happiest in loud prints & bright colors

Outfit Details
Dress | Shoes | Bag | Nail Polish | Hair Spray

I think I found my new favorite outfit! It’s perfect for the office and being a tourist around town. The bright colors are ideal for showing off my tan, which is a must now that summer is coming to a close. In August I have been forcing myself to go to the beach more and enjoy the sunshine. Hopefully this tan lasts through fall!

One thing I greatly dislike about summer is that I have to go into the office on Saturday mornings. As someone who greatly enjoys sleeping until noon, only having one day to sleep in all week is torture! On Friday night I went out with some old friends and we stayed out until 2am. I never go out on Friday nights because I have to be up early for work on Saturdays. The night before I curled my hair, but because of the lovely humidity the next morning the curls had fallen and it turned into a nice wave. I woke up late (what’s new??) and rolled out of bed, threw this dress on and sprayed my hair with hair spray to add body. I dusted some bronzer and blush on and went with a bold pink lip because it makes me look awake and ran out the door!

I bought the Lilly dress a few weeks ago and saw it on the After Party Sale. It sold out immediately and I am not surprised. The print may be sold out but I love this style dress. The Tory Burch sandals were on my want list for many months and I finally splurged! Okay… I blame my friend for forcing me to get them. They are a bit out of my normal spending habits, but sometimes we need to treat ourselves! I am going through a spending freeze to save money to move out. I went through my moms closet and found this bag she got at Francesca’s with me a few years ago. It is a great size to carry around and it fits all of my snacks!

I hope you have a wonderful end of summer and get some more beach days in!


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