Friday Favorites

That awkward moment when I get home from work and realize it was Friday, but I had no idea. Oops! This post is a little late to go up but that also describes the type of week I am having. Always lots to do and very little time to get everything done. I recently took on another job so now I am balancing three jobs, sleep, personal hygiene and sleep as well as a Netflix episode or 20!

Here are some of my favorites this week….


One of my goals this week was to take more walks. I spend so much time going from place to place, but rarely take the time to just go on a walk with no destination. I came across this sign on one of my walks in town and fell in love with it.

What I Bought

Victoria’s Secret Just a reminder that it is the Semi-Annual Sale at Victoria’s Secret and while all of us gals stock up on undies for $3.99, now is the time to pick up a new traveling case as well. I went in this week to buy underwear that I didn’t need, but saw that their traveling cases were on sale. I purchased the classic pink stripe one and while it is sold out online, it should still be available in stores. I usually have to pack more than one travel case when I go on trips, but I love how handy this is because I can use one bag with two compartments to store my products.


Target Every trip to Target begins with the intention to buy one thing and leaving with things you don’t need! I went to pick up a new razor and hand soap…. and scored in the clearance section. This palm print is perfect for summer and I am so happy it finally made it to clearance! Also, their monogrammed towels finally went to clearance so grab them quick!

placemats // pillow // towel


Kate Spade Okay, so I didn’t actually purchase these items but I had to share on the blog! I went into the Kate Spade Outlet on my lunch break this week and look at how cute these summer bags are!! Ugh if I had money I would totally buy that pineapple!

My Favorite Products


img_5860As always, my week would not have been made possible without dry shampoo. I opened up my cabinet to realize I had 3 full bottles of Batiste. Ha! I found a bottle on clearance at Target and I always get mine at TJ Maxx because it is always less than $5.  You can read my full post about it here.


Still obsessed with all of these products from last week’s Target haul.

What I Wore


dress // shoesimg_6643

tank // jeans // shoes


summer to do list

It was a cold and rainy spring, but then over night the sun and summer heat arrived! With all of this sunshine it makes going to work everyday a little bit more difficult. I have a lot I want to get done this summer. So I made a list and hope I can get it all done!

Here is my summer to do list!

Go through my wardrobe and purge
Every season when I bring out new clothes out of storage and I have to justify putting it back into my closet. Since my days are spent in the office, I donated a lot of my going out or casual summer clothes because they only collected dust in my closet.

Update Your Resume
Now is a good time to update your resume so it can list all of your accomplishments and skills.

Work Out
Since all of my free time is spent on the beach or at my pool, I need to make sure my body stays in shape! With the warmer weather, it makes it easier to go for a run on the boardwalk or long walks on the beach after work.

Visit Other Beaches
Even though I do live on a beach in Jersey, my family and I rent a beach house every summer in LBI to feel like a tourist on a beach. There’s a long list of beaches I want to visit in Jersey this summer and I hope to cross them off the list!

Ice Cream
I don’t know how I don’t gain 100 pounds because of my ice cream consumption every summer.

Farmers Markets
This may be my favorite part of my summer. There is a farmers market that is in walking distance from my house and I could spend hundreds of dollars on fresh veggies and fruits.

Start a Project
When the summer temperatures prevent us from going outdoors, have a project you can work on indoors. To be honest, that is how I got most of our home renovations done because I was bored and couldn’t go to the beach. One summer, I was able to organize all of our family photos and last summer I painted and redesigned our second floor.

Explore Your City
Take advantage of those summer days and walk around your town or city like a tourist. Go to a restaurant that only the tourists go to and spend time walking around.

Try a New Fruity Drink at the Bar
To be honest, I am a little intimidated by the drink list at bars. This summer I hope to just go down the list and try a few things to see what I like. Obviously, not all at once, but throughout the summer I hope to check them off my list!

