The Best of 2020

I love looking back at the previous year as a new year begins. I’ll go through my photos to remind myself of what I’ve accomplished, trips I’ve taken, and look back at my favorite things. This year I invested a lot of time and energy into this little corner of the internet. Blonde Rosie has always been just a fun hobby but this year I really needed a creative outlet to get lost in. After way too many days of working from the couch and not getting much done, we finished renovating our guest room and made space for a desk. Now when Jake works in his office during the day, I have a room to myself where I feel most creative! Over the weekend I sat down and looked at analytics to see what worked on the blog and what wasn’t. It was fun to revisit posts and see what your favorite things were on the blog. 


Refrigerator Bins
I need to do a better job of sharing the inside of my fridge because it is clean and organized all of the time because of the plastic bins. I shared them originally in THIS blog post over the summer and clearly, they were a bit hit with all of you!

Flannel Sherpa Comforter
There are a few things that I buy that Jake loves more than I do and one of them is this comforter! It was something I purchased because I wanted affordable (cheap) holiday bedding. I was okay with something that looked cute but didn’t have to be high quality since it was seasonal bedding. We were both pleasantly surprised at how soft and cozy it was and we have no plans to swap out our bedding anytime soon! 

Gucci Belt Dupe
Looks like this older post was popular this year! I have always been weird about designer dupes because I know that you pay for what you get when it comes to quality and I’ve been slowly purchasing higher-end pieces. Saw this Gucci belt dupe circulating around Instagram a few years ago and decided to see if it’s as good as they say. Now it’s on display and rarely worn because who wears jeans these days? 

Smoothie Fruit and Veggie Smoothie Kit Blend
Over the summer I was obsessed with these frozen fruit and veggie blends for an easy smoothie. Making smoothies at home can get expensive and I found it was cheaper to buy the bag instead of buying everything separately. I should also note that they are delicious! 

Puff Sleeve Dress
This dress was a highlight of 2020 for me because once we made the decision to stay home for Thanksgiving and not see family, I bought myself a new dress so I could get excited. I shared it on the blog and Instagram and Target picked up the photo and shared it on their website. I’ve worked on collaborations before but I loved that my content was being seen by big brands without a marketing company making the collaboration possible. 

Old Navy Thermal Pajamas
Our tradition of matching pajamas for Christmas is still going strong! These have been our go-to since we started dating (and matching) so we stocked up on fun prints again this year when they went on sale. 

Lemon Kitchen Rug
We are renting our house right now so there are limits on how we can decorate at the moment. When I first saw our very yellow kitchen, I immediately thought of lemons and they have been slowly taking over our kitchen decor! This lemon rug was one of the first things I bought when we moved into our house and it’s held up very well the last two years. It’s still in stock and easy to throw in the wash when I clean the kitchen floors. 

Serena and Lilly Glasses Dupe
For years I have been a big fan of the dollar bin at Target and this is where I found these Serena and Lilly dupes! A lot of my home decor is from Target and over the years I’ve been able to collect really timeless pieces that go together. Just a little reminder that you don’t need a ton of money to make your home look perfect. 

Loreal Revitalift Derm Intensives Serum
This year I was really committed to taking better care of my skin. To make sure I don’t forget, I keep my nighttime moisturizer on my bedside table and a few times a week I’ll apply my Loreal Revitalift Derm Intensives Serum. Right away I noticed my skin started to glow and I could get away without wearing makeup because my skin looked so good!

Marc Fischer Caitlin Pumps
Remember when we wore shoes? To work!? Crazy times, I know! These are the only heels I used to wear to the office because they are so comfortable. I was able to commute, run around the office, and never had any discomfort! Over time I’ve been buying them in every color possible when they go on sale.  


Dermaplaning with Tinkle Razors
These little tools are amazing at getting soft skin and getting rid of peach fuzz on your face. Spring Cleaning with a Side of QuarantineAnyone else get obsessed with cleaning around this time because we had nothing else to do!? I remember when stores starting selling out of hand soap and cleaning supplies being so grateful I had my subscription service so we never had to run low on anything!

Blonde Rosie Holiday Gift Guide
I love putting these together and hope they were a useful guide as you did your shopping this year!

Friday Favorites
These posts started off as a way to share links to items since I didn’t have the swipe up feature on Instagram. But over time I have loved writing these posts because it makes me reflect on the previous week and find happy moments in usually non-eventful weeks.

 Are Billie Razors worth the Hype?
In 2020 we all found ways to simplify our lives and a razor subscription service is just what I needed! Shared my full review on the blog and I’m still a fan! 

Dreaming of Paris
Anyone else watch Emily in Paris and start buying a wardrobe to bring to Paris one day? Just me? Well, it looks like a few of you were also interested in some French themed wardrobe picks!It’s Time for a Reset

Lipstick Can’t Solve My Problems, But it’s a Pretty Great Start!
This was a dream collaboration with a luxury brand that I have loved for a long time! Tom Ford has that classic and edgy style that go so well together. I’m excited for the world to open back up again so I can wear a good lipstick and feel like I can conquer anything! 

Bye Bye Breakouts with Dermalogica
Sometimes I get the opportunity to try new products and I am blown away by how amazing they are. This was one of them and I used this foam wash every single day in the summer to help fight breakouts i the hot southern sun! 


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