Current Easy Summer Makeup Routine

One of my favorite things about being at my parents house in North Carolina is being able to get dressed up and wear makeup while we run the essential errands. My parents live in a county with very few COVID cases and the stores are taking precautions seriously so shopping can be safe. It’s also summer and feels like 114 degrees in the South so I want an easy makeup routine without much fuss because it will melt off! Everything you see below is simple and quick to apply. I wear a little makeup to help myself look and feel put together without taking a long time to get ready. You’ll notice that there are very few products because it’s summer so no one wants to wear a lot of makeup!

Mascara Great for everyday when you want some volume and color for us blondes!

Eyeliner Super easy to apply and gives a perfect thick black liquid line that lasts all day.

Eyeshadow I brought a ton of eyeshadow palettes with me and I keep grabbing this one for a natural everyday look. I linked a similar one since mine is discontinued.

Setting Powder with SPF If my face looks a little red I like to use this setting spray because it’s a bit lighter than my current shade. Plus there is SPF!

Foundation I don’t wear foundation often but when I want to wear a bit more makeup, I’ve been using this one because it looks the most natural and doesn’t melt off my face in the heat.


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