Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! Does anyone else feel like this week just flew by? I spent last weekend at our house in Jersey boxing up as much as I could before the movers showed up on Wednesday. If this move has taught me anything, it is to have very few things in life! I felt like whenever I was done packing up a room, we would turn around and find more stuff to pack up! I ended up taking another car full of stuff that my parents were not keeping and I felt like I could find room for it in my apartment. LOL because while I do have a big apartment, I am truly running out of space to put things. All of my Christmas decorations are shoved on a shelf in my coat closet and I have stacks of books that my mom gave me. I need to make a trip to Target to get another bookcase to keep these books. The tricky part now is finding space in my apartment for another bookcase!

I spent the last month commuting back to Jersey to pack up the house and I am excited to finally stay put in Philly for August. I am trying not to commit to any plans because I definitely need a weekend that I just sit by the pool in my building doing nothing. I hate to say it, but besides unpacking boxes and cleaning up my apartment, I did very little else this week. Honestly, most nights I have been sitting in my pajamas on the couch eating Cheerios out of the box watching Suits and I have been enjoying every minute of it. I have turned into such a homebody this past year, but I just love my apartment so much that I never want to leave.

What I’m Watching

I am still watching Suits on Amazon Prime and have found myself waking up earlier in the morning to watch an episode before work. This show is so addicting that I blame it for not leaving my apartment this week!

Products I Am Loving

While packing up the house last weekend, I stole  borrowed a ton of products from my mom’s bathroom and brought them to Philly with me. I am loving the Aveeno Daily Moisture Lotion lately and use it before bed after I shower and in the morning if I wear a dress to work. Over the weekend, I did a final Costco trip (RIP free Costco Membership) and stocked up on a few essentials. When I was in college, I would buy all of my beauty and bath products at Costco because I would just have to buy them once a year. I stocked up on this Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash that I use daily in the shower especially what I use to shave my legs with. I have had this pump version of the Olay Body Wash in my shower for the last few months and love the convenience of it so much that I may just pour the ones I bought at Costco into this bottle. The best part about living alone is being able to pick out my own soap for my bathroom, seems silly but I choose the Dove Beauty Bars every time! Now I have a lifetime supply of them from Costco so I should be okay for a while LOL.

What I’m Reading

With my work schedule this week, I didn’t have much energy to read before bed. However, I love having the news sent to my inbox each morning because I can read the news real quick while I take a break at work or on my lunch. I have all of my favorite news blast email accounts here in a previous blog post. I recommend everyone to sign up if you only have five minutes of free time in your day, but want to stay informed.

Recent Purchases

Honestly, I deserve a medal this week because I did not buy one single thing. A big reason for that is because rent is due, so I don’t have any fun recent purchases to share. However, you can always check to see what I bought from Loft recently here and I am always updating this page when I make new purchases or new clothes come in.

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