dreaming of paris

I think this shirt was on the shelf for 12 hours before I purchased it! In the efforts to have a more minimal closet, I try to stay away from graphic tees. However, this Paris Collector Tee was too cute not to add to my closet. By pairing it with my J. Crew skirt and adding a statement necklace, I was able to dress it up for work.  There are days I just wanna throw on jeans and a t shirt, but not look like a slob. So this is perfect for those lazy days!

Okay, now I need to start making plans to go to Paris!


getting out of the house fast in the morning

Okay, you hit the snooze button. 5 more minutes turned into twenty and now you are jumping out of bed frantic to get out of the house. Sad to say, but this is me every morning. But I have found ways to get my morning routine done in less than 20 minutes. That is including hair, makeup, and a cute outfit that actually matches with breakfast to go.

  1. Breakfast is Important
    I stock up every week on breakfast foods that I can grab and go to get out of the house as quick as possible. My usual go to are frozen waffles that usually pop out of the toaster by the time my coffee stops brewing or bagels. I also stock up on fruit so I can eat in the car on my way to work. If you stock your kitchen with breakfast foods, you can still have breakfast even though you are running late out the door.
  2. When Beauty Sleep Doesn’t Do The Trick
    I know I am not alone when I say that when I wake up, I do not look like a movie star waking up in a movie. My hair is messed up, my eye makeup that didn’t come off the night before is around my eyes, simply put I look like a hot mess. Right now I am using Bare Minerals Liquid Foundation, Maybelline Under Eye Concealer, my Naked 3 eyeshadow palette to brighten my eyes, a swoop of eyeliner and Better Than Sex mascara to open my eyes. And of course, a little bit of Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer and Fit ME blush to brighten my face.
  3. Plan Your Outfit the Night Before
    Or just have a really organized closet. I have previously talked about my closet HERE and how I keep it organized. I have my work clothes hanging and my pants and skirts all in one place so I can easily make a work outfit.

dress for fall

September has shown us some crazy weather in Jersey lately. With the hurricanes hitting Florida and Texas, we have been getting the strong winds, rain and chilly cold front the last few weeks. Then the next day it is in the 80s and I have no clue what to wear. Early September, I packed up all of my Lilly Pulitzer, summer tanks and shorts because it was feeling like fall.

I recently purchased this dress because it is a great fall transition dress. I wore it to work last week with my brown cardigan and was able to take off the cardigan when the weather got hot again later that day. This weather has been so bipolar lately I really don’t know how to dress! I plan to wear it throughout the fall and pair it with tights so I can wear it in the winter. Last week I wore my Tory Burch Miller Sandals and plan to wear it with my brown flats later in the fall.

Right now it is on sale with another 50% off, while students and teachers get another 15% off! I have a feeling this dress is going to be worn weekly because it is so easy to throw on and wear it to work.


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