West Palm Beach Travel Guide


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When National Wear Lilly Day Turns Into Wear Lilly All Week


I work in the office six days a week so I get a half a day on Monday to make up for it. At first the idea of having to wake up at 7am six days a week sounded horrible! Saturday was the one day a week I got to sleep until noon! But now that I am few weeks into this schedule it is not so bad. It’s still bad but not that bad!! On Mondays I like to go on adventures and get some fun in! Since Monday was the first official day of summer and National Wear Lilly Day it turned into a day full of fun! My mom, aunt and I went to McCloone’s on the beach for lunch and spent the rest of the afternoon shopping. I have a secret consignment store I go to to find vintage Lilly. I found it appropriate to buy a new Lilly dress and skort on the Lilly holiday! The dress was only $20 an the skirt was $14. Win! On Monday I wore a Lilly dress I got last y


Lilly Pulitzer Pink Nautical Seahorse Beach Shell Sheath Dress 


Tuesday ended up being a humid day where it felt like any minute it would pour! I was a ray of sunshine (and bright color) in the office. I wore another vintage Lilly print to work and stole my moms green Lilly cardigan because it matched perfectly! It was a bit too short for work so I had to be careful how I got up from my office chair. Bare shoulders are a big no no at work but all of my dresses can become work friendly with the right cardigan. You may think having 20 cardigans is a bit insane but for me they are a work staple! In the winter I can add a layer and stay warm and it turns a blank boring tee shirt into a work outfit. Viola! I own a lot of dresses but shoulders are frowned upon in the work world. Everyday I wear a cardigan so it is nice to have options. I get most of mine from J Crew because they are a little more formal for the office.


Lilly Pulitzer Juice Bar Dress with Lilly Pulitzer Cardigan 


This is the dress I found at consignment for $20 and I love it! The one thing I wish Lilly dresses had was pockets! On Wednesday I was running around town working on projects and working in different buildings. For work I need to have my phone on me at all times because someone always is asking me questions but I had no where to put my phone! Dear Lilly, make pockets on your dresses! And surprise, another cardigan! IMG_6857

Lilly Pulitzer Multi-Print Dress



I found this dress in Rumson while shopping with my mom this past spring. Thursday was a full day of meetings and chaos at work! There was an event in one of our facilities but they forgot to hire someone to do sound and run the projector. I learned one thing from the business school in college and that is how to hook up a projector! Thanks, Dr. Dufresne! I was dressed in an adorable dress crawling all of the floor hooking up wires and such to get the projector to connect with the laptop. It was an experience! Later that day I was pulled away from my desk to help present a Homeland Security presentation. Sometimes I wonder what my job is because I do not know anymore! It was a long day so I love that Lilly dresses are so easy to throw on but you still look put together. A little bit of color greatly improves my day!

IMG_6882I am currently obsessed with all of the hydrangeas in town lately. I may have to sneak out one night and steal some of my neighbors!FullSizeRender (52)

FullSizeRender (6)

Some Lilly Pulitzer gingham sandals!


I woke up late Friday morning and barely got to work on time. I was so grateful to see this dress in my closet, grabbed yesterdays cardigan off of the floor and ran out the door! There is an event in town that is bringing in 10,000 people so this outfit was not the most practical for all of the running around! At least I looked cute in all of this chaos!FullSizeRender (51)

Hello, Weekend!
I am SO ready for you!


Working on Saturday mornings means I get to dress a little more casual and makeup free. I kept the Lilly theme going in a Lilly skort and a polo.My weekend begins NOW!!


I wait ALL week to sit by the pool on the weekends. Just a little more Lilly and some sweet tea with enough reading to last all day! Just two more short years before the family and I leave for the south! I cannot wait to spend every day like this!!!


I had so much fun wearing Lilly for the whole week that I hope to keep this colorful wardrobe going next week. Check in next Wednesday for another round up of my work outfits!

graduation (friends forever)


Today I was reminiscing on my final days as a senior at SJU and my graduation.
It is so hard to think it has been a year since my life has changed forever. After I walked across that stage and accepted a piece of paper my life was over as I knew it. I have enjoyed the good times and struggled through the Post Grad Life. I have made a lot of mistakes and have grown as a person. But I would never change one thing!

I started this Post Grad Life blog to be an outlet for my ideas and adventures. In college I was ALWAYS writing a paper and I did not like idle hands. I like to share my interests and PGL journey with you hoping I am not alone out there struggling. This little blog of mine is a little hobby I hope to continue in my second year of Post Grad Life. Stay tuned for more adventures and continue to live life to the fullest!

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