how I’ve waited so long for summer nights when there’s magic in the air and I don’t have a care

I try not to buy tops that I know will only be in style for a season and then out the next. However, this off the shoulder style looks like it will be around for a while! I wasn’t really sure how I felt about this style in the beginning. To be honest, I don’t like my shoulders because of acne and my scoliosis curve, so highlighting this feature on my body isn’t usually a priority. I went shopping a few weeks ago and saw this blue striped off the shoulder top with bows on the sleeves and knew it was coming home with me. But then it sat in my closet for weeks…. Even I, the fashionista didn’t really know how to style it.


My family and I decided to end our 4th of July weekend by going to dinner on the water in Highlands, NJ. The town my mom and her family grew up in so it holds a special place in our hearts! Even though it is hot in July, anyone who lives on the water knows that after 7pm the temperature drops dramatically.  I thought my long sleeve off the shoulder top would look cute and keep me warm by the water. I finally had an excuse to wear it!

This became a perfect summer and patriotic outfit for the 4th of July! We had such a rainy and chilly start to the summer that left most of my cute summer clothes to get lost in the back of my closet. Finally, the weather is starting to get warmer and the sun is staying out to play!

Summer is definitely my favorite season and I also have a very large summer wardrobe because of it. My white shorts or white jeans are a summer staple, so if you invest in one or two good pairs of each they can last you for years. I am constantly wearing the same white J. Crew 3 inch chino shorts with different tops. I literally wore the same shorts every day for a week and no one noticed because I would change up my look by having shirts tucked or untucked into my shorts. I am a big fan of the J. Crew chino shorts because of their length and they can easily be dressed up or down.

This top sat in my closet for weeks with the tags still on, but I love that I finally took it out! I styled it with a silver necklace from Francesca’s to dress it up a bit and my new cork clutch. My Tory Burch Miller Sandals are a summer classic for me. I am shocked I have not scuffed them up after having them for a year, but they are a very durable shoe. They are a bit pricey, but they are lasting longer than any other $20 sandal I have ever purchased. Scroll down for all of the outfit details!

My clutch is currently 50% off and a must have for summer! I get stopped on the street whenever I use it because people ask where I got it from. When I tell them how much it was everyone is blown away! The best part is that it is fake cork so with a Clorox wipe you can wipe it down and keep it looking clean and fresh year after year! If you are a teacher or college student you get another 15% off, too!

My off the shoulder top is currently out of stock, but I put together some other options for you here, here and here. When I shop the items are usually on clearance or major sale, so they sell out quickly! Be sure to follow me on my blog Facebook page because that is where my shopping hauls are posted first.


when in doubt put a bow on it


shirt // shorts // watch // shoes

I hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July weekend and is adjusting back to their work schedule! Since I had to work at the store leading up to the 4th, and then run the town parade, I decided to take a few days off of work this week. It is a nice break from my long work days to just sit by the pool and do nothing! I actually spent the week powerwashing my back yard and sidewalk because everyone knows I cannot sit still!

Sharing an exciting outfit on the blog today! I fell in love with this shirt in the clearance section at J. Crew and needed to have it! This bow detail is so cute and is the perfect addition to a simple t shirt. ! I love that I can dress it up or down very easily. I decided to wear it with white shorts during the day to run errands during the day and switched into white jeans to go out to dinner and drinks later that night.

One of the reasons I love to invest in J. Crew tops is because they know how to make a statement top. I can easily throw on a J.Crew top with jeans and it becomes a dressy outfit ready to go out with friends. J. Crew made a collection of tops with this bow detail that are on clearance right now.

Guys, I am just so obsessed with this outfit!

removing laziness from my routine

I want to start taking a break from social media. I feel like whenever I have a free minute, I am scrolling on my phone or I am constantly refreshing on Twitter. I also wanted to take a break from laying in bed and watching Netflix before bed. I have spent too many nights wide awake watching Netflix instead of getting enough sleep. Making this promise sounded a lot easier when I made it! When I get home from work, usually around 10pm, I just want to put on pajamas and curl up into bed. I love to take off of my work clothes and put on comfy sweatpants that are too big, a cozy t-shirt and fuzzy socks. With my hair in a messy bun, I usually crawl into my bed and snack with some Netflix.

