Sales I’m Watching for Home Items

Anyone else’s email full of email after email about a sale? The last few months being at home made me realize that we did need a few things for our home but I wasn’t paying Amazon prices and sometimes you just need to see the things in store, ya know? So while in North Carolina I’ve been able to do some in store shopping because my parents town is very large (lots of land) and a small population. Stores are often empty especially on the weekdays so that is when I browse. I wanted to share what stores I am keeping an eye on for sales and good deals on home items.

Starting off with TJ Maxx, Homegoods and Marshalls because for the months the physical stores were closed, they still continued to receive weekly shipments. My mom and I went to Homegoods a week or so after one opened back up and it was like Christmas because so many items were on clearance. Those kitchen basics like a butter dish we never got around to buying was on clearance. These stores need to clear the shelves to make room for more stuff. Lots of holiday decor ( Easter, Spring and Summer) were really cheap because they need to make room for Fall and back to school items. Now that the stores are back open, I am still seeing a good amount of items in the clearance section marked down.

My parents have a Belk around the corner so we went there recently to stock up on bedding and towels for their Air BnB. While I was there I took advantage of some good sales as well, They have name brand kitchen and home items that were on major sale so Jake got some presents! Belk also has adorable bedding so we got some for my bedroom here at my parents house since I took all of my stuff with me to Philly. I also bought too many candles because they were only $6…. Oops!

I’m sure you have heard that Pier1 is closing. They have a slow liquidation and markdowns are on Thursdays so that is when I pop into the store and browse. Right now I am only purchasing items that go on clearance because the prices are still a bit high. I was able to get adorable Easter bunny plates that were less than $1 each. My mom got me some cute seagull beach themed plates and Jake sent me money to get lemon themed dinner plates because I’ve had my eyes on them for weeks. I talked more about my recent Pier1 haul here. If you can, stop by a store and do some shopping. Most of the items listed online are marked sold out but are available in store so it’s best to shop in store.

I’ve only been to Hobby Lobby a few times because we never had one near us. It’s where my mom and I went to get some decor for her laundry room redesign and it’s impossible to go in and not get something! I have been watching their sales, some categories have been 50% off and Spring/Summer items are significantly discounted to make room for fall.

My parents have been talking about Ollie’s since they moved down here but I never heard of it. I finally went and now I’m making stops all the time to browse. It’s similar to Big Lots with just more inexpensive items and more known brand names. They have a large book section and everything is under $5 so I went a little crazy stocking up!

In the South there is a giant Walmart in every town. I went there with my mom a few weeks ago when we redesigned an old playroom into a craft room for her to get some cube organizers and containers to organize her crafts. While we were there, we bought new towels for the pool and I got some items for our home. I’m in love with a lot of the Better, Homes and Garden collection and the price was too good not to take advantage of!

Of course I have been to Target while I’ve been visiting my parents. I’ve been pretty good at not buying much there but I have been buying a lot of home items that are in the dollar bins. Cute lazy Susan’s, lemon decor, serving platters and more!

My parents town is full of antique stores so I’ve been going to a few with my parents. Even if we don’t buy anything, it’s been fun to just walk around in air conditioning and look at some cool stuff. I’ve purchased new lamps, a table for $40 that will stay at my parents house until we get a bigger house and other little things. Living in a city is great but being in a small town makes me miss how easy it is to go to a store, how affordable things can be. So after a few of my shopping trips, I told Jake that he better rent a SUV when he comes to visit and take me back Philly in September!


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