summer to do list

It was a cold and rainy spring, but then over night the sun and summer heat arrived! With all of this sunshine it makes going to work everyday a little bit more difficult. I have a lot I want to get done this summer. So I made a list and hope I can get it all done!

Here is my summer to do list!

Go through my wardrobe and purge
Every season when I bring out new clothes out of storage and I have to justify putting it back into my closet. Since my days are spent in the office, I donated a lot of my going out or casual summer clothes because they only collected dust in my closet.

Update Your Resume
Now is a good time to update your resume so it can list all of your accomplishments and skills.

Work Out
Since all of my free time is spent on the beach or at my pool, I need to make sure my body stays in shape! With the warmer weather, it makes it easier to go for a run on the boardwalk or long walks on the beach after work.

Visit Other Beaches
Even though I do live on a beach in Jersey, my family and I rent a beach house every summer in LBI to feel like a tourist on a beach. There’s a long list of beaches I want to visit in Jersey this summer and I hope to cross them off the list!

Ice Cream
I don’t know how I don’t gain 100 pounds because of my ice cream consumption every summer.

Farmers Markets
This may be my favorite part of my summer. There is a farmers market that is in walking distance from my house and I could spend hundreds of dollars on fresh veggies and fruits.

Start a Project
When the summer temperatures prevent us from going outdoors, have a project you can work on indoors. To be honest, that is how I got most of our home renovations done because I was bored and couldn’t go to the beach. One summer, I was able to organize all of our family photos and last summer I painted and redesigned our second floor.

Explore Your City
Take advantage of those summer days and walk around your town or city like a tourist. Go to a restaurant that only the tourists go to and spend time walking around.

Try a New Fruity Drink at the Bar
To be honest, I am a little intimidated by the drink list at bars. This summer I hope to just go down the list and try a few things to see what I like. Obviously, not all at once, but throughout the summer I hope to check them off my list!

Drink More Water!
With the warmer weather, your body needs more water! I just bought a new tumbler from Starbucks so now I can carry it wherever I go so I can keep up with this goal.

Wear More Lilly
It is officially summer for me when I take my Lilly Pulitzer dresses out of storage!


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