Drink More Water!
With the warmer weather, your body needs more water! I just bought a new tumbler from Starbucks so now I can carry it wherever I go so I can keep up with this goal.

Wear More Lilly
It is officially summer for me when I take my Lilly Pulitzer dresses out of storage!

Friday Favorites

It was the first week of summer with the kickoff of Memorial Day and I am so excited. With every summer, I like to make plans and goals that I want to accomplish in the warm summer months. I made a list of things I want to get done this summer, and I am hoping that with my work schedule I can get them all done.


Being an adult who works leaves very little free time in my schedule. If I get a rare day off between my two jobs, I run errands and do laundry while catching up on my Netflix shows. So many new shows just added new seasons like Jane the Virgin, House of Cards and Bloodline. So many shows, so little time! But with a smart schedule and planning in advance, I can plan a few trips here and there. Since I live on the beach, it feels like everyday is a vacation! My family and I have a trip planned to go to North Carolina this summer and a few other trips planned. With this sunny warm weather, it is difficult to stay indoors.

Moving Out and Finding a New Zip Code

This has been a year in the making, but my parents are making plans to retire and move down south. No matter what they decide, I will have to reexamine my living situation. I have been very lucky to have my privacy and independence while living at my parents house the last two years. However, as much as I love living with my parents I am finding it is time to start my next adventure. Right now I am applying to jobs in different states and seeing where the job takes me. This is something I hope to have figured out by the end of the summer!

The Blog

I love my parents and how they are always willing to do a little photoshoot for the blog wherever we go. For a few months, I haven’t been able to dedicate that much time to the blog, but I hope to get better at adding my outfit pictures to the blog. Let me know what you would like to see more of on here. The Blonde Rosie blog holds a special spot in my heart and I hope to get new content up here on the blog.

Getting Together With Friends

When it is actually warm outside I have more interest in leaving my house after work! The summer months are filled with get togethers, happy hours, picnics and eating outside at restaurants. Right now I am setting up weekly lunch dates with friends and plans to go to the summer bars with coworkers. Make the effort and make the plans with your coworkers.

Spend More Time Outdoors

Living on the beach means I live near dozens of restaurants right on the waterfront. I always make a list of places I have to go to during the warmer months and I want to eat at as many of them as I can. I try to get outdoors as often as I can in the summer even if I have to park a bit further away from the Target! During my lunch breaks at work, I make an effort to walk outside soaking in the sunshine. Living on the beach also means plenty of beach days or lounging by the pool. Vitamin D does wonders for the body!


Now onto my weekly favorites….


New Products

I love a good coupon and with the campaigns I have done with companies in the past, my address has traveled around to different companies. Now I am constantly getting coupons in the mail for products I wouldn’t normally purchase. I decided to go to Target and pick up a few new things to try. img_6389

Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo I have seen the Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo campaign everywhere so I am really excited to try this new shampoo. I love my Loreal Extraordinary Clay shampoo, but sometimes I just want to mix it up a bit. In the summer I wash my hair more often, so I am looking for an inexpensive shampoo that I can use daily to get my hair clean.

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer I finally ran out of my bronzer I purchased last year from Wet & Wild. It was a large bronzer with highlighter and blush mixed in that gave me amazing color all over. I have seen a lot of other bloggers rave about this one and I wanted to try it. I fake tan in the summer with Jergens, so I go through bronzer like crazy to fake a summer tan. I am hoping the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer gives me the natural bronze I am looking for! So far I love the warm color on my face because it looks more natural than fake. 

Garnier Moisture Bomb Moisturizer  Remember that goal I had this summer to spend more time outdoors? Well, to do that I need SPF to protect my skin while outdoors. I like to layer a moisturizer under my foundation in the summer that won’t melt with the heat. I used this moisturizer before work one day and just put on some bronzer and blush and my skin looked amazing all day. I love a moisturizer that gives me a glow without looking oily. The Garnier Moisture Bomb Moisturizer is worth every penny!

