Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! Does anyone else feel like this week just flew by? I spent last weekend at our house in Jersey boxing up as much as I could before the movers showed up on Wednesday. If this move has taught me anything, it is to have very few things in life! I felt like whenever I was done packing up a room, we would turn around and find more stuff to pack up! I ended up taking another car full of stuff that my parents were not keeping and I felt like I could find room for it in my apartment. LOL because while I do have a big apartment, I am truly running out of space to put things. All of my Christmas decorations are shoved on a shelf in my coat closet and I have stacks of books that my mom gave me. I need to make a trip to Target to get another bookcase to keep these books. The tricky part now is finding space in my apartment for another bookcase!

I spent the last month commuting back to Jersey to pack up the house and I am excited to finally stay put in Philly for August. I am trying not to commit to any plans because I definitely need a weekend that I just sit by the pool in my building doing nothing. I hate to say it, but besides unpacking boxes and cleaning up my apartment, I did very little else this week. Honestly, most nights I have been sitting in my pajamas on the couch eating Cheerios out of the box watching Suits and I have been enjoying every minute of it. I have turned into such a homebody this past year, but I just love my apartment so much that I never want to leave.

What I’m Watching

I am still watching Suits on Amazon Prime and have found myself waking up earlier in the morning to watch an episode before work. This show is so addicting that I blame it for not leaving my apartment this week!

Products I Am Loving

While packing up the house last weekend, I stole  borrowed a ton of products from my mom’s bathroom and brought them to Philly with me. I am loving the Aveeno Daily Moisture Lotion lately and use it before bed after I shower and in the morning if I wear a dress to work. Over the weekend, I did a final Costco trip (RIP free Costco Membership) and stocked up on a few essentials. When I was in college, I would buy all of my beauty and bath products at Costco because I would just have to buy them once a year. I stocked up on this Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash that I use daily in the shower especially what I use to shave my legs with. I have had this pump version of the Olay Body Wash in my shower for the last few months and love the convenience of it so much that I may just pour the ones I bought at Costco into this bottle. The best part about living alone is being able to pick out my own soap for my bathroom, seems silly but I choose the Dove Beauty Bars every time! Now I have a lifetime supply of them from Costco so I should be okay for a while LOL.

What I’m Reading

With my work schedule this week, I didn’t have much energy to read before bed. However, I love having the news sent to my inbox each morning because I can read the news real quick while I take a break at work or on my lunch. I have all of my favorite news blast email accounts here in a previous blog post. I recommend everyone to sign up if you only have five minutes of free time in your day, but want to stay informed.

Recent Purchases

Honestly, I deserve a medal this week because I did not buy one single thing. A big reason for that is because rent is due, so I don’t have any fun recent purchases to share. However, you can always check to see what I bought from Loft recently here and I am always updating this page when I make new purchases or new clothes come in.

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Friday Favorites

Even though I had Wednesday off, this has felt like the longest week ever! As always, I pushed my body to do more and sacrificed sleep in the process of trying not to miss anything this week. I left work early on Tuesday to back to the apartment and last minute pack and clean up the apartment before heading home to Jersey for the 4th. My mom and I planned it as a surprise for my dad, so when I knocked on our front door he was very shocked to see me there on the doorstep. It was a short visit home, but I didn’t let that stop me from taking advantage of every minute of being at home. Seriously, I only slept like 5 hours that night! Continue reading “Friday Favorites”

Friday Favorites

It finally feels like it is summer outside and my wardrobe and I are loving every minute of this sunshine. This past weekend was nonstop with back to back plans, a short trip home to Jersey, working a blogger event at Loft, bringing Ed the cat to Philly and squeezing in some time for friends not to mention the much-needed apartment cleaning and many loads of laundry. Adulting is hard sometimes! I was hoping to have a lazy weekend with my cat, but those plans were quickly replaced with another busy, social weekend! Continue reading “Friday Favorites”

Friday Favorites

Did you know that everyday I take a photo on my phone. It doesn’t always have to be of something special or significant. It can be my cup of coffee that I had time to make in the morning, the sun setting on my way home, or a cute door on a house on a side street in the city. This year, I am making more of an effort to appreciate the little things in life. My goal is at my one year anniversary in Philly, I can have a little photo book made to commemorate this adventure.

This week, some of my favorite things are….

Bucket Bag
My mom and I were antiquing a few weeks ago and I fell in love with this bag made in France. It’s almost too pretty to use, so right now I have it on display in my apartment. I am waiting for a warm summer day to throw on a floral dress and use this bag on one of my walks around the city parks. Now I just need the weather to cooperate!

Okay, I know this sounds silly to be a friday favorite, but sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have this little blog. Being an Influencer is possible because of my followers and I get to receive fun blogger mail every month. The truth is, I don’t care how many people read my blog because I write on here for me, but I like when companies notice and want to collaborate.

Olay Pump Body Wash
Okay, this is a life changing product because with this warmer weather I have been having to shave my legs more often. I love how this sits in my shower and I can easily pump the body wash. I prefer to use a body wash when I shave my legs and my legs feel so soft and smooth after using it.

Nude Heels
I bought the black ones a few weeks ago and immediately ordered the same shoes in nude because yes, they are that amazing! My office is not that dressy, so I can get away with dresses and skirts, but these shoes definitely dress up an outfit. The heel is chunky making them comfortable to walk in, which is a bonus!

This weeks adventure….
I was invited out to grab a drink at Devil’s Alley

This weekend, I am heading home to the Jersey Shore to spend the weekend with my family. I am hoping that the weather actually cooperates and I can wear shorts and maybe go to the beach. As much as I love my little apartment and the city life, coming home is so nice because it feels like I never left. I plan on lots of kitty snuggles and spending time with my parents.

I am trying to take advantage of our beach house as much as possible this summer and plan on a few trips to the beach with the family and the girls. Get ready for lots of city pictures then beachy ones on Insta! seriously, it is like the best of both worlds right now being able to live in Philly during the week and then have the house on the beach for those sunny weekends.

Thank you all for your loving support and double tapping on photos. It means the world to me when I notice that people click on the outfit details I am wearing or appreciate a picture like I do. A lot of time goes into running Blonde Rosie and every “like” is appreciated.