Friday Favorites 5.8

I am proud to say that I have been productive every day this week. Even if it’s a little laundry on one day or completely reorganizing a cabinet, something got done. I’ve been avoiding saying that I am bored because of the extra time on my hands. Instead, I tell myself that I have some free time and find ways to enjoy it. From watching the Real Housewives series to organizing and cleaning floors, I want to be able to list some achievements when this pandemic is over. It’s also been a great way to cope with my anxiety because it keeps me busy. I talked a little but about this productivity goal on the blog earlier this week.

This Mother’s Day will be a little different but I am excited that my mom, aunt and cousins will be doing a Zoom tea party so we can all be together. It’s definitely different but it gives us a reason to dress up and spend time with each other.

I’m going to link a previous blog post that covers some show recommendations to watch right now. I’m watching the shows that I never got to watch so I’m watching them from the beginning to catch up.

As a special treat, I have been doing a face mask every night before bed. My goal right now is to use all of the products collecting dust in my cabinet. It’s going to take a while but it’s a fun goal!

Some exciting news is that we got a new Keurig! My Keurig was my parents first Keurig that is very very old and it finally brewed its last cup of coffee! I planned on buying another one for myself as a Christmas present because I just didn’t want to spend that much money right now. The next day the doorbell rang and a new Keurig showed up on our doorstep! I am so lucky that Jake ordered me a new one as a present. We like this model because we can make a pot of coffee which is great for us since we are home all day now.

I caved and ordered Entertaining with Disney because it was so cute! It has definitely encouraged me to start planning a party once this quarantine is over! It is so cute and has a ton of great ideas.

In the mornings I have been making smoothies with my cup of coffee. I found an easy way to make them with these frozen fruit and veggie blend kits and yogurt. So easy and super quick! And they taste delicious!


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