Friday Favorites

Hi! I’m back! Two weeks ago, I got promoted and got transferred to a new store about an hour away, so clearly, a lot has been going on! I have been pushing myself to do so many things and my body is finally telling me that I need a break. I am still working a part-time job at an office while working full time at the store, but I have been able to negotiate with my office job to get one day off a week if I work my butt off the one day I am in the office. The other day off, I usually set my alarm early in the morning because everything that needs to get done has to be done that day. Food shopping, laundry, cleaning my room, errands, etc all has to be done on that day. The last few weeks, I have been using my one day off to go to Philadelphia to see my friends. I’ll drive down there and we will go out until 3am ish, go to bed at like 4am, alarm goes off at 8am and then I will drive the two hours to get to work that morning.

I recently checked my Fitbit to track how much sleep I have been getting. My average sleep is 4-5 hours a night and on my day off I will get about 8. I kept saying I was fine and I could keep this up, but lately my skin has been awful and I am losing weight like crazy. This new job role has me learning a lot, but I am stressed out constantly because it is a role that I never saw myself in and now I have to tell people what to do. Truth is, I like people telling me what to do !

While I am stressed out, I am loving my new job and the responsibilities that come with it. But with this job change, long commute, the part time job, keeping up with my personal hygiene, the blog and Instagram has been put to the side for a bit.

But good news…. I am once again sacrificing valuable sleep hours to get some new content up on the blog. I am coming back today to share my Friday Favorites.

Harry Potter & Pottery Barnimg_8317-1

Oh my goodness! This is a collection I am drooling over! Granted, I cannot afford anything in this collection right now, but if I could, this mirror would be up on my wall right now.

Putting Away Summer and Taking Out Fall

img_8633This is actually something I look forward to every season. A big purge before I put away a seasons wardrobe and make room for a new one. I have done blog posts about this before, but if organizing your wardrobe is something you are interested in, leave a comment! Ed was nice enough to help me that night put away my clothes! ha!

J. Crew Coatsimg_3393

Here is a little insider information for ya. Since we have been having really warm weather this fall, coats are not selling. I think I have worn mine just once so far this fall. Not just at J. Crew, but everywhere! A lot of stores are having amazing sales right now to start selling coats. I put together a blog post about coats you need to invest in right now. They look cute on and will last years.

Pretending It’s Fallsnapseed-9

We have the fall leaves, PSL’s, and pumpkins even though outside it doesn’t really feel like fall. I wore a cute sweater today and I am  s w e a t i n g  today! I put together a collection of my favorite fall things to at least get us in the mood.

What I’m Watching on Netflix…

While I am very much sleep deprived, that has not stopped me from getting some Netflix hours in!

  • American Horror Story
  • Stranger Things
  • The 100
  • Fuller House
  • Girlfriends Guide to Divorce

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