What I Wore This Week 4

I’m a little behind on sharing my outfits on the blog because my life is been so busy lately but I’ve been loving every moment! Almost!! πŸ™‚ I love doing this new series on the blog because it helps motivate me to create new outfits to photograph before work. After more than a year of wearing leggings and considering them to be real pants, I’m excited to shop my own closet. November feels like it flew by and I’m not sure if I’m ready for the Christmas holiday season! The day before we were driving down to North Carolina I was rushing to pack and didn’t have enough time to plan outfits so I just threw everything in a small overnight bag. When we got to my parent’s house it was clear that I didn’t really think my outfits through but luckily I packed enough sweaters to get through the weekend! We enjoyed the warmer temperatures in the South but were greeted with frigid weather when we got back! I didn’t realize I’d be wearing my big parka this early! This weekend I am taking my Christmas wardrobe out of storage so expect to see a lot of red and plaid on my Instagram this month!

BRRRR It has been very chilly the last few days! Working from home in the morning is convenient because I can wear a cute (but old) J Crew sweater with sparkly details and slippers and no one knows!
The release of RED TV felt like a national holiday so I celebrated by wearing red to work. I found this really old Hollister top in the back of my closet recently and love the fun sleeve details.
Another cold day means another sweater to stay warm! I have this sweater from Loft in so many colors and I hope they bring it back because I’m always wearing it on cold days.
A busy day at work before heading to school means a professional look from the waist up! I keep reaching for blouses from Loft to wear under cardigans when I have Zoom meetings. My schedule is a bit of a hybrid model with working from home in the mornings and then in the afternoon I head to school for programs. I need something cute, professional, and kid-friendly so this has been my go-to look.
Another busy morning on Zoom meetings before heading to Jersey for site visits at different schools. A perk of working in schools after-school is that I can wear jeans and sneakers. I stocked up on cute white sneakers over the summer and they have been great to wear keeping up with the kids. I prefer the sneakers from Target since they are inexpensive and I don’t mind if they get destroyed during programs.


What I Wore This Week 3

Leaving the house every day again comes with a few challenges like an earlier alarm in the morning, planning my meals, and that large pile of rejected clothes in the corner of my room that grows each time I get dressed in the morning. It got so bad this past week that I needed to create a new closet system to make getting dressed easier. This means those pandemic casual clothes are going to the back of my closet to make room for work clothes. It was nice while it lasted ha! Didn’t get a chance to wear a Halloween costume this year because I was sick on the couch with allergies all weekend. No fun!

Being in a classroom means a lot of time on my feet and lots of steps. Thank goodness for cute comfy shoes! /// black cardigan (similar) // white tee shirt (similar) // pants // shoes

A quick trip to the pumpkin patch over the weekend! ///// sweater (similar) // vest (similar) // jeans

Bundled up to keep warm when I walked to the office on Monday. Had a busy day and forgot to take a picture of what I was wearing under my jacket. Ooops! // Black sweater // black jeans // white sneakers // coat // backpack // sunglasses

What I Wore This Week 2

One of my favorite parts about working again is being able to put together cute outfits. Even though I have a work uniform, I like to break the rules from time to time and dress in cuter clothes ha! I still love that I can throw on a work shirt and jeans on days I know I’ll get messy with students or for a casual Friday look.

I love love love these pants and I’m so happy I can wear them again! To make them more fall-appropriate, I paired them with an olive blouse. // Blouse (old from Loft), Pants (old from Old Navy), Slides (old from Nordstrom)

The weather in October cannot make up its mind with its very hot days and then 50 degrees the next day. I stayed warm in a cozy sweater and jeans for work and it makes me excited for sweater weather! // sweater (old from Loft), Jeans, flats (old from Target)

I love a good polished professional look! // grey cardigan (old urban outfitters), grey leopard collared tank (old from Loft), maroon pants, slides

Finally feels like fall! // pants (old target), tank (old from Loft), cardigan (old from Primark)

