Blonde Rosie Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Turn on the Christmas movies , we will be going back and forth with the Hallmark Christmas movies and Freeform, and put some cookies in the oven because it’s time to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year! I wanted to put together a gift guide that is a little more realistic with what this year looks like. Jake and I have already decided to keep it small this year and just buy things for each other that we know will bring each other joy. 2020 has taught me a lot and shifted my focus on what I really need. Turns out I have used that throw blanket from Target way more than that expensive handbag. I want my gift giving to reflect that and give presents that will bring joy and people can use right away. Also these gifts are easy to add to cart and ship directly to your friends and family.

Gifts for a friend, coworker, significant other or yourself.

Cute Office Supplies // For the friend who is working from home and needs some fun supplies!

Wireless Phone Charger // I’m constantly stealing Jake’s, It’s a game changer and guaranteed gift favorite.

Ornament // If you can’t be there in person, send them an ornament to put on their tree. I still have all of mine from college that friends and roommates gave me.

Candle // Anything that smells like a Christmas candle will be a perfect gift!

Slippers // It’s the only footwear we’ve been wearing these days.

Mug // Find something that matches their personality or a cute holiday mug would be cute!

A Little Bit of Sparkle // For that someone special! This piece is on my wish list 😉

Starbucks Tumbler with Gift Card // It’s rare we buy coffee these days so this would be a cute gift for a friend or coworker.

Happy Hand Lettering // Perfect gift for anyone who was into crafts in the early days of quarantine. I got this book a few months ago and had so much fun learning how to make pretty calligraphy.

Pop Culture Book // I’ve been binge watching a lot of reality tv shows and it’s allowed me to connect with friends on social media.

Disney Themed Bag // For the Disney fan in your life! I have a few of these and I can’t wait to go back to Disney!

Make It Minnie // I stumbled upon this company on Instagram and love their Disney inspired pieces!

Throw Blanket // You can never have too many! I found this brand at Homegoods and it is the softest blanket I have!

Scunci Set // Umm yes please!

Beekman 1802 x Rose Apothecary Collaboration // I am so excited about this Schitt’s Creek collaboration with an amazing skincare company. If you ever wanted those famous products from Rose Apothecary, now it’s possible with Beekman 1802!

Friends Calendar // Great for the friend that loves Friends!

Friends Peephole Frame // Every Friends fan needs this for their door!

NYX Butter Gloss Kit // Would be a great to gift as a set or to break it up and give these amazing glosses to a few friends.

Significant other, brother or friend.

Wireless Charger // Did you know that these come in cool themes!?

Fitbit Versa // Got this for Jake last Christmas and he loves it! Very similar to the Apple Watch with a much lower price.

Dopp Kit // For the guy that still uses a ziplock bag when he travels. They are usually on sale for the holidays making them a great time to buy.

Slippers // I remember when Jake said he didn’t need new slippers and now he lives in the J Crew ones I bought him two years ago.

Swell Water Bottle // When we were driving back from North Carolina in September I filled up my Swell in the morning and it was still ice cold hours later! Jake was in shock and immediately asked for one for Christmas.

Tumbler // We are committed to drink more water during the day in this house so I want to get Jake a Yeti or a good dupe. Will also be great when we start going into an office again!

Gingerbread Man Mug // I want to get him a cute holiday mug for hot chocolate. My plan is to pair the mug with marshmallows and hot chocolate mixes.

Record Player // Perfect gift while we staying at home to have music playing in the background.

Alexa // We love ours so much we have one in every room!

Cozy Throw Blanket // Because someone keeps stealing mine! I bought one from this brand this summer and it’s amazing!

Some items you can both enjoy!

Crockpot // It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Uber Eats Gift Card // We like to order in once a week and it would be nice gift to pay for an order (or more) in advance.

Dyson Cordless Vacuum // Jake doesn’t believe in gifting home appliances but honestly its all I want! It would be a great gift to split for the home while taking advantage of holiday sales.

New Bedding // We already decided that Jake will buy us new bedding for our bedroom since we are still using a duvet cover from my old bed that doesn’t fit our bed. I ordered us some Christmas bedding because once again, my old Christmas bedding is too small for our new bed.

Mr. Coffee Iced Coffee Maker // It’s a gift for him but honestly a gift for me ha!

Ring Doorbell // This may be on its way to our home already 😉


Face Roller // I plan on giving my mom a few self care items that are easy to ship and she will love to use!

Something Sparkly // Our moms do so much and deserve to be spoiled!

Soma Pajamas // They are so comfortable and come in great patterns! These have my moms favorite and I love to send her a cute set on holidays.

Cozy Blanket // Can’t go wrong with a soft and cozy blanket!

Anthropologie Board Game Set // A practical gift that can be used while we stay home safe and looks really pretty too!

Conair Dr. Knot // I don’t do my hair often but when I do, this is the only hair tool I have used in months!

Billie Gift Set // How cool is this? A one time shipment of a Billie razor and other great products.


Keurig // After living with my parents for the summer, I could tell that it was time for their Keurig to be replaced! It’s something they will never do for themselves so I plan on sending them a new one.

Air Fryer // It’s the one gadget they probably don’t have! My mom asked me not to get it for my dad because they have no room so maybe next year 😉

Lounge Pants // All my dad asked for this year was comfortable lounge pants because no one wants to wear jeans these days.

Trader Joe’s Spices // During the holidays Trader Joe’s comes out with new spices and I buy one of everything to give to my dad. He’s still talking about a spice I gave him last Christmas that he ran out of.

Parents, Jake’s Family, Cousins, etc.

Personalized Yankee Candle // Perfect gift to send family if you are not able to see them this year.

Trader Joe’s Favorites // This was a hit when we both gave our parents a reusable Trader Joe’s bag full of our families favorite Trader Joe’s finds. Since our families don’t live near one, we were able to spoil them with a whole bag of goodies.

Tile // Not naming names, but great gift for the family member who misplaces things…

Matching Pajamas // A great way for the whole family to feel connected no matter if you spend the holidays together or not.

Slippers // Easy gift that will be a hit during the holidays and for months after.

Bar Cart Set // Get a few pieces to create the perfect bar cart and a nice bottle of wine.


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