Amazon Finds

I’ve been relying on Amazon a lot lately because it is so easy to search, add to cart and it’s at my door in just a few days. Here are some of the items that I have found on Amazon that have quickly become my must have items!


Folex Carpet Stain Remover // This carpet stain remover is amazing! I used it on the really old carpet that was already stained when we moved in and now it looks brand new after I used this cleaner.

Amazon Echo Dot // We have this in the bedroom and it replaced my very old alarm clock. The things it can do is endless and we are still having fun seeing what it can do!
Amazon Echo Plus // This is the device we have in the kitchen and love how it can be loud enough to listen to music throughout the whole first floor and can hear us ask Alexa for things no matter where we are.
Nail Free Towel Ring // When we moved into our house the guest bathroom didn’t have towel holder and since we are renting, we didn’t want to put holes in the wall. I did some browsing and found this nail free towel holder. It was really easy to install and we have had no issues with it!
Wall Mount Key Holder // I spent months trying to find a cute and functional key holder for our foyer and immediately fell in love with this one!

Refrigerator Storage Bins // Best money I ever spent because now my fridge is organized and I can easily find the items that I am looking for!

Touch Light Battery Powered // Our linen closet is in a long hallway that gets no natural light so we got these touch lights to help us see what was in there!

Standing Toilet Paper Holder // Perfect for storing TP in the bathrooms. It’s functional and pretty and fits perfectly in the corner not taking up too much space!

Ring Doorbell // This has been in my shopping cart for a while to have the extra security living in a city.

Broom and Mop Wall Mount // Since I don’t have a storage closet to put my cleaning supplies, I had to get creative! I put the adhesive wall mounts on the wall next to the stairs going down to the basement. They are out of sight and still easy to get to easily when I need them.

NACHOsaurus  // Not only is this nacho holder the coolest thing ever, it makes eating chips more fun!

Birthday Decoration Kit // Great for the people who leave things for the last minute (aka ME).

Storage Bag  // I’m ordering more because these are great for storing extra bedding that takes up so much room.

Bucket // Amazon is great for when you need something kinda obscure but don’t want to drive to the store to get it.

Tomato Seeds  // I planted these a few weeks ago and I already see some green sprouting!

Bird Feeder  // Another impulse buy because we thought Ed would appreciate seeing some more birds in the backyard.

Bird Seed  // Going to need to start buying this stuff in bulk because we go through this stuff so fast. We are convinced we are the only ones in our neighborhood with a bird feeder because we are constantly refilling our bird feeder!

Water Hose Nozzle  // I was ready to spend a lot of money on a hose nozzle and bought one off Amazon for a temporary fix. The jet setting is like a power washer and is great at cleaning the sidewalk. Will not be replacing because this one is great!

Scrabble // I saw someone playing it in a tv show and immediately hit add to cart so it would show up the next day. Haven’t played it since Jake beat me…. twice!

Pool Float // This pool float is so good that we now have 3 f them for our family! It is comfortable to sit in and read (see above) and has a cup holder to hold your sweet tea. We had to buy more because everyone kept fighting over it!


Redken Anti-Snap Leave in Conditioner // Living in a city means items are a bit more expensive than they would be normally. So when I wanted to buy this leave in conditioner after my hairstylist recommended it, I found the best price on Amazon!

Lipstick Organizer // I have so many lipsticks and I often forget to put it on because out of sight, out of mind. I put my most used lipsticks in it and have it on my dresser so now I can see what I have.

Spa Headbands // These cute headbands are great for washing my face or when I put on a face mask because they keep my hair out of the way and look so darn cute!
Tinkle Razors // I use these once a week to get rid of any fuzz and it’s a great way to exfoliate! It’s amazing how much dead skin comes off even though I exfoliate all the time. Now my skin can actually absorb the serums and moisturizers that I put on my face.


Dyson Cordless Vacuum // You know you are an adult when you get this excited about getting a new vacuum! It’s a bit of a splurge so I suggest waiting or a sale but since I use it every other day I am definitely getting my moneys worth.

Portable Charger // I don’t leave home without this and it lasts for a long time before I have to recharge it.

Spiralizer  // Save the money you would spend on veggies already spiralized at the grocery store and do it yourself!


Chewbacca Bath Robe  // He looks ridiculous but Jake loves this thing so much. I was impressed by how soft it was and it is a one size fits all.

Leopard Print Bathing Suit // Immediately fell in love with this bathing suit after I saw it in a Facebook ad. I was really impressed by the quality of the fabric and it fits true to size. It’s a little bit cheeky because it has a high leg but it’s a fun suit!
Scalloped High Waist Bikini // One of my favorite purchases this summer! This swimsuit is high waisted so it sucks you in, hiding all signs of any ice cream eating, and looks so chic! I was shocked by the price and had low expectations for the quality but was happily proven wrong. Great fit – just order up one size for a more comfortable fit.
Heart Shaped Sunglasses // Unfortunately the exact sunglasses are no longer available (mine were Feisedy) so I am linking another seller on Amazon. Still amazing quality for $10 sunglasses and have been my favorite shades for this summer. I’m so happy I bought them in multiple colors because they have been so fun to wear.


Ornament Storage Chest // Not only do they keep your ornaments in order and prevent them from breaking, I can put the storage bin on the shelf and not have to worry about it until next Christmas!

Gift Wrap Organizer // It hold our birthday and Christmas wrapping paper. I love it because I can put it in a corner of a closet and can easily tell what gift wrap I have since it’s clear.


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