DSW Sale Alert & Haul

I didn’t know I needed new shoes until I went to a DSW in Raleigh because they were open. We went for my mom to get new shoes and I walked out of there with 4 boxes of shoes! Their clearance section has so many amazing brands and shoes for all seasons at unbelievable prices. I was able to purchase some amazing booties and shoes to wear right now with the warmer weather. Recently they just added half a million shoes to clearance to make room for fall shoes so take advantage of these amazing deals! DSW has different promotions and additional sales on top of clearance so I was able to get 4 pairs of shoes for $100. It never hurts to browse and buy shoes for a season you are not currently in because your future self will thank you for a good deal.

What I’ve noticed with DSW is that shoes I see in the famous Nordstrom Sale or are popular one year are often at DSW the next year. I like shoes but don’t need to have the most current style because honestly, they don’t change that often. DSW also carries current popular styles from name brands too so I like to shop from there first before I go anywhere else for new shoes.


  • MARC FISHER PUMPS I am slowly buying this shoe in every single color because it is so comfortable! I currently have them in pink and black and just got a pair in leather ivory.
  • COLE HAAN MULE Now I need a reason to leave the house to wear these cute and comfortable mules with a block heel. Cole Haan makes amazing shoes and I love that I can always get them at an amazing price at DSW.
  • COLE HAAN BOOTIES Unfortunately, the booties I got are no longer available so I’m linking a very similar style from the same brand. All last year I was looking for a cute bootie that was waterproof that I could slip on and walk to the train to get to work instead of wearing sneakers or my nice work shoes. Now I can walk to work in comfortable shoes without sacrificing style!
  • SOLE SOCIETY BOOTIES There were so many booties in the clearance when I went to the store. I was able to buy these for a really good price and I remember seeing them at Nordstrom in the past.
  • ADIDAS SNEAKERS Here’s the thing, I don’t believe in spending $100 on sneakers because I plan on sweating and getting dirty in them! My Adidas sneakers were an impulse buy at Costco because they were on sale for less than $30 and I noticed that DSW sells the same ones for way less than are currently on sale at Nordstrom.

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