What I Wore This Week

Hi all! I’ve kept it a little hush hush because I wanted to just enjoy my first few weeks without any outside pressure, but I recently started a new job. After enjoying an early retirement the last year and some months, I’m eager to get back to work and back into a routine. The first few days were hard, physically and mentally. Not being used to setting alarms or a structured eating schedule put my body into shock. My body was tired but eager to get up the next day and do it again. I’m keeping my new job private but to be intentionally vague… I work with kids in a classroom. Already my responsibilities at work are multiplying and I’m excited for the challenge. That being said, I’ve been wearing a lot of cute outfits lately! I’ve been having fun sharing my #ootd’s on Instagram each day but also thought it would be fun to do a round up on the blog too. Like many other people, my work clothes don’t fit like they used to and that has been tough to face. So it’s back to daily workouts and eating healthy to get those pants fit again! Since it’s a new job, no one has seen my clothes before so I’m trying to be smart with my money and only using what I have in my closet to get dressed. I will try to link the item or something similar if I can.

Casual Friday Look
Top (Loft) // Jeans (American Eagle)

Sweater (old, no tag) // Pants ( Banana Republic) // Flats (Target)

Sweater (Loft) // Jeans (American Eagle) // Flats (Tory Burch)

Sweater (Belk) // Pants (Banana Republic) // Slides (Steve Madden)

Sweater (Loft) // Jeans (American Eagle) // Slides (BP) // Bag (Tory Burch)

Cardigan (Old Navy) // Tank (Loft) // Pants (Old Navy)

Sweater (Calvin Klein) // Pants (Target) // Slides (H&M)

I LOVE tops that look dressy but are super comfortable!
Top (Loft) // Pants (Gap)

Easy Thanksgiving Outfit for 2020

Dress // Doormat

How are we so close to Thanksgiving? I feel like this holiday season is going to just fly by! This year Jake and I will be celebrating the holiday at home with just the two of us… and Ed begging for pieces of turkey. It’s definitely going to be a different holiday this year but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it special just the 2 (3) of us! I recently did a Target online order for some essentials and somehow this really cute dress ended up in my cart πŸ˜‰ We can’t control a lot in 2020 but I am going to look cute in a new dress!

The greatest part of this dress is how loose fitting it is so I can eat lots of stuffing and no waistband to stop me! Oh, and did I mention, it has pockets! The sleeves are so fun and helps dress it up a bit. This dress is a great way to be casual and cute for Thanksgiving no matter what your plans are this year!

Hopefully this look gives you some inspiration for your Thanksgiving day outfit. This year is different for everyone and I hope you are able to make it special in your own way. β™₯

Madewell Stripe Print Cardigan on Sale

I’ve had my eyes on this Madewell cardigan for a long time. You can imagine my excitement when I found a great dupe that I shared recently on the blog. Recently, I did some shopping in the city trying to find a birthday present for my mom, For the record, I went home with my hands full of bags but with nothing for my mom to send her. I went to Nordstrom Rack and I forgot how many great finds are there for affordable prices. They carry a lot of higher-end pieces as well as J Crew and Madewell pieces that can be a bit pricey. Even though the last thing I need is another top or sweater right now, I had to look because the prices were too good not to at least go through the items. I couldn’t pass up on the popular stripe Madewell cardigan that I felt like everyone has the last few years. It was a lot less than I remember the sale price was and I knew I would wear it for years. I love the brown and navy blue for fall and the pop of pink is perfection!

It is definitely a comfortable cardigan and pairs well with a lot of outfits. For the record, my dupe feels just the same and is just as great. The Madewell cardigan is lightweight enough so it wasn’t heavy and I wasn’t sweating on an unusual warm weather day recently when I was running errands during the day. And on a cooler days when I go for a walk it keeps me nice and warm!

Madewell Stripe Print Cardigan // Madewell Dupe Cardigan