everyday should start with coffee and end with ice cream



Just like every summer ends, all tourists go home. Reality sets in and carefree summers are over. A few trips to the beach can clear our heads and soothe our souls. These are the days we want to hold onto you. But soon the tans will fade, our bright wardrobes turn to shades of black, sandy toes are replaced by colorful leaves and we begin to spend more time indoors. The end of summer is the beginning of a new season. I think all of us are tired of the heat waves and forced air conditioning. September brings comfort in the little things, pumpkin flavored everything and a new chapter in our lives.

This summer has been a long one and days of relaxing have been scheduled in my planner or else they would never happen. Summer at work is one of our busiest seasons, with the phone always ringing and the town overflowing with tourists.It is hard to say as a beach kid, but I think I am ready for fall. I need a change. A change in seasons, weather and new inspiration.  Most weekends I never leave my house because battling other drivers is not worth the hassle. Saturday mornings I wake up early, go to work and spend the rest of the day doing housework or at the beach. It has become a nice little ritual of some alone time and relaxation.

This past Saturday I made plans with a friend and almost cancelled. I was ten minutes late to work that morning and could barely keep my eyes open when I got in the car to drive down to another beach town 30 minutes away. I held my phone in my hand and debated whether or not I should cancel. Then I remembered. I only have a few more weeks of sunshine, seagulls, and opportunities to have lunch outside. I turned the key in my ignition and the half hour drive turned into 50 minutes because of the beach traffic.

I started the day off with a rum bucket and a seafood lunch by the water. I always take for granted how lucky I am that I can eat fresh seafood by the water everyday and just not on vacation. The last few days of summer I plan on forcing myself to leave the house and going on a few more outings and adventures! There are just a few more weeks left that I can dress in bright colors. My goal is to spend every free day I have at the beach to keep my tan going strong!

Outfit Details
Shirt | Vintage Skirt (Similar Here) | Sunglasses | Shoes | Bag

The shirt and skirt are old from Lilly that I found at my favorite consignment store Back on the Racks. The tank was from last season and the skort is really vintage (was only $7!). If you like Lilly but don’t want to spend the money, check out Poshmark because they always have affordable Lilly! I got the sunglasses at Nordstrom during the Anniversary Sale  for $12! I have red Raybans and wanted to get a more neutral aviator and I love the rose gold look. (I bought a lot of stuff when I went and didn’t buy any of the sale items, I clearly did the sale wrong!). While I went to Nordstrom for the sale I bought two pairs of Tory Burch shoes. I did a lot of swiping my credit card that day at King of Prussia! I wanted a nice sandal that was neutral that I could wear with everything. After months of looking at them online I finally got them. The bag is old as well from Lilly, but I love the size of it because it really does fit everything!








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