Florals at Golden Hour


Hey, friends! It has been a while since I have shared an outfit on the blog for a Wear It Wednesday blog post. It is something I hope to start doing each week where I will post photos of an outfit and share all of the details. Continue reading “Florals at Golden Hour”


Loft Summer Celebration Blogger Event

img_2845-1img_2764I am so excited to share my experience and some photos of the Loft on Walnut Summer Celebration event on the blog today. It honestly was such a surprise to be invited because while I call myself a “blogger”, I feel more like a wannabe blogger because I don’t put as much time and energy in it like other bloggers do. This little blog started as a creative outlet like most blogs start, but I don’t pay for photos, I use my iPhone to take pictures and my mom is taking most of my outfit photos!  So, of course, this event felt like a “hey mom, I made it moment!” One of the exciting parts of this whole day was being called a blogger by other people besides my close friends. This honestly has and always will be a hobby of mine, so it means the world when strangers look to me as an influencer. A lot of time and energy goes into photos on Instagram or a blog post, so it means the world to me when people notice my hard work. Continue reading “Loft Summer Celebration Blogger Event”

Staying Cozy with Pink Sweaters

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I am bringing back to sharing my daily outfits on the blog. One of my goals this year is to take more outfit pictures and share the details with you all. There is nothing like wearing a cute outfit and no one seeing it, right?? I get a lot of questions about my outfits, so I will be putting all of the details under the Shop My Instagram tab – you can find the link in my Instagram bio.

Continue reading “Staying Cozy with Pink Sweaters”