What I Wore This Week

Hi all! I’ve kept it a little hush hush because I wanted to just enjoy my first few weeks without any outside pressure, but I recently started a new job. After enjoying an early retirement the last year and some months, I’m eager to get back to work and back into a routine. The first few days were hard, physically and mentally. Not being used to setting alarms or a structured eating schedule put my body into shock. My body was tired but eager to get up the next day and do it again. I’m keeping my new job private but to be intentionally vague… I work with kids in a classroom. Already my responsibilities at work are multiplying and I’m excited for the challenge. That being said, I’ve been wearing a lot of cute outfits lately! I’ve been having fun sharing my #ootd’s on Instagram each day but also thought it would be fun to do a round up on the blog too. Like many other people, my work clothes don’t fit like they used to and that has been tough to face. So it’s back to daily workouts and eating healthy to get those pants fit again! Since it’s a new job, no one has seen my clothes before so I’m trying to be smart with my money and only using what I have in my closet to get dressed. I will try to link the item or something similar if I can.

Casual Friday Look
Top (Loft) // Jeans (American Eagle)

Sweater (old, no tag) // Pants ( Banana Republic) // Flats (Target)

Sweater (Loft) // Jeans (American Eagle) // Flats (Tory Burch)

Sweater (Belk) // Pants (Banana Republic) // Slides (Steve Madden)

Sweater (Loft) // Jeans (American Eagle) // Slides (BP) // Bag (Tory Burch)

Cardigan (Old Navy) // Tank (Loft) // Pants (Old Navy)

Sweater (Calvin Klein) // Pants (Target) // Slides (H&M)

I LOVE tops that look dressy but are super comfortable!
Top (Loft) // Pants (Gap)

Easy Thanksgiving Outfit for 2020

Dress // Doormat

How are we so close to Thanksgiving? I feel like this holiday season is going to just fly by! This year Jake and I will be celebrating the holiday at home with just the two of us… and Ed begging for pieces of turkey. It’s definitely going to be a different holiday this year but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it special just the 2 (3) of us! I recently did a Target online order for some essentials and somehow this really cute dress ended up in my cart 😉 We can’t control a lot in 2020 but I am going to look cute in a new dress!

The greatest part of this dress is how loose fitting it is so I can eat lots of stuffing and no waistband to stop me! Oh, and did I mention, it has pockets! The sleeves are so fun and helps dress it up a bit. This dress is a great way to be casual and cute for Thanksgiving no matter what your plans are this year!

Hopefully this look gives you some inspiration for your Thanksgiving day outfit. This year is different for everyone and I hope you are able to make it special in your own way. ♥

Madewell Stripe Print Cardigan on Sale

I’ve had my eyes on this Madewell cardigan for a long time. You can imagine my excitement when I found a great dupe that I shared recently on the blog. Recently, I did some shopping in the city trying to find a birthday present for my mom, For the record, I went home with my hands full of bags but with nothing for my mom to send her. I went to Nordstrom Rack and I forgot how many great finds are there for affordable prices. They carry a lot of higher-end pieces as well as J Crew and Madewell pieces that can be a bit pricey. Even though the last thing I need is another top or sweater right now, I had to look because the prices were too good not to at least go through the items. I couldn’t pass up on the popular stripe Madewell cardigan that I felt like everyone has the last few years. It was a lot less than I remember the sale price was and I knew I would wear it for years. I love the brown and navy blue for fall and the pop of pink is perfection!

It is definitely a comfortable cardigan and pairs well with a lot of outfits. For the record, my dupe feels just the same and is just as great. The Madewell cardigan is lightweight enough so it wasn’t heavy and I wasn’t sweating on an unusual warm weather day recently when I was running errands during the day. And on a cooler days when I go for a walk it keeps me nice and warm!

Madewell Stripe Print Cardigan // Madewell Dupe Cardigan

How I’m Wearing Ankle Boots This Season

It’s currently raining while I sit in my office planning content for this month so it must mean that it’s officially boots season! We have had some weather that teased us of an endless summer the last few weeks which have been making my daily walks very enjoyable. At times I’ve wished for a breeze or two when I actually dressed for fall weather and not for the warmer days it has been recently. I’m excited to start wearing my boots again because they are such a closet staple in the colder months. They are just so comfy and are fun to wear. I remember when I first started buying them a few years ago and there weren’t that many options, classic leather or suede and usually in conservative designs and colors. Nowadays, there are so many different designs and looks you can put together with booties. Right now I have my eyes on black booties with pearl details which is a genius way to switch things up with the classic black boot and make it more feminine. I put together some boots I have my eyes on this season and I hope it inspires you to add some new boots with embellishments and fun new details to your closet this year.

