Friday Favorites 1.8

When I sat down to start this post a few days ago, I was so excited about what 2021 had to offer. I woke up with this new energy and motivation to have a good year. Recent events have put me glued to the tv and scrolling Twitter looking for updates and answers to this unfortunate historic moment. It would be wrong of me not to mention this week’s events before I start talking about my favorite things. What we can do today is get informed and hold the people responsible for the riots accountable. Unfollow, use your vote, and send emails. 

We started off our 2021 watching Black Mirror and WOW. It’s a show I’ve been putting off and I’m happy we spent the long weekend binging it. It’s definitely different and made me put my phone down for a bit. Crazy to think how much we rely on technology and how much social media controls our lives.
I also got sucked into the world of Bridgerton and it’s the perfect show to start 2021 with! Excited for another season to see what Lady Whistedown will write next. The costumes and sets are amazing and as a nerd who usually criticizes period dramas because they are inaccurate on certain details, Bridgerton tells the story beautifully and accurately displays the social scene in London so well. And the soundtrack is on repeat in our house all day every day!
Some exciting news is that the Magnolia Network premiered this week and there was a sneakpeak on HGTV this week. So far, I am obsessed with Joanna’s cooking show. She isn’t a professional cook at all and she wanted to make mistakes on camera so it wouldn’t be an over-produced show. The Magnolia Network is available on the new Discovery+ streaming service which is free for some Verizon Wireless members for a year! YAY! Makes me want to plan a trip back to Waco, TX asap!

Earlier this week I shared on my stories the Beekman 1802 X Schitt’s Creek set and it’s almost too pretty to use. Their current collection is sold out but they will be releasing a Valentines Day on January 21st! I worked with Beekman 1802 over the summer and can say that their products are a one of a kind.

Jake gave me this NYX lippie set that is on sale now for Christmas and it makes me look forward to being able to go places without a mask again.

This year my big goal is to use all of my products so I have more shelf space. I’ve been so overwhelmed with clutter lately in our only spare closet so I need to use it or toss it. I’ve been “shopping” in my closet and making things easier to find so I use them more.

Making it a goal not to buy anything this month but that doesn’t mean that Jake can’t order anything ha! But seriously, I’m excited to save as much money as I can this year for big purchases (car) and a much needed vacation. My last big purchase recently was a big grocery run before we returned our rental car coming back from North Carolina. I can’t begin to explain how excited I was to do a big grocery run and how cheap it was since we weren’t shopping at the small grocery store down the street. It’s the little things we sometimes take for granted that make me smile most!

Finished Promise Me, Dad by Joe Biden over the Christmas Holiday and wow, it’s a book everyone should read as we go into a new presidency. It made me cry, bring me comfort reading Biden’s foreign affairs experience and excitement for this new chapter. Currently on my nightstand table is Little Women to start off the new year with a classic. 

At the top of my list is my new Macbook that Jake got me for my birthday. I’ve been without a laptop for years and was using a work laptop for a while and then a free Chromebook we got when we signed up for our Cable package with Verizon. I was able to check email and write up blog posts but found it difficult to do much else. I’ve been an Apple product girl for forever and missed the feel of this keyboard! Jake says he got me this laptop so I can apply to jobs but he’s been really supportive of me investing time and energy into Blonde Rosie. 

I’ve been wearing my new Kendra Scott necklace every day that Jake got me for my birthday. He knows I love anything that sparkles and it was such a great surprise to open. Also got the earrings to match 🙂

I gave Jake an amazing Ew, David Christmas ornament for Christmas and I think I’m keeping up our tree a bit longer just because I love seeing it on there so much. 

Starting off the new year committed to working out and I’ve been doing a really good job of doing a 30 minute intense work out every day. Don’t see results yet but it’s definitely become a part of my day that I look forward to. 

I’ve also been really committed to healthier habits like eating healthy, taking vitamins and having a scoop of Vital Proteins collagen in my coffee each morning. I have the collagen on the counter next to the Keurig as a reminder to use it each morning and my vitamins are next to my coffee mugs so they are easy to take and not forget about them. 

I’m slowly starting to take down Christmas and just leaving the garland up so it’s more of a winter themed at least until the end of January. I’ve been using some new storage container that I talk about in a recent blog post HERE

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