Sustainable Beauty with Love Beauty and Planet

FINALLY! I had to look up my edit history for this blog post to see how long I’ve been waiting to publish this post because back in February, I collaborated with Love Beauty and Planet to talk about a new product coming to stores. But then COVID hit and the world literally stopped. When I first wrote up the blog post below, I had bangs inspired by way too many episodes of New Girl and was so excited to share a new type of shampoo and conditioner with you all. By now I have used up all of it and have been waiting impatiently to buy more. One of the fun perks of being a “blogger” (I consider myself just a girl with an inexpensive laptop who writes on the internet about her favorite things in hope that it brings someone out there in the interweb joy) is receiving products before they launch to try and write reviews for the company. I am so happy to see this new formula shampoo and conditioner hit the shelves because it really is nothing you have ever tried before. No more rinsing and rinsing trying to get all of the product out. No more giant bottles that don’t fit in your shower caddy. So finally, here is my review of the Love Beauty and Planet Concentrated Shampoo and Conditioner.

I am so excited to talk about a new shampoo and conditioner I have been using recently! Love Beauty and Planet is a brand I am sure you have seen in the stores for a while. Today, I wanted to talk a new product from the brand. What caught my attention was the beautiful packaging and was surprised that the brand was eco-friendly. They also look really cute in my shower ha! I’ve been in the process of swapping our cleaning products and laundry detergent to more sustainable and eco-friendly brands, but this is my first environmentally-conscious shampoo/conditioner. They have several scents that smell sooo good! Now my hair smells like coconuts!

I’ve been washing my hair this week with the coconut water and mimosa flower concentrated conditioner and shampoo. It leaves my hair feeling strong and lots of volume. This line from Love Beauty and Planet is formulated so you can use half of the amount that you would usually use. The best way to try if it would work was to use it on very dirty hair! The bottle is created to squirt just the right amount of product that you need into your palm. For longer or thicker hair, you just squeeze the bottle twice. The sulfates in other shampoos help the shampoo lather and get super sudsy so I was curious to see if the non-sulfate shampoo would be sudsy enough to wash all of my hair making it feel clean enough. After the shower, my hair felt so smooth and very clean! I let it air dry a bit before doing a normal blow out and this was the real test because I have frizzy hair so I’m very picky about the hair products I use. I was left with great looking hair that smelled amazing with plenty of volume! The shampoo and conditioner left my hair smelling like coconuts and I couldn’t resist smelling it throughout the day!

Love Beauty and Planet have a commitment to the planet that I really like to see. Their goal is a carbon footprint so small, it’s like they aren’t even there.

“We’re continuing our journey with concentrated formulas designed to provide great beauty benefits with half your usual dose. These products give a little extra love to the planet because they require less water to make and enable us to to use smaller bottles with 30% less plastic. As always, our delicate scents are infused with natural and ethically sourced oils and extracts. “

These are great for giving you a good hair day with a good price point! They leave your hair with lots of volume and smelling nice while helping out the planet at the same time – they also look super cute sitting in your shower!


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