After work I really want to veg out, get some takeout and spend my night in bed leaving my to do list for the next day. But now that I have eliminated Netflix and scrolling on Instagram for hours from my nightly ritual, I find that I have a lot more free time.

If you are feeling lazy or unmotivated, here are some better ways to spend your evenings…


After work I still came home and immediately put on my comfy clothes. However, now that I don’t have any distractions I have a lot more time on my hands. I always make plans to pick up clothes off of my floor, clean up my bathroom before bed or to put laundry away- but it never usually happens. This week I put on a Spotify playlist and straightened up my room, switched out my winter for my spring wardrobe and cleaned my bathroom. Having a clean space only makes your night more enjoyable and you can finally get that big project out of the way.

Make Your Bed Everyday

This is definitely my hardest commitment to keep! When I wake up in the morning, I drag my feet to the bathroom to wash my face and get ready for work. The last thing on my mind is making my bed to unmake it later that night. It only takes a few minutes in the morning, but seeing a pretty bed all made up is a nice thing to have in the morning. You can’t have your life 100% together, but you can make your bed and at least it looks like your life is put together!

Read a Book

I started my week with 5 books next to my bed that are waiting to be read. Now that you have a clean room, light a candle, crawl into bed and read a book. A few months ago, I would read a few chapters a night before bed and it is something I really miss doing.

Pick Up a New Hobby

You know those awkward orientation games where someone asks what your favorite hobby is and then you realize that you actually don’t have one. Well everyday I am reminded that I don’t have a hobby and this is something I want to change. Right now my hobbies include walking around HomeGoods looking at pieces I want in my future apartment and walking around Target buying things I don’t need. I am looking for a new hobby that is a bit cheaper… the next item on my to do list is to do some weeding and getting the garden ready for summer. I like any hobby that keeps me outdoors in the sunshine!

Night Time Yoga

You don’t need to pay for a yoga class at an expensive studio when you have Youtube in your own home. I started to do a 15 minute yoga video before bed and when my head hits the pillow I fall asleep a lot easier with my body stretched and aligned. If you are looking for something more challenging, Tone It Up has amazing 15 minute work out videos that are great no matter where you are on your fitness journey.

Pamper Yourself

I have a million products that are sitting in my bathroom cabinet that are rarely used. I am committing more time at night to take off my makeup, wash my face, exfoliate and use the right skincare at night. Once I started the Lancome skincare challenge, I have a reason to wash my face at night and moisturize my face in the morning. It’s a nice winding down routine I started at night right before bed. Even if you don’t fuss much about your skin, at least wash your face every night and use a face cream before bed. Your 50 year old self will thank you!

Cook Dinner

My dinner lately consists of a drive thru or a meal that was frozen in a box that took 15 minutes to make. In college, my roommates and I spent a lot more time in the kitchen making dinner than I do now. It is something I miss doing, but cooking for one person isn’t all that exciting. I also have a lot more food restrictions now than I did before. A pain in the butt when I want to make dinner. This week I spent a little more time in the kitchen than I usually do and it is something I hope to keep up with. Don’t forget the wine 😉

Make Your Lunch the Night Before

The first step is to go food shopping and stock your fridge with food that you actually like to eat. I started to make my lunch the night before, and instead of throwing an apple and a diet coke in my purse on my way running out of the house, I actually pack enough food for me not to be hungry all day. It takes me five minutes, but saves me so much time and eliminates stress in the morning. I got a cube sistema plastic tuperware container for lunch that has little cubbies for different food and I pack it up the night before giving me enough food for the next day.

 How do you keep yourself motivated during the week? Let me know in the comments so we can learn from each other.


img_4539One of my favorite parts about being on vacation is all the relaxation and calm that comes with it. I don’t really care what I do on a vacation, whether it is museums, beaches or a cozy cabin, because no matter where I am, I can find a cozy spot to curl up and read. I made a promise to myself when I came home from Florida that I would try to live each day like a vacation. Lately I feel like I just go to work, go home, sleep and do it again. I am trying to find more purpose in my everyday life and a reason to jump out of bed in the morning. Okay, so this current snow storm is making it a bit tricky to do, but with the warmer spring weather I hope this gets easier!

Here are some ways I can continue to live each day like I am on vacation… Continue reading “HOW TO LIVE EVERY DAY LIKE IT IS VACATION”