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight

I have a pair of black suede booties that I call my comfortable but fashionable commuting shoe for work. Obviously I’m not commuting to an office these days, but at one time they were once my favorite shoe to slip on and chase after the train. I love a suede boot for everyday wear and the scallop details on these add a nice feminine detail to them.


When I went to Nashville a few years ago I looked at the traditional western cowboy boots and walked out of the store when I saw the price of a boot I would wear once. That is why I love these updated western style because they are cute as well as practical for an everyday style. Pair with a dress or skirt with black tights for a more comfortable option than heels for a dressed up look.


Over time I have accumulated a few pairs of leather Cole Haan boots because the quality is amazing and they will last for a long time. I’m a big fan of this style because they are great for weather (rain and snow) and only improve over time as they get worn in. I’ll be grabbing these a lot as my go-to daily shoe to run errands or a daily walk.


I love this chic boot because it’s versatile and really can go with any outfit. The sleek and pointed toe make any outfit sexy and dress up a look without much effort. Wear with black tights for a polished sleek look or tuck in your pants to show off the structure of the boot.


No doubt this style turns heads with it’s shine and sleek silhouette. I’m loving this new take on this modern style boot because it can be worn with light denim during the day or dresses at night. I hope this trendy style stays for a while because it’s such a fresh take on the classic black boot.


For those who have enough black boots in their closet and are looking for something new, I love this splash of animal print. When you need a break from the usual black boots, the animal print add some fun to any outfit without overly committing to the animal print look.


This year is all about the embellishments on boots and I am loving every style I see. I like this style specifically because it’s fun while still being conservative with the crystal balls on the heels. At first glance it’s a great leather boot and the embellishments add some fun to any outfit. The embellishments can help elevate any look and allows you to have add some sparkle to an all black outfit.


How did I go this long without boots that have pearls on them?! I first saw this style trending a few weeks ago and it immediately made me stop scrolling to stare at them. These are perfect for those who are looking for a more feminine boot style. Pair with a pink coat or preppy black and white outfit to take chic to a whole new level. Never in a million years would I pair pearls with combat boots or think to wear combat boots with a preppy outfit until now.

Styling a Faux Leather Skirt for Date Night

Are you still working from home or back to the office? We are doing a bit of half and half in our house with Jake working a week of 12 hour days and then working from home for two weeks before he goes back to the office as he alternates with other team members. It’s always nice to have something fun to look forward to at the end of the week so we scheduled a fancy date night last Friday at Parc in Rittenhouse. For years, I’ve wanted to go because it’s a one of a kind experience in Philadelphia. If anything, 2020 has taught us that we really need to slow down and experience the opportunities around us. Right now you need to make a reservation a week in advance and they don’t stay open for long. Luckily, Jake was waking up at 5am for work that week so he was the first person to make a reservation when the slots opened up for the week. For my Philly friends, we chose to eat indoors because while there is outdoor dining it just wouldn’t be the same experience and it was our first time there. The restaurant is doing an amazing job at separating tables and doing temperature checks before you go inside. It felt like a private dinner because we had a whole section to ourselves and the wait staff was very friendly as we enjoyed a four course meal without feeling rushed.

As much fun as it was to go out to dinner, I also had so much fun picking out an outfit after weeks of wearing jeans and a t shirt. I was excited to finally wear this brown faux leather skirt that has been collecting dust in my closet since I purchased it. It may have been technically fall but it was pretty warm that day and we planned to walk to the restaurant so I wanted to dress appropriately. I found this short sleeve Max Mara sweater that I completely forgot that I even had in storage which kept me cool on our way to dinner and kept me warm on our walk back when the temperatures dipped below 60 degrees.

I’ve noticed that since we rarely leave the house these days and when we do, I get so excited to put together an outfit and pick out accessories. I’m excited to see that faux leather skirts are still in style this season because it’s such an easy way to get dressed up without much effort. My skirt is from Loft last year so I’ll link this similar skirt from Express and skirt from Abercrombie. My sweater was a consignment store find but I love this J Crew short sleeve sweater just as much!

Cozy Fall Cardigan

Fall is here and my closet is happy! Today I’m sharing an easy fall outfit that I wore recently to run errands. Not only is my cardigan very affordable, it looks very similar to the Madewell cardigan that was very popular last year but was a bit out of my budget. This cardigan is lightweight and very cozy making it perfect for early warm fall days into the chilly winter. My goal is to get dressed every day and this cardigan has been an easy way to make an effort and look put together without much effort. I love throwing on some jeans, a t shirt and this cardigan in the morning because it’s an easy and fun outfit! I’m sure I’ll be adding some more cardigans into my closet this fall because it’s the perfect cozy outfit for this fall!

shoes // cardigan