Hello August

It is getting hotter in the South with no signs that fall is coming up! I’m still spending a lot of time outside and in the pool so I’m okay with summer taking it’s time before we switch to cooler weather. When I packed my suitcases, yes plural, to spend the summer at my parents in North Carolina I admit that I did over pack. It’s not summer until you wear those fun summer dresses, the cute tops and summer themed graphic tees! I’ve been getting up early every morning and enjoying a slow wake up with coffee while walking around the garden or working on my laptop. I get dressed every day in a cute outfit and wear a different swimsuit everyday. Outside my door there is a pandemic so I’m trying my best to accept this new normal and not letting it get in the way of my new routines.

I have one more week here in the South before Jake comes for a week vacation in September and then we load up the car to head back to Philadelphia. Now I’m scrambling to get as much time in the pool that I can and any errands that need to get done before we head back to the city. I’ll be sad to leave but I definitely miss my cat and my house and especially Jake. July always seems like a long month, I can’t even remember the 4th of July! In years past, August always flies by so I will enjoy summer mode as much as I can.

I spent my mornings in cozy pajamas drinking coffee, getting ready in the morning with a quick and easy makeup routine, and spending my afternoons in the pool with good sun protection. If you missed it, I shared a lot of blog posts about haircare so be sure to check them out. I covered my favorite leave in conditioners, and two new lines of shampoo with Love Beauty and Planet and Loreal. Since we don’t have a car in Philly, I’ve been borrowing my parents to run a few errands to stock up on items that we need and get some new home decor items. Finally, I like to do a big to do list for each day, month and basically a life to do list. I wrote a blog post about what I have been working on and things I should be doing mid-year. It’s a good read!

I hope everyone had a good July and got to enjoy some normal summer activities. If not, we still have August to make the most out of summer while we stay home. Ever since I’ve been doing one thing a day to bring me joy and happiness, it’s definitely improved my days.


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