Easy Thanksgiving Outfit for 2020

Dress // Doormat

How are we so close to Thanksgiving? I feel like this holiday season is going to just fly by! This year Jake and I will be celebrating the holiday at home with just the two of us… and Ed begging for pieces of turkey. It’s definitely going to be a different holiday this year but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it special just the 2 (3) of us! I recently did a Target online order for some essentials and somehow this really cute dress ended up in my cart 😉 We can’t control a lot in 2020 but I am going to look cute in a new dress!

The greatest part of this dress is how loose fitting it is so I can eat lots of stuffing and no waistband to stop me! Oh, and did I mention, it has pockets! The sleeves are so fun and helps dress it up a bit. This dress is a great way to be casual and cute for Thanksgiving no matter what your plans are this year!

Hopefully this look gives you some inspiration for your Thanksgiving day outfit. This year is different for everyone and I hope you are able to make it special in your own way. ♥

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