Even though things didn’t magically improve over night at midnight, I know that we have the drive and tools to make this year a good one. 

As I look forward to 2021, I can’t help but notice how much I’ve learned this past year. I’ve grown as a person and have built up my self confidence. I’m motivated to get back to work and put more effort into my blog. I’ve seen what happens when I commit to a schedule and plan content so I hope to build on top of that. This year I learned to slow down and it’s something that I will take with me going into this new normal. Before I thought that your life revolved around your job and now I want to really find that balance of working and having a life outside of work. Life is too short not to travel and not see family. Jake and I have already booked a cruise for next summer because we wanted to look forward to something. My parents and I have become closer and I have renewed my relationship with my brother. With a world that made us stay apart, we clung to ways to stay connected and schedule time to socialize with each other. I’m grateful for what 2020 has taught me but boy, am I excited to see it go!

Get dressed every day.
Commit to a blog schedule and plan ahead content.
Feel more comfortable on Instagram Stories.
Find a job that fulfills me and allows a good personal/work balance. 
Get back into a fitness routine and eat healthy. 
Continue cooking healthy meals from scratch. 
Weekly baths on Sundays.
Read a book a month. 
Become a morning person. 
Schedule weekly date nights with Jake. 
Buy a car.
Hire a cleaning service to clean the house once it’s safe. 
Be positive. 
Use all the products I have before buying more.