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It has been a while since I wrote about my favorite things on the blog. While it is a great way for my readers to know about the best sales, some items I have purchased or a round up of my outfits that week, I also like to use this post to reflect on my life lately. The past few years I have tried to find beauty in the ordinary, and my weekly favorites post is a great way to remind myself of all of the beauty around me.

Work Favorites

img_7300Some friends from college wanted to come visit me and at first I said I couldn’t because I had work. I decided that work needed to come second and I needed to take some time out of my day to spend with my friends. As much as I got anxious about working a long day and then spending all of my free time with my friends that I usually spend sleeping, I realized that I need some girl time. After working a 9 hour day, my girlfriends and I headed off to a bar near me and we were out until 1am. I was exhausted, but I was happy to spend some time with the girls. A gentle reminder to make time for the people around you even if you have to be a walking zombie at work the next day.

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What I’m Wearing

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Products I Love

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As you go through life you’ll see there is so much that we don’t understand. And the only thing we know is things don’t always go the way we planned

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Friday Favorites

That awkward moment when I get home from work and realize it was Friday, but I had no idea. Oops! This post is a little late to go up but that also describes the type of week I am having. Always lots to do and very little time to get everything done. I recently took on another job so now I am balancing three jobs, sleep, personal hygiene and sleep as well as a Netflix episode or 20!

Here are some of my favorites this week….


One of my goals this week was to take more walks. I spend so much time going from place to place, but rarely take the time to just go on a walk with no destination. I came across this sign on one of my walks in town and fell in love with it.

What I Bought

Victoria’s Secret Just a reminder that it is the Semi-Annual Sale at Victoria’s Secret and while all of us gals stock up on undies for $3.99, now is the time to pick up a new traveling case as well. I went in this week to buy underwear that I didn’t need, but saw that their traveling cases were on sale. I purchased the classic pink stripe one and while it is sold out online, it should still be available in stores. I usually have to pack more than one travel case when I go on trips, but I love how handy this is because I can use one bag with two compartments to store my products.


Target Every trip to Target begins with the intention to buy one thing and leaving with things you don’t need! I went to pick up a new razor and hand soap…. and scored in the clearance section. This palm print is perfect for summer and I am so happy it finally made it to clearance! Also, their monogrammed towels finally went to clearance so grab them quick!

placemats // pillow // towel


Kate Spade Okay, so I didn’t actually purchase these items but I had to share on the blog! I went into the Kate Spade Outlet on my lunch break this week and look at how cute these summer bags are!! Ugh if I had money I would totally buy that pineapple!

My Favorite Products


img_5860As always, my week would not have been made possible without dry shampoo. I opened up my cabinet to realize I had 3 full bottles of Batiste. Ha! I found a bottle on clearance at Target and I always get mine at TJ Maxx because it is always less than $5.  You can read my full post about it here.


Still obsessed with all of these products from last week’s Target haul.

What I Wore


dress // shoesimg_6643

tank // jeans // shoes

8 Things I Have Learned Since Graduation

I recently attended my third graduation at my alma mater and the magic I first felt on campus when I visited the school is still there as an alumni. Whenever I walk on campus, I get this feeling of calm and this sense of being home. Things have definitely changed since I graduated two years ago including my spot in the dining hall being taken away to make room for the new entrance to the dining hall. Still bitter about that one! I had big plans for my life after graduation, and on graduation day I already started to doubt what I was going to do with my life. Being a college graduate means you have a reallllly expensive piece of paper and memories that will last a lifetime with hopefully a bit more knowledge than before! I graduated college two years ago and I am still working on trying to figure things out. However, here are a few things I wish someone had told me when I graduated. 

First, everyone says congratulations when you graduate, but no one says they are sorry that your life as you know it is officially over. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but after college graduation it feels like you jumped off of a cliff and you have to find your footing again.  Continue reading “8 Things I Have Learned Since Graduation”

love all night long


You know when you tell yourself that you are not going to buy anything for a week…and then you see something that you neeeed. Many of you know that I work retail part time and on my breaks I like to walk around the shopping center to get my steps in for the day. It is also a nice break to get away from the store for a bit. I will walk around a few stores and just browse, and I am usually really good at only browsing and not shopping! Recently, I was browsing and it turned into shopping because at the makeup store they had a big sale and I noticed that the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray was on sale. And I mean on *major* sale… I asked the girl working at the counter if Urban Decay was going out of business because the Setting Spray was only $15, a lot cheaper than it usually is! I got the scoop— Urban Decay is doing a rebranding of the product, same product just different packaging and they want to get all of the old style bottles off of the shelves. So run, don’t walk and pick one up! Right now online shopping only shows the newer styled bottles, so definitely visit Sephora or Ulta to get the marked down bottles.

