a quick hello

Hi, friends! I have been neglecting the blog the last few months and have mainly been posting on Instagram lately, so I wanted to stop by and do a post on here that didn’t involve an outfit. I started this little blog three years ago and right now I am in the process of deciding where I want to take it next. My friends, online and in real life, have been so supportive of my little blog. Once again, I am making some big changes when it comes to my career and I don’t want to neglect the blog as I have been lately. I have a lot of blog things planned for the future, but before that, I wanted to do a quick introduction for any new followers. As much as I love to blog about my life and outfits, none of this would be possible without my friends and followers. Each like means so much because I know that the time I dedicate to this little blog is worth it. I want to create content that people look forward to reading, Create outfits that people want to wear. If there is anything you want to see on my blog or Instagram, feel free to send me a DM!

But now… here is a quick introduction….

My happy place is…. on the beach, laying on a towel being warmed by the sun. Feeling the sun on my skin is one of my favorite feelings that brings this calm to my body that I cannot get anywhere else. I can never say no to…. french fries. It’s really bad because I eat a few times a week. Doesn’t matter what type they are; curly, waffle, straight cut, I will eat them all! Favorite thing to do before bed… is use a face mask. I have a ton of them and for just a few minutes I can have a bit of me time. I can’t leave my house without… mascara. If I have an extra minute I like to put on some eyeliner to make my eyes more defined. Being a blonde also means I have blonde eyelashes, so I try not to leave the house without some eye makeup on. One thing I have to do every day is… clean up my room a bit before I go to bed. I don’t have the time to be a total clean freak, but I can’t sleep knowing there is stuff on my bedroom floor. Everyone in their 20s should learn... that it is okay to walk away from the things that make us unhappy. It is something that took me a long time to learn, but if a relationship or job doesn’t bring you joy, it is time to move on.  My life mantra…. I hate to sit still and do something repetitive. The change gives me anxiety, but I crave to do things that scare me. My best friend is…my cat, Ed.


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