Christmas Pajamas That Give Me Comfort and Joy!


 I believe that you can never have too many Christmas pajamas! I’ve always been obsessed with Christmas pajamas and slippers and like to treat myself to a new pair (or two) every Christmas. This year, I’m going to take advantage of staying at home all the time and wear all of my cute pajamas every day. I have a system, day pajamas for during the day when I want to stay festive and cozy and night time pajamas for when I sleep. It’s the only way that I can wear all of my holiday pajamas!

After seeing that pajamas were on sale at Old Navy a few days ago, I got a bunch of different patterns as well as matching pajamas for Jake and I. Even though the holidays will look a little different this year, doesn’t mean we are going to break all of the traditions. I’m so lucky to have a guy in my life who loves our tradition of matching Christmas pajamas as much as I do. We take choosing a print each year very seriously!

holiday flannel pajamas

At this point, I think I can wear a different set of Christmas pajamas and not have to do laundry until after Christmas! They bring me so much joy and I would not be surprised if a few more packages with pajamas in them came to the house between now and December 25th. You can’t beat the prices of Old Navy pajamas so I like to stock up on lots of prints because i can never choose just one! Also want to mention that they are not a heavy flannel making them comfortable to sleep in.

For anyone looking for Christmas presents for friends or family, it would be a cute idea to send them pajama pants, a matching tee, and some slippers! It’s going to be a cold and dark winter and we could all use some fun, cheerful pajamas!


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