I wear a lot of makeup and it is something I like to invest in because it is fun for me. I have heard numerous reviews of it and stole my college roommates on more than one occasion, but couldn’t spend the money on a setting spray. I mean, I take my makeup off in 12 hours so why does it matter? Or I can just reapply some powder if my makeup runs. I know it works, but I needed an incentive to go out and buy it. And at this price, it was an easy purchase.

The first day I used it, I was a bit skeptical if my makeup would look this good after a long day at work. I purposely wore it on a day I was working a busy Saturday at J. Crew because those days are crazy causing me to run around, get sweaty and work long hours. I am happy to report that after a long and tiring work day, my makeup was still intact!


If you have used it, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

When May  rolls around it finally starts to feel like Spring. The flowers start blooming, the grass starts to sprout up and there is something in the air that brings happiness all around us. The winter has these dark and dreary months, but with spring I feel so motivated and filled with joy. It is also a month to celebrate our moms, not just on Mother’s Day, but I think they deserve the entire month to be spoiled! Our mammas work so hard the entire year that they need an entire month of us showing our appreciation.
Of course my mamma gets spoiled with presents on Mother’s Day, but throughout the month I like to do little things to show her how much I care. At night before I go to bed I will clean up the kitchen and tidy up around the house, do a load of laundry and put it away for her or come home and surprise her with flowers. My mom loves to get presents, but I know that the little things I do around the house are appreciated a lot more!
When it comes to presents I try to give my mom some things that I know she needs, but will not buy herself. I think everyone can agree that moms will always put our needs above their own. This is why I like to buy her new pajamas and cozy slippers because hers are worn out!
mothers day gift guide


Pajamas // For Christmas I got my mom some Ralph Lauren pajamas from Marshalls that she loved, but with this warmer weather coming up she needed some new ones! I went to Soma and fell in love with the quality and feel of their pajamas. A bit pricey, but oh so worth it for your mamma!
Perfume // It is a tradition for my mom and I that I get her a new perfume every year. She knows a new one is coming every year, but she still acts surprised and over joyed! Find something that you can spoil your mom with every year and replenish it each year. It’s a nice little memory of my mom that I will have forever. I recently bought this one for my mom and it smells so so good.
Kitchen Accessories // My mom loves to cook and takes pride in her kitchen. However, my dad will wipe up spaghetti sauce with our Williams Sonoma kitchen towels without thinking twice! So we go through them kinda quickly in my house, making them a wonderful and easy gift for my mom. I also found adorable Kate Spade ones my mom needed in her life.
Toiletry Bag // My mom travels with her friends a few times out of the year and each time she asks me to borrow one of my many toiletry bags or makeup cases. This year I am going to spoil my mom with her own toiletry bag so she doesn’t have to keep asking me! hehe I fell in love with this one here.
Beauty Products // I know that if I want a new mascara or lotion I will just run to Target after work. But our mamma’s don’t always have the schedule that allows them to wander around Target after work. On Mother’s Day, I like to stock up on some items I know she wants and needs. For Christmas, I got my mom the Nivea in shower body lotion and she loved it so I will grab another bottle of it for her. I splurges a lot on makeup and my mom is always asking to borrow a new lip color or product. Also, being a blogger, I get a few packages a month with complimentary products to review and my mom is always asking if I don’t like them so she can take them ha! This lip stain from Lancome is perfect for mamma’s who have busy days because it will last all day! And this lip crayon gives a high pigment color that is creamy all day. Spoil your mom with this mascara because your mom needs it! My mom is always stealing mine so it is about time she gets her own.  Lancome sent me a package of complementary  Lancôme Visionnaire Crescendo™ Progressive Night Peel and my mom has been eyeing it ever since! I am two weeks into the skincare system and I love it! Super easy to apply and a one step product so it already has my approval. Spoil your mom with a high end skincare product because I am sure she wants it but can’t justify spending money on herself.
A Carry On Bag // Every moms purse has everything you could ever want in it like hand sanitizer, snacks, a sewing kit and a dozen more things! When we travel my mom packs up a big bag full of things we may need and then some more! Since I stole  borrowed the big bag she usually brings on trips, I think it is time I spoil her with a nice chic bag of her own! I have had my eye on this one for a while, so I know if I give it to her for mother’s day I can allows borrow it from her when I need it.
Slippers // My mom refuses to buy new Ugg slippers because she already has some. However, these slippers need to go because they are worn out! Sometimes mamma’s can’t justify buying something new if they already own it! For me it is her slippers, so I am buying her thesebut try to find something that your mom needs to replace and surprise her with it.
Flowers // Go to Costco and buy her some flowers because every mamma deserves fresh flowers.
Let me know what you are getting your mamma for Mother’s Day in the comments. And don’t forget the card!