Home Essentials Series: Bathroom Accessories

There is a room in my house that I immediately fell in love with right away (my kitchen) and a room that I did not like at all (my bathroom) when we moved into our home almost a year ago. The kitchen had great natural lighting, newly renovated with so much storage. Meanwhile, my bathroom was the complete opposite. It’s a room that has barely been touched and everything from my previous bathroom went into our new bathroom without much thought. Now that I have some more free time, I thought I needed to spend some more time in my bathroom making it a bit more functional.

There is very little storage in our bathroom so I have to keep most of my products out of the bathroom and in the linen closet down the hall. I only keep products in the bathroom that I will use every single day. At first, it was annoying but over time I was able to figure out what products I really needed in our tiny cabinet and what could be in the linen closet. I’ve gotten creative with storing products so they are organized and disguised as decor. One thing that really makes the room look clean and not cluttered is having themed bathroom accessories that are functional. I like our sink and tiny bathroom shelf completely clutter-free because clutter can accumulate quickly. It can look messy very easily! One thing that made a huge difference was using a soap dispenser instead of a plastic hand soap bottle. I’ll buy a big bottle of hand soap and fill up the soap dispenser when needed. It is also so much cheaper to do it this way than to keep buying hand soap. Our guest bathroom on the first floor has the Bath and Body Works or Mrs. Meyer’s hand soap as a nice treat for guests. We like to have themed soap in the guest room for each season or holiday so we change it each season.

The wastebasket can be an eyesore because it’s literally a pile of trash! I splurged and got a pretty ceramic garbage can that matched my hand soap so it is more decor than a typical plastic garbage can. It’s something that I will have forever and looks a lot prettier than the typical plastic. Be sure to buy all of your bathroom accessories with the same pattern to give it a more cohesive design. It’s an easy way to decorate a bathroom and make it look nicer. Over time I have accumulated three bathmats that all match so every Sunday when I bring the sheets down to the laundry room, I will grab the bathmat with me. I’ll replace it with one that I have in the linen closet. This way I feel like the bathmats get washed consistently and don’t get too much wear and tear since they are rotated. If you are renting and can’t decorate the space like you would like to, having a bathmat with a design with color is a great way to add your personality and decorate the space. It can also hide the tile if you are unable to change it.

When you open the door to the bathroom, one entire wall is the bathtub so all you really see is the shower curtain. When I moved into my first apartment, I wanted to get an adult looking shower curtain that fit my personality but didn’t have a design that I would grow out of overtime. I am so happy I was able to find a beige shower curtain with ruffles because it’s girly but subtle! It’s easy to buy a cheap shower curtain but it makes your bathroom look more expensive when you have a nice shower curtain. You can buy a cheap shower liner and replace it once it gets moldy. I like to get a new one every year because it’s hard to wash them. In our shower, we have this shower caddy so it fits all of our shampoos, body washes, etc. If it doesn’t fit in the caddy, it’s not in the shower. Again, I hate clutter! In the corner out of sight, I keep a bottle of bathroom cleaner so I can easily spray and clean our bathroom every few showers.

One thing I am so happy we spent money on when we moved was new bath towels. I love these because they are so soft and plush! The towels come in different color stitching so I got two for each of in our own color. I also bought a few hand towels to match so I can swap weekly with clean ones. I have a bunch of inexpensive wash clothes to wash and dry my face and I use a new one every day to keep my face from breaking out. On the weekend, I’ll spray and clean the sink with the washcloth before I put it in the laundry. Saves a tree and does a better job at cleaning too.


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Bathroom Cleaner


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