Summer Essentials Delivered to Your Door

During the move, I thought I had everything organized and brought everything I needed with me. Now when I am on my way to somewhere or need a specific thing is when I realize that I didn’t pack it or who knows where it ended up in the move! I have been taking advantage of the add to cart button on Target’s website when it comes to my summer essentials. One of the many perks of my apartment building is that it has a pool and a private courtyard. After spending so many busy weekends traveling back to Jersey to help prepare the house for the big move, I am finally taking some time to lay out and enjoy summer!

I recently bought a new one-piece bathing suit from Target and I love the bright colors. I have a dozen tiny bikinis, but lately, I have been obsessed with one piece bathing suits more. I had this one in my cart for a while and tried to convince myself that I did not need another bathing suit, but when it went on sale I had to have it! I love the cutouts so it is still fun, but I can feel more comfortable by the pool hiding my nonexistent abs!

After a very bad sunburn experience a few weeks ago that I am still recovering from, I needed some sunscreen because I had none at the apartment. It was so easy to just add it to my cart and have it shipped to my door two days later. Right now, I have all of my pool essentials in my bag so I have everything in one place making it easy to grab on my way down to the pool. My bag is actually a cooler and the inside is insulated with a plastic liner making it very easy to clean in the sink.

Here are some things that you can add to your cart right now and have them delivered in just two days!

A floppy hat


Flip Flops


Beach Towel

Water Bottle




Chapstick with SPF


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