8 Things I Have Learned Since Graduation

I recently attended my third graduation at my alma mater and the magic I first felt on campus when I visited the school is still there as an alumni. Whenever I walk on campus, I get this feeling of calm and this sense of being home. Things have definitely changed since I graduated two years ago including my spot in the dining hall being taken away to make room for the new entrance to the dining hall. Still bitter about that one! I had big plans for my life after graduation, and on graduation day I already started to doubt what I was going to do with my life. Being a college graduate means you have a reallllly expensive piece of paper and memories that will last a lifetime with hopefully a bit more knowledge than before! I graduated college two years ago and I am still working on trying to figure things out. However, here are a few things I wish someone had told me when I graduated. 

First, everyone says congratulations when you graduate, but no one says they are sorry that your life as you know it is officially over. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but after college graduation it feels like you jumped off of a cliff and you have to find your footing again.  Continue reading “8 Things I Have Learned Since Graduation”



img_4539One of my favorite parts about being on vacation is all the relaxation and calm that comes with it. I don’t really care what I do on a vacation, whether it is museums, beaches or a cozy cabin, because no matter where I am, I can find a cozy spot to curl up and read. I made a promise to myself when I came home from Florida that I would try to live each day like a vacation. Lately I feel like I just go to work, go home, sleep and do it again. I am trying to find more purpose in my everyday life and a reason to jump out of bed in the morning. Okay, so this current snow storm is making it a bit tricky to do, but with the warmer spring weather I hope this gets easier!

Here are some ways I can continue to live each day like I am on vacation… Continue reading “HOW TO LIVE EVERY DAY LIKE IT IS VACATION”