West Palm Beach Travel Guide


Never in a million years did I think I would visit this part of Florida. But I immediately fell in love with the palm trees and blue skies.

img_4546img_4543 When we were driving around looking at the homes my mom told me that she hoped that one day I could live in a place this pretty. I told her that I would need a very rich husband to be able to afford a paradise like this. Being the strong feminist that she is, told me to make my own money to be able to afford this. We both laughed when I explained I couldn’t find a full time job at the moment, so being able to afford a home in West Palm Beach is going to take a few decades!img_4508img_4511

My brother lives outside of West Palm Beach so we were able to spend a night in West Palm Beach before we left for Universal. My mom was in charge of booking hotels for the trip, and we got a bit nervous when we were in a sketchy neighborhood in West Palm Beach driving to the hotel. We went from Mercedes dealerships to KFC’s and falling apart auto shops. My mom kept muttering to herself that this couldn’t be it! My brother explained to us that there were good parts and bad parts of West Palm Beach reassuring my mom that the hotel was most likely in  a safe area.img_4501img_4500img_4491

We turned left towards the water and that is where we started to see pretty palm trees again. We pulled into this beautiful boutique hotel and I immediately fell in love! The hotel had small cabana rooms with a small courtyard in the middle with dozens of palm trees and lush greenery. We arrived at Hotel Biba, this adorable hotel in the historic part of West Palm Beach. If I could, I would have spent a week at this hotel because it was so relaxing. It felt like we were on an island somewhere because it was that beautiful! There is a courtyard where breakfast is served surrounded by lush greenery and palm trees. The pool was spectacular and I ended up taking a much needed nap surrounded by palm trees later that day.img_4513img_4532img_4542img_4492img_4540img_4486img_4493img_4485

At the hotel, there are lizards that live in the gardens and come out to play! They were so cute! img_4489img_4488img_4483

Did I mention that I decided not to sleep before my 6am flight because I finished packing at midnight and we drove to the airport around 3am. There was a second lobby with couches and beverages for guests to enjoy, so I poured myself a very large coffee and decided to go on an adventure. I was EXHAUSTED but did not want to miss one second of warm sunshine. My parents retreated to the pool and I decided to walk around the neighborhood.img_4573img_4569img_4524img_4516img_4520img_4527img_4518img_4521img_4522img_4528img_4504img_4519img_4503img_4517img_4523img_4505img_4512img_4515img_4547

When you are in Palm Beach, wearing Lilly Pulitzer is almost mandatory. I did get to shop at a Lilly store and drive by The Breakers. img_4552

I spent the afternoon wandering around the neighborhood looking at homes. I’ve seen big houses before, I mean I currently live in one, but the landscape is what took my breath away. You could tell that these people hired professionals to design their landscape and then maintain it weekly. I definitely had landscape envy! I tried to take a palm tree back home, but I didn’t think it would fit in my suitcase! We did not  have that much time to explore as I would have liked, but we did drive around a lot to see everything. We were so exhausted after being awake for two days and our travel, so we decided to just grab a quick dinner at a taco place my brother likes down there. We were all asleep by 10pm! I definitely need to go back again to see more of Palm Beach. The next day we woke up super early to explore the shops at Palm Beach and see the beach.



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