My Philly Apartment Reveal

I am celebrating my two month anniversary of my move to Philadelphia by finally showing a full apartment tour on the blog.I had almost all of my furniture delivered and assembled by a moving company my first day here, but it took me a few weeks to really make this place feel like home. I spent one early Saturday morning setting up my cable and realized I would have to redesign my living room layout because the movers and I put the couch in front of the cable outlet. Luckily, I have cement walls and no one complained about me moving my couch to another wall and rearranging all of this furniture! I spent every weekend in Homegoods trying to add some decorations and items to give it a homey feel. I am still waiting to find the perfect wall decor above my couch, but right now, this apartment could not be more perfect. This is a space I hate to leave in the morning and I cannot wait to come home to in the evenings. I am going to take you through every room in the house and give you the links to shop everything in each room.

You can easily shop everything in my apartment here.img_2501


img_2513The apartment is a bit of an open floor plan, so I had a lot of space to fill. I wanted the space to feel like a living room and not a couch with a tv in front of it. This was no longer dorm living, but a space to be my home hopefully for the next few years. I wanted this space to feel like me, show my personality, and also feel like a home. I took so much time picking out the perfect furniture, the perfect lamps and finding the best layout to make this space feel like home.  I realized as soon as the movers got to the apartment that we had a lot of wall space to fill. The living and dining spaces are all open to be all one room, but I wanted each part of the room to serve as a different purpose. I didn’t want this space to be cluttered with furniture and feel like I had a dining table in the middle of the room. I really like the way it turned out!


I knew I wanted a comfy sectional couch and spent hours looking online for something that fit the space and I would actually want to use. I looked at Ikea, but for the price, I didn’t love it. I went to every store I could think of and when I kept finding couches I kinda liked, I did not like the price at all. Who knew couches were so expensive?!? My mom and I went to ReStore, a higher end furniture consignment store a few days before the move to see if we could find some furniture. As soon as we walked into the store, I found my dream couch. It is difficult to show in the photos, but this couch is huge. It also feels like a cloud and it is soft because of the corduroy fabric. It was never used and I was able to purchase it at an amazing price. The couch is still available online too!

Coffee Table & End Tables
I spent the week before moving into the apartment going to antique stores and Goodwills with my mom to look for furniture. I am very picky and have a certain style in mind when it comes to furniture, but I also knew my budget. The coffee table is actually very light blush pink that almost looks white and I picked it up at an antique store near me for $30. It was everything I wanted because it had space underneath and it was square like I was looking for. I eat most of my meals on the coffee table, so I love how big it is because it fits in the room perfectly and it holds all of my snacks. So important!


The end tables were a Goodwill find and they were originally brown and kinda ugly. I could tell immediately that they were originally very expensive and very well made. Inside there is a drawer and plenty of room for storage. Right now, I have one of them holding all of my DVDs and tv cords, while the other holds all of my office supplies. I purchased them for $12 each and had my dad paint them white to match my color theme. My dad then surprised me by painting the legs and hardware gold because I knew I would have gold accents throughout the room. We were able to take an outdated piece of expensive furniture and turn it into the perfect pieces for the living room.

TV Unit

After looking at some TV units and not loving what was out there right now, I decided to be a bit creative and use what I already had. I created a space for my TV using two bookcases that my parents had before I was born. I didn’t want the TV to be the entire focus of the room or wall, so by adding the bookcases, it helps to add some personality to the room. I was also able to hide all of the ugly wires by putting the cable box and Apple Tv on the bottom shelf. I am that person that cannot stand to see tv wires so I took the time to assemble the tv so the wires were hidden. The tv unit is perfect for the room and the price was even better since I already owned it all!

Cozy Corner
Remember how I mentioned that I have a lot of wall space? When I rearranged all of my furniture, my dining table and couch were now all on the same wall and I wasn’t a fan of how empty the other side of the room looked. Then I remembered that I had a fake fireplace shoved into the corner and decided to make it a cozy corner. This wall is also one of the first things you see when you walk into my apartment, so I wanted it set up to look cute at all times.img_2509

This fake fireplace has been in my basement for like ten years because I found it at a yard sale in town and knew one day I would want a fireplace in my room. It is also a way for me to bring a bit of my childhood home with me because I grew up with fake fireplaces. I went to Ikea and purchased a bunch of different sized candles to put inside of the fireplace. I spent way too much time perfectly placing each one, but I love how it turned out! I purchased the floral arrangement at Homegoods because I needed some life in the apartment. I have been purchasing a lot of fake flowers just to brighten up the apartment.  The gold round mirror is also from Homegoods, but it is similar to the West Elm one or this more affordable option here and here. This chair was an impulse buy, but it was pink and I needed it. I realized that most of my furniture would be white and the beige walls made it a little bleh. I needed a little bit of color and Rosie in the space. The pink chair is the perfect touch! I saw this lamp while browsing Target one day and I knew I needed it in my life. I am not a big fan of floor lamps because they can look weird in a space in my opinion. I like the tripod floor lamp because it looks like a piece of furniture and it makes a statement.  The basket is old from the Christmas Tree Shoppe, but you can get a similar one here. I love to use baskets to store blankets or pillows in a room and it makes cleaning up a breeze!



After rearranging furniture, I ended up with an extra table and no idea where to put it. I also have a box leftover of decorations, so I put the extra table just outside the hallway to the bedroom. At first, I put it here to keep it out of the way, but now I kinda like having a place to throw my keys or put decor. This is a big space and I wasn’t sure what to do with it because it wasn’t big enough for a big piece of furniture. Since the living room is a giant square with a lot of open space, I need things to take up space! Also– I know the picture frames are crooked, I am working on it!

To the right in the picture above, is my apartment door and my coat closet. One of the many reasons why I picked this apartment is because of the closets. I can keep my coats and off-season clothes in this closet so they are out of the way.  I love the bar seating even though I will never use it, but I like that I can see the living room when I am in my kitchen.



If I ever complain that I am poor because of rent, it is because I was super picky when it came to kitchens in apartments. I wanted a new kitchen and luckily this apartment was just newly renovated. Plenty of cabinet space, granite countertops and lots of countertop to use!


img_2523Nothing special about the bathroom, but it does have a walk-in closet with a washer/dryer unit and a full linen closet. I really like having the washer/dryer in the bathroom instead of in the kitchen like most apartment units. I am able to have my laundry basket in this closet and close the door if it gets messy. I also have my vacuum and steamer in this closet so they are out of the way. Since I don’t have many sheets or towels, I have baskets with all of my products so they are easy to grab and use in the morning.

bath mat / shower curtain



I love my bedroom. It is so cozy and perfect to retreat to at the end of the day. It also has a big walk-in closet so I just needed one dresser in the room. I was surprised by how big the bedroom was because it can fit so much furniture in it without feeling cluttered. I went a bit more girly in this room because this will be the last time I can have a pink bedroom! I have had my eyes on this vanity for a long time so I am happy I was able to finally purchase this one. I have my daily essentials in my vanity and all of my extra products are in my linen closet. The dresser holds my tank tops and t shirts along with my intimates and work out clothes. I also needed a dresser to put my other tv on and it was so fun to decorate! The dresser has my perfumes and other items I use daily so I can easily grab them on my way out in the morning.

Bed (  / Dresser / Vanity / Lamps (homegoods)/ Pillows and Sheet Set / Decorative Pillows (Homegoods) /Bedding/ Blanket (Homegoods)


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