graduation (friends forever)


Today I was reminiscing on my final days as a senior at SJU and my graduation.
It is so hard to think it has been a year since my life has changed forever. After I walked across that stage and accepted a piece of paper my life was over as I knew it. I have enjoyed the good times and struggled through the Post Grad Life. I have made a lot of mistakes and have grown as a person. But I would never change one thing!

I started this Post Grad Life blog to be an outlet for my ideas and adventures. In college I was ALWAYS writing a paper and I did not like idle hands. I like to share my interests and PGL journey with you hoping I am not alone out there struggling. This little blog of mine is a little hobby I hope to continue in my second year of Post Grad Life. Stay tuned for more adventures and continue to live life to the fullest!

ps- currently listening to Vitamin C Graduation song on repeat as I write this eating cheez-its crying that college is over.

I will be going back to my alma mater to see my roommates graduate again for their Masters and I am so proud of them! As much as I struggled working full-time and trying to balance a life, sleep and work I do not know how they did it with classes and grades in the mix! I am looking forward to celebrate them and reuniting with my girlies!!

Getting ready for graduation for me started when my roommate and I went to Lilly Pulitzer and started trying on dresses. You cannot wear a Lilly and not have a smile on your face!  I wore a Lilly Bentley V-Neck Shift to my graduation and I am still in love with this dress! Excuse the flip flops, I stole them from my roomie when I got back to my house after graduation because I actually broke a toe during Senior Week and the heels and I needed a break!



With another graduation season approaching I am wishing I could go back into Lilly Pulitzer and pick out another graduation dress. Just because I am only watching a graduation this year does not mean I cannot buy a new Lilly, right?? In case you haven’t picked out a dress for graduation or graduation festivities I posted some of my favorites. Some of my Lilly favorites for graduation dresses are :



Some of my suggestions for graduation presents!


The Real World requires a lot of coffee so a nice coffee cup is always welcomed in the morning. A lot of my coffee cups are gifts from people and each time I use it it’s like getting a present all over again. It is nice to keep my friends close to me even if I do not see them as often as I would like.


My new favorite nighttime ritual is to curl up in my bed with a scented candle on. It is a great way to unwind after a long and stressful way. The more tropical the smell the better!
Bath & Body Works always has sales so be sure to check them out!


Okay so your friend just graduated… now what?? After years of being in school, we have been told what to do with our busy and free time. We have had school as a way to structure our lives. We slept, ate and showered around our school schedule. Now that you have graduated… now what?? This is a scary but exciting time in our lives. For once, we can make our own decisions. Notorious RBG is a great inspiration of what happens when people tell you know no and you say yes! Ruth Bader Ginsburg is one of my personal heroes and you should definitely find out why!

All of my friends got this DIY gift that was cheap but very sentimental at the same time. I had a lot of friends that graduated and a lot of presents to give so it fit my budget but also meant a lot to my friends. It literally cost a penny– but like actually there was a penny involved!

  • A PAPER CLIP To help keep things together when they seem to be getting out of control.
  • ERASER To remind you that everyday you can start with a clean slate.
  • A PENNY So that you will never have to say, “I’m broke.”
  • BAND-AID For when you fall down and get back up again.
  • RUBBER BAND A reminder to stay flexible or To help you stretch yourself to new limits.
  • LIFESAVERS To remind you of the many times others need help and we need theirs.


Congrats to everyone on their big day!
And for my Alumni friends, congratulations on surviving your Post Grad Life!
Now we just have to get through this thing called life…



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