Too Much Is Never Enough


Most weekends I just want to lay on the beach and do nothing because I need a break from a crazy work week. On Friday I went out to dinner with a friend and realized I never go out on a Friday night anymore. Years ago I would be getting ready to go out at 10pm not coming home! It was 10:30 when I got home and immediately put on pajamas to get into bed with my cat and get some work done. Who am I?! Who have I become?! I’m an adult and my priorities have changed so much this year. On Saturdays I wake up and go to work in the morning and spend my afternoon cleaning. This may sound horrible, but I love it when my alarm goes off in the morning and I walk to the office with coffee in hand to go to work. In the afternoon, I clean the house, do some laundry and reorganize my closet.

This Saturday I broke from my usual schedule and went to the racetrack for Ladies Day at Monmouth Park. I love to spend time with my college friends and make it a priority to see them even though we live in different states. My friend Alyson came from King of Prussia to come to the races with me. We were dressed in our Lilly and Alyson made us hats so we looked like perfect Southern ladies at the races.

It was a rainy day so by the time we got there the crowds were not as big as they were earlier in the day. We saw the horses race and lost every race we would have bet on. Every horse Alyson picked was winning in the beginning but came in last at the finish line. This is why we don’t do any betting! It was so nice to catch up with an old friend after not seeing one another in a while. We sat on the benches watching the horses race and talked while it drizzled. Conveniently I had a hat to wear!

Alyson made us hats to wear because she is the creative one in our friend group. Look how pretty it is!!

Eddy really liked the hat. Can you tell?!?

Sunday is my only day to sleep late since it’s my only day off. That morning my alarm went off at 7:30 and I dragged my body out of bed because I had made plans to go to the King of Prussia mall with another college friend. The problem with KOP is when you go, you can’t just look at things. I walked out of there with a lot of stuff I didn’t need but wanted. I can’t wait to share another blog post about my recent purchases!

Casey and I went to the Lilly Pulitzer store and I told my self I wouldn’t buy anything. LOL. We tried on a bunch of dresses and had to talk each other out of buying half of what we brought into the dressing room. It felt like I was back in college, trying on clothes, goofing off and comparing our tan lines. Casey always wins….

I think I just found my new office goals!
I feel that everyone is always busy and we forget to make time for each other. This weekend was a reminder that with a full tank of gas anything is possible. After a weekend of seeing my friends all day, I realized that just one day is not enough. Now more than ever I miss having everyone just down the hall or a block away like in college. It was a Lilly and college friend filled weekend. I am so happy I got to see my favorite gals and get some Lilly too!



I came. I shopped. I left with some Lilly!

one. two. three.



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