Friday Favorites

Even though I had Wednesday off, this has felt like the longest week ever! As always, I pushed my body to do more and sacrificed sleep in the process of trying not to miss anything this week. I left work early on Tuesday to back to the apartment and last minute pack and clean up the apartment before heading home to Jersey for the 4th. My mom and I planned it as a surprise for my dad, so when I knocked on our front door he was very shocked to see me there on the doorstep. It was a short visit home, but I didn’t let that stop me from taking advantage of every minute of being at home. Seriously, I only slept like 5 hours that night!img_3058img_3005

Top/Shorts/Shoesimg_3101my swimsuit is from last year at Target

We all woke up early to have breakfast before the parade in town, then spent the afternoon in the backyard in the pool and going to the beach around 6pm after the tourists went home. I finally got in my car to head back to Philly around 9:30 after only getting like 5 hours of sleep the night before. With the traffic, I didn’t get home until close to midnight and quickly showered to be in bed around 1am. I spent the rest of my week exhausted, but it was completely worth it to have a long relaxing day at home with the family. On my way to my car that night my mom told me I was young and didn’t need much sleep to function, but this week has shown me that I have a sleep schedule for a reason!

After work, I am once again repacking my bag and heading back down to the beach. I should just go to bed early so I can do the drive tomorrow morning, but I want to beat beach traffic and just wake up at the beach tomorrow. Before heading to the beach, I thought I would write about a few of my favorite things this week for the blog.


Top / Shorts / Bag (from an antique store at home)

This is my first job since graduating college that I actually have the weekends off in the summer. A part of me wants to plan as much as I can during the weekend because I never had time to do anything before, but now I am realizing that I also need a bit of a break before jumping into another workweek. Last Sunday, a friend and I went on a walk through Rittenhouse Square and got ice cream which sounded like a good idea since there was a heat wave, but after I had melted ice cream dripping onto my leg I quickly regretted it! I have been trying to schedule out my weekends on Thursdays, so I can schedule enough alone time, see my friends and then also spend some time cleaning up the apartment too. I talk all about my routine here. I scheduled back to back plans starting with wine at Tria on Friday night, then up late cleaning the apartment before bed and up early on Saturday to hang out with friends before seeing Jurassic World. I was excited for a Saturday night in, but a coworker asked to grab a drink last minute so we went out in Center City that night. Sunday was my dad to sleep late, but my friend who lives in my building texted me that morning to grab a coffee and do some errands with her. If coffee is involved, I will get out of bed! I had an all-day pool day planned with another coworker during the day and it was a perfect lazy, Sunday afternoon!

Cami / Shorts /Bag /Shoes

What I’m Watching

I honestly did not get much time to watch tv this week, which is shocking for me! When I went home this week, while I was packing a few boxes I finally had a chance to catch up with Southern Charm. One of my favorite shows, but I don’t get Bravo and I have a lot of catching up to do! For some reason, I always fall asleep to The West Wing when I am home, it is still one of my favorite shows that will never get old and my go-to when ‘m home. At night while I fall asleep, I have been watching old Sex and the City episodes because living alone can be kinda quiet so I will put on old episodes to have noise on while I fall asleep.

Products I Am Loving

Last week I talked about the package full of goodies that Coola sent to me and I have been hooked on this stuff. I am still in the learning phase of trying to apply mousse evenly on my body, but I am in love with the color of my skin right now. I cannot tell you how nice it felt to be in a bathing suit this week and not have to worry about my pale skin. I am doing one quick application before heading to the beach tonight too! I have been going mostly makeup free this week and a big reason for that is the Coola Gradual Tan Face Serum because everyone’s skin looks better with a tan especially with a good, natural looking fake tan!


Coola Sunless Tanner / Bathing Suit /  Watermelon Towel

Recent Purchases

Rent was due this week, so I wasn’t able to make that many purchases because #broke. Over the holiday, Loft was having a big sale with free shipping, so I did buy two pairs of sunglasses (here and here) because they were so cheap and I wanted to have some nondesigner sunglasses to wear to work. During the move, I misplaced a lot of my sunglasses so I need a few pairs to just keep in a bag or the car. I ordered this bathing suit featured above last week and I am so happy I did! I don’t know if it is because of my age or that Target is making really cute one piece bathing suits, but I can’t stop wanting to buy more of them! If you buy one thing this week, I highly suggest buying these denim shorts. I have had them for weeks now and haven’t had time to wash them yet because I live in these this summer! I hate shorts, but these are the perfect length, cut and are super soft so I can wear them all day.

This Week’s Adventures

I am doing my best to take advantage of everything summer has to offer. Coffee has been my best friend this week because I have been going to bed past my bedtime and hanging out with friends every day. While living at home, I saw myself succeeding at my job and I kept getting promoted at work. But with all of that success, I still felt like I missed out on a social life. So when I was looking at jobs here in Philly, I didn’t want my life to revolve around my job like it did back at J. Crew. I missed out on day trips with the girls or last-minute lunch plans on the weekends.  I felt like all I did was work, and while my bank account was grateful, I wanted more experiences in my twenties. This summer has been all about saying yes, and holy cow do I need a nap after this busy week! I don’t think I will be getting much sleep, however, but maybe we can try again next week? 😉

New Roommate

img_2938-1I almost forgot to mention, I have a new roommate…. Ed has officially moved into the apartment! He has been here for two weeks and he is still adjusting to the new space. He was a suburbs cat so he has had a hard time adjusting to the city noises. With my parents moving, we thought it would be best for him to move in with me since I am living alone and could use a friend. It is so nice to come home after work and have that little fur ball waiting for me by the door!

On the Blog this Week

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