Dermaplaning with Tinkle

Recently I have been committed to washing my face with all of the right products and moisturizing every day. Still I felt like I needed to do more because of my skin insecurities I did some research and started to read about dermaplaning and its benefits. I exfoliated every night, but still felt like my skin was bumpy. When I used my other skin products they worked but I could feel the rough, dead skin just a few days later. Dermaplaning can be done by a professional or even at home with a special tool. Dermaplaning is a better way to exfoliate the skin to remove the top layer of skin which is usually dead skin and peach fuzz. After doing it just once, I was shocked by how much dead skin and fuzz there was! My skin felt softer for days and since there is no more barrier of dead skin, I know my moisturizers will be able to absorbed by my skin instead of just sitting on the surface.

If you have ever been jealous of people who can wake up in the morning and can go makeup free, dermaplaning is a way to get there! My skincare routine has not changed much except now I dermaplane once a month with Twinkle razors that I found on Amazon. I’ll continue to use exfoliating products at night and use my Foreo when needed with a gentle acne cleanser in the morning. I can notice a change in my skin because it looks brighter and my pores are smaller.

I watched a few Youtube videos to learn how to do it because it seemed too easy to do. Start with a clean face, I like to do it at night after I shower and then use micellar water and a cotton square to make sure my skin is super clean. Then I lightly scrape my skin with the Twinkle razor at an angle. It takes some time to get used to it and remember to work slowly. I focus on the side of my face near my ears because I always have clogged pores there because of my peach fuzz and anywhere else I have noticed bumpy skin. Once I am done, I apply my usual night time moisturizer and I won’t have to do it again until the next month. The good news is that the hair that is trimmed does not grow back thick or black. Dermaplaning is easy to do and doesn’t need much commitment!


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