Don’t Forget to Do These Things This Month

I love lists because they keep track of all of the things going through my mind and help me get it all done! Since we are halfway into 2020 and starting a new month, I thought it would be good to do a long list to start off the month! Those New Years Resolutions have long been forgotten along with those plans and projects to accomplish during quarantine? Are we still pretending to work out every day from home? I wanted to make a realistic list of things to do this month of stuff I should do and things I may have overlooked.

Clean your door knobs
Okay, so I know this sounds crazy but during the pandemic I’ve realized how rarely I’ve ever cleaned a door knob. I’ll grab a Clorox wipe or just a paper towel and spray it really good with a cleaning spray and then walk around wiping down the door knobs. Takes a few minutes and gives me some peace knowing our home is COVID free!

Water your plants
My poor plants! I prefer succulents since they are tricky to kill and my one plant is really struggling because I just forget about it! I’ve added watering my plants to my Sunday refresh routine and I’ll add it to my calendar to remind me!

Save a copy of any rent/mortgage policies for COVID
Things changed very quickly in 2020 and we all got a lot of emails from every retailer, credit card and company that has our email letting us know that they are here for us. I saved every notice about a COVID policy change in case I need to refer to it in the future. Know your options and be prepared in case you need assistance or receive conflicting notices.

Clean your fridge
Take everything out and scrub it clean real good! Invest in some fridge organizers and glass tuperware to keep your fridge looking clean and organized.

Back up your photos
We are all on our laptops more than ever right now so use your downtime productively. I’ve always used Google Photos to back up my photos and recently started to clear out junk and create albums so I can easily get to photos.

Finance check in
Take a look at your income and note any changes since COVID. If you are saving money on your commute or daily Starbucks, add that money that you are not spending to your savings since you are already used to not spending it. Now is a good time to look at those quarantine purchases and how much money you spent. Looking at previous purchases will help you stop making impulse buys!

Buy a new toothbrush
If you have to think about when the last time you got a new one, it’s been to long. I have a little reminder in my planner to get a new toothbrush head for my electric toothbrush every 3 months. After going on trips and forgetting a toothbrush too many times, I finally got a toothbrush to leave at my parents house in North Carolina, one for my toiletry bag and bunch of toothbrush heads to easily swap out every 3 months. Now I have no excuses for forgetting a toothbrush and not changing it on time.

Create a file for important documents
If you asked me where my passport or birth certificate was, I would have to wait a few minutes to think and try a few places. A goal for me is to create an actual file with these important documents so I can find them easily when I design and decorate a guest room turned office in September. For now the goal is to find the documents….

Make a list of local restaurants to try
I can’t wait to go back to Philly in the fall and one thing I am really looking forward to is going out to eat again. Jake and I are making a list of restaurants that are safe that we would like to visit. It’s a great way to support local businesses and help with making plans to get out of the house during the week.

Make cleaning caddies
A bit excessive, but I have a bucket in all of my bathrooms and on each floor with cleaning products with a cabinet of extras so I always have what I need to clean. When everyone was struggling to find to find cleaners, I was prepared because of my Grove Collaborative subscription. Stock up because the stores are still bare and we will be getting another wave of Covid soon…


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