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse I use a lot of foundation, and while I am loving my Loreal Infallible Foundation because it gives me a very natural look with amazing coverage, I was looking for an alternative I can wear when I just need to run out and do errands or want to wear just a little bit of makeup. I am hoping I like the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse foundation and gives me the light coverage for summer I am looking for.

Let me know if there are any other products I should be trying!

What I Purchased This Week


I had a blog post up about this necklace earlier this week , but I have to share it again on my Friday Favorites. This necklace is very affordable and perfect for any outfit. Best part is that it is on sale right now!

j crew factory neon berry shorts.jpg

Sale Alert! These shorts from J. Crew Factory went to clearance and I scooped them up as soon as they were marked down. Shorts at J. Crew Factory are my favorite and at these prices it is difficult not to get them in every color.

What I Wore


White Jeans / top (old from Ann Taylor) / Necklace (old from J. Crew Factory)img_6427

skirt (old from J. Crew) / Top (old) / Necklaceimg_6392

Skirt from Goodwill (similar here) / Shirt old from J. Crewimg_6314

Shirt  (old from last summer)/ Necklace (old from J. Crew Factory)


dress (old from J. Crew Factory)

Loft Gilded Top

shirt // shoes

What I’m Watching

Right now I am watching the new season of House of Cards and I find myself rewatching episodes so I don’t miss anything!

I am also watching Grey’s Anatomy from the beginning before bed and it is the best decision I ever did. It is interesting to see how themes and references from the first season reappear throughout the series.

I watched The Keepers, a documentary on Netflix twice because it was THAT GOOD! Pick a day this weekend, sit down and watch all of it in one sitting.

Around The Houseimg_6367

This week I finished (kinda, sorta) the walk in closet for my parents. I went into work Thursday night covered in paint from finishing up a few little things. We just moved the furniture back in and working on the final design now. Here is a sneak peak!img_6388

Of course I celebrated National Donut Day!


I was nice to a customer one day this week at work and they came back 20 minutes later with cinnamon sugar pretzel bites for me and the girls. Proof that being nice does pay off in the end!


Best/worst news I have heard all week. Goodbye, paycheck!


And when J. Crew likes your photo on Instagram ❤ 

Friday Favorites

Happy Saturday! Okay, so this post is a bit late but I feel like I spent all of Friday at work and didn’t have a free minute to post this blog post I wrote earlier this week. I feel like any week leading up to a holiday is always the busiest! While some lucky people get to enjoy a three day weekend, I will be working crazy hours at J. Crew, but I love every minute of it! Come visit my store if you are in the area, would love to see a friendly face.

And as always, here are some of my favorites this week…

MDW Sales

gilded garden top

I did some damage during the Loft Flash Sale earlier this week. I shared it on the blog and Facebook page earlier this week, so I hope you were able to scoop up some goodies. I love Loft, but it usually is out of my budget which is why I jump for joy when there is a sale. The sale is still going on this weekend, but sizes are selling out fast so run to a LOFT and get some goodies. Check out my previous post about the sale here.

Makeup Favorites



The Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray has become my new go to favorite. It was definitely an impulse buy because it was on sale, but now I don’t know how I lived without it! With these crazy hours, I would not be able to get through work without my makeup melting off my face without this setting spray. You can read my entire review here.

Pottery Barn Pillows

pottery barn pillows.jpg

Since graduating college, I have become o b s e s s e d with Pottery Barn. While most of their products are a bit pricey for a twenty year old, if you take some time and wait for sales, you can slowly accumulate some good stuff for your home. I have always loved Pottery Barn pillows and I am so happy I was able to find these. Always check clearance for affordable pillow covers, they may be pricey regular priced, but when they go to clearance they become very affordable!

Kate Spade Swimwear

I was at Marshall’s earlier this week and FYI, they have Kate Spade swim! I found a one piece bathing suit for only $40 and I cannot wait for warmer weather so I can wear it.