Nordstrom Sale 2020: Items I Already Own & Some Good Dupes

When I was clicking through the sale preview pages I realized that a few of the items looked very familiar. So maybe that’s proof I really do have good taste? Over the last few years I’ve been more picky about my purchases and choosing to spend more money on some items because I know they will last me for years.

Some items in my closet (and in storage) are from Nordstrom sales in the past. I think why this sale is SO popular is because you can’t beat these sales on items that truly are investment pieces that you can use daily. Other items in my closet are from Target and honestly, they do the same job. I love wearing clothes and buying clothes. I was happy to see that some items I’ve purchased from other retailers were included in the sale (for example a brown leather skirt). I purchased mine from another retailer last year and now I can’t wait to wear it again this year in new ways.

I love shopping but I love a good deal more. Below I put together a long post of items that I currently own that are a part of the Nordstrom sale. Some are from Nordstrom or other higher end stores and some items are from Target. Do some browsing and see what catches your eye. If you have the budget, do some shopping. The way that I look at it is you can buy 10 fast fashion bags that will break and fall apart easily or buy one amazing designer handbag that you can use every day for years. This year I’m shopping the sales on the jewelry to get presents for friends and family and a few things for myself because you can’t beat that price.

Happy shopping!

TORY BURCH LEATHER TOTE PURSE // If you want to buy yourself a nice designer item that you will definitely use a lot, I suggest getting a designer handbag. I treated myself to a Tory Burch bag in 2018 and it looks like I just bought it. I use it a lot in the fall as my everyday bag and I love that it acts like a tote bag because I can throw things easily in there and it’s small enough to be an everyday bag.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY LIPSTICK // I worked on a campaign with Charlotte Tilbury more than a year ago and that is when I finally understood why everyone is obsessed with this lipstick! It’s goes on smooth and I find it lasts all day. You can read more about the brand in this blog post here.

KATE SPADE INITIAL PENDANT NECKLACE // This is a necklace that I wear all the time because it’s tiny and goes with any type of outfit. I bought mine during a Nordstrom sale years ago and it still has its gold color even after wearing it in the rain, lots of sweat and daily wear. This would be a great present for someone or for yourself.

PLATED STUD EARRINGS // Whenever I wear these earrings, which is often, I always get compliments on them. They look super expensive but are very budget friendly which is great for treating yourself or stocking up on gifts. The earrings work for everyday and for work so these have been my go to since I got them a few years ago.

PAJAMA SETS // I love to buy pajamas and I’m actually a little embarrassed by how many pajama sets I own. That being said, Nordstrom does have pajama sets on sale during the sale but I have never purchased them. For now I am sticking with my pajama sets from Target because I feel like they are just as soft and are more budget friendly. I recently did a full blog post about my favorite pajama sets from target here.

MULES // I am slightly embarrassed by how many pairs of mules I own because they are so easy to slip into and walk out the door. This year, multiple colors will be on sale and I suggest you grab a few. They last forever and I wear them all year round. Great for weekends and can be worn at work so it’s a show that you really do get a lot of wear out of. I own mules in pink, 3 black pairs and white. I told you, I’m obsessed!

WHITE SNEAKERS // I have spent months trying to find a chic white sneaker that can be worn not for working out. I love the look of white sneakers with jeans or a dress but struggled to find a pair that would work. Recently I just purchased a pair of white Steve Madden sneakers at TJ Maxx and they look so good on! Obviously they are last seasons so I’m excited to see a new version this year just as chic!

LOAFERS // I purchased black loafers late last summer and they honestly became my most worn shoes. I’m excited to see these included in the sale because they are super affordable! The loafers are a great shoe to commute to work in and you can wear around the office. Honestly, a shoe that you can wear all the time is worth every penny.

ADIDAS SNEAKERS // Sneakers are always a great item to stock up on during this sale. I recently picked up some similar Adidas sneakers for $29 at Costco that I didn’t need but for that price I thought why not. Later that week I saw a whole display at TJ Maxx with the same sneaker for $35 I believe. Both were a great bargain and I assume “last years style”. But do sneakers go out of style?

OUAI LEAVE IN CONDITIONER // I recently rounded up a few of my favorite leave in conditioners lately and what do you know, the Ouai one is currently included in the sale! I’ll spray my hair with two squirts with the leave in conditioner and then brush my hair from root to end so the product goes all over my hair. A little bit goes a long way and I can tell I’m going to have this for a long time! Read more about my favorite leave in conditioners in this blog post here.

PLAID DOUBLE BREASTED BLAZER // Every year during the Nordstrom sale there is a plaid double breasted blazer on sale. I’ve wanted one for a while but my work dress code didn’t require them so I didn’t get one last year. So you can imagine how excited I was to see one on sale at Target for a much smaller price than the one listed on Nordstrom. I’m linking this years Target version here. I will say that I felt a lot better about throwing my blazer in my work bag on my way to work when I needed to wear a coat.

TORY BURCH LOGO EARRINGS // I bought a similar style Tory Burch logo earrings back in 2018 and I’m still wearing mine all the time. I love to wear them for work because they can dress up an outfit and for everyday look. It’s a nice small designer investment you can make if you have a budget.

TOO FACED BETTER THAN SEX MASCARA // Easily one of my favorite mascaras that I have used for years and keep repurchasing.

TIE WAIST ANKLE PANTS // If you are looking for new work pants then these pants that have a cute bow detail would be perfect! I’ve purchased a few pairs from LOFT over the last year and love how polished an outfit looks when I wear them with a top to work. I’m linking the LOFT version here in case you want to compare.

KNEE HIGH BOOTS // I love these boots and the looks I can do with them. Last year during the sale I had like no money because we were in the process of moving so I was not able to get the boots. Insert sad emoji here. Luckily, a few months later I found an amazing dupe for the boots at Target. The price? Just what you would expect – affordable! So I bought them and they have been sitting on my closet floor since then. The point is, just because something looks pretty doesn’t mean you will actually wear it. And sometimes waiting to buy something pays off!

MULE SHOES WITH A HEEL // At work I used to have a drawer full of shoes that I could slip on after I got to work in Uggs or sneakers. Commuting to work on the train was not glamorous and I was not running in heels! I had a pair of brown leather mules with a block heel in my drawer that were easy to slip into if I had meetings that day and wanted to look professional. With long pants or even a dress, they give the appearance that you are wearing heels but you are actually wearing comfy shoes!

BLACK SUEDE WATERPROOF BOOTIES // It is so nice to have a pair of nice looking shoes that you can do anything in without worrying about the weather. A few years ago I bought waterpoof suede booties because they were inexpensive not realizing how much I would wear them over the years. Great for commuting, great for picking out a Christmas tree (see picture above) and perfect for unpredictable weather.

BROWN LEATHER SKIRT // Personally, I didn’t know I needed a brown leather skirt until I bought one. It’s an easy way to dress up oversized tees, sweaters and blouses. I purchased mine from another retailer last winter and I’m excited to see that the style is back. I’ve also noticed Meghan Markle often wearing a leather pencil skirt and a matching blouse. It’s a very chic look!

LANCOME HYPNOSE MASCARA DUO // If you are looking for a good mascara deal, this is the one for you! I wore this mascara a lot for when I used to go out with friends or dates because it gives a lot of volume and lots of lashes. Since running out I’ve tried to use drug store mascaras but nothing is as good as this mascara. Also the primer is amazing and the makeup remover mini is great for traveling! They offer the best deal on mascara sets right now during the Nordstrom Sale.

T3 HAIR CURLING IRON // Yes, it is pricey but I love my curling iron so much! It gives me gorgeous curls in just a few minutes and they last all day. For days that I wake up with frizzy hair, I can quickly curl my hair to get polished perfect curls in minutes.

T3 HAIR DRYER // After my hair dryer from high school stopped working, I put my money together and purchased the T3 hair dryer that everyone was talking about. I knew I needed to invest in a good hair dryer because I have a lot of thick hair and it normally takes forever to blow dry it, With all of that time using high heat on my hair, it can really damage your hair. So now with my T3 hair dryer, my hair dries faster with that polished shine look and I’ve noticed my hair looks less fried.

BRUSH SET // Normally I wouldn’t look to Nordstrom to buy new hair brushes but when you break it down, the cost per brush is so inexpensive! This will definitely be in my cart to purchase!

MADEWELL JEANS // I sure do miss working at J Crew because of that employee discount! One thing that I would tell anyone is to invest in good denim. It lasts forever and if you can wait for a good sale, you can get a good deal! I’ve tried wearing other budget friendly jeans and while they can be good, nothing compares to Madewell and J. Crew jeans.


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