happy fall y’all 

 Okay so I am getting really sad lately because wherever I go I am overwhelmed with Christmas. Even my Wegmans has their Christmas trees out front and the store is decorated inside. I love Christmas of course, but I am not ready to say goodbye to fall yet!! Here are some photos of an adventure I had during early fall. Even getting apples and pumpkins for the front porch is a fun fall activity. Of course this fall the weather has been so crazy. The day I went to Delicious Orchards I had a cute fall outfit  picked out and it felt like it was eighty degrees out! But whatever, the outfit was adorbs!  If only I could take all of these pumpkins home with me but I am sure my parents would kick me to the curb!   

How many pumpkins is too many??

 The front door looks adorable! So happy we have some natural leaves to add to the theme! Hehe 
  Look at who snuck into the photo! There are days Kitty is sleeping and hiding all day while others he has to be in the way. But since he is so adorable he can photobomb my pictures anytime!I took some photos of the house decorated for fall. Since taking these photos I have changed it up a gazillion times just because it is so much fun! 
 I love my job because I get to craft all day. I got to do some graphics and marketing for the towns fall events.


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