My Hair is Loving Quarantine

One thing I have noticed the last few weeks is how healthy my hair feels and looks. I haven’t had a haircut since January and the last time I colored my hair was in February. My hot tools quickly went away in the early days of the stay at home orders because it’s not like I was seeing anyone. I’ve been using my blow dry hair brush on dry hair to style it if needed but most days, I put oil on my hair and put it in a sloppy bun. Right now I am using this excuse not to get ready every day to grow my hair but also make sure it has what it needs to stay healthy, strong and use the right products.

For years I had been experiencing hair breakage and it was because of my pony tail hair ties. With my thick hair, it takes a few loops and really tight hair ties to keep my hair up. After switching to these hair ties I have noticed less strain on my hair which means less breakage. Since my hair is up in a bun most of the time, I only brush my hair once maybe twice a day with my wet brush. I’ll add serum to my hair and gently brush my hair after I get out of the shower. If needed I’ll brush it again in the morning but I’ve been letting it go natural most of the time.

Good hair starts with the right products! I switch back and forth from the expensive brands and really good drugstore ones. Just because you are paying a lot of money for shampoo it does not mean it is going to give you great hair. It takes some trial and error to find the right match and right now I am loving the Loreal Everpure Scalp Care + Detox shampoo and conditioner. My hair feels clean for days and it helps get rid of product buildup so your hair has more bounce and not as weighed down.

My secret to easy healthy hair? It’s simple… use a leave in conditioner! I’ve noticed that my hair dries without it being big and frizzy when I use it after the shower. It definitely makes my hair more manageable and I don’t need to grab a hair straightener because it looks presentable. When I do use my straightener, it takes a lot less effort to get my hair looking cute even in this hot southern humidity!

Finally, air drying my hair the last few months have allowed my hair to heal and grow long and healthy! I’m embracing my grown out roots and with all this time in the sun, my natural blonde highlights are coming back! Over time I hope to train my hair to look good on it’s own with little maintenance. Right now, my hair is loving me for the easy hair routine and I’m loving it back for the easy maintenance!


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