Daily Habits I’ve Picked Up Lately

Really, another list? YES! Because lists are what keeps me sane these days. I like to have structure and my commute of bedroom to kitchen to dining room table isn’t enough to keep me motivated to get things done. I’ve been playing around with new routines and ways to create structure in my day. Over time I have found what works best for me and I hope it inspires you too!

Make a to-do list
I like to review the previous days list and check off items that got done. Anything that didn’t get done is moved to the new list. Anything important gets a star so I know that I have to complete it that day.

Check email in the morning
This is a new habit and it’s helped keep my inbox to zero. I’ve been unsubscribing to a lot of things and deleting anything that I don’t need.

My gmail has a tasks list that I can add emails to or write things down so I don’t forget. Any important emails that I know I have to go back to go on this list.

Create folders in Google Drive
I spent a few days going through my Google Drive and adding everything to folders titled: home, personal, professional, blog content, college. I get a lot of cool resources in my email and then I forget about them or accidentally delete the email. Now I have everything organized and saved in my Google Drive so I can get to it easily.

Eat breakfast
Since I am at home all day I have zero excuses to not eat breakfast. I’ll sit at the table and eat while I check my emails and make my to do list.

In the morning I make a cup of coffee, a smoothie, fill up my water bottle and make a hot cup of water with lemon. It seems like a lot but it helps keep me hydrated all day since it’s all in front of me.

10 minute workout
I didn’t create some unrealistic goal when it came to working out. I just find 10 minutes to roll out my yoga mat and do a quick ab workout or something. I tell myself to work out for 10 minutes and I often find myself going longer. It’s always starting the work out that is the hardest!

Clean up my room before bed
I’ll throw on a face mask and walk around my room putting things away before bed. It helps keep the space clean and it’s always nice to wake up to a clean room.

I’ve been using the Calm App at night before bed and it’s quickly become my new nighttime routine. It helps calm my body down and fall asleep easier.

Most importantly I’ve given myself a bedtime. After finding myself up until 3am, 4am I knew it was time to go to bed at a reasonable time that worked for me and to wake up early so I was tired at night.


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