How I Deal With the Sunday Scaries

I’m writing this post on a Sunday night as I procrastinate before going to bed. I still have a few more things to get done tonight but like most Monday’s, I am getting a little anxious about starting another work week. The Sunday Scaries usually start on Sunday morning and my brain goes into over drive making me create unrealistic to do lists and freaking out that I won’t be able to get everything done. I’m sure I am not the only one who goes through this… hopefully? I’m only four months into my new job and there is still so much for me to learn. Each day is unpredictable no matter how much I try and over plan and over prepare. I organize meetings for the practice group and there are a lot of logistics that people don’t realize, update charts with data and putting out fires before anyone realizes that something didn’t go to plan! I’ve made an effort to not just mope on the couch and stress about the things I haven’t done on Sundays and actually enjoy my weekends.End

1. Your Work Week Properly
Do you just drop everything at 5pm on a Friday and rush out the door because it’s finally the weekend? Yeah, I used to do this and then would stress on Sunday night because I couldn’t remember if I did xyz or I would get stressed about the upcoming week because I had no clue what was coming up. Now on Fridays, I make sure that I get everything done for the week even if that means that I stay at work a little late. I also go through my Outlook calendar for the upcoming week and make my to do list for Monday morning. Once I go over what I have coming up, then I don’t feel so overwhelmed before I step into the office. Just knowing that I finished up the previous work week and there is nothing outstanding on my to do list helps me feel more confident.

2. Saturdays are for Errands. Sundays are for relaxing
Gosh, this rule alone has changed my weekends dramatically! I try to make it a rule that I do my errands; grocery shopping, trips to Target, adulting, cleaning the house, etc. on Saturdays. With everything out of the way, I have all day Sunday to relax and take things slow instead of rushing and feeling drained Sunday night. I’ll leave laundry and change the sheets for Sunday morning because it’s something that I can always do it during the week and I have plenty of clothes to get me through the month!

3. Shower Before 7pm on Sundays
I shower at night and if I’m not careful, I will procrastinate and not shower until close to midnight on Sunday nights. This is a recent rule for me and I already see a dramatic difference in my night time routine. When I shower and wash my hair earlier in the day, I actually have time to let my hair air dry and style before bed! No more going to bed after a quick shower and wet hair!!

4. Meal Prep for the Week while You Make Dinner
One of the reasons I am so burned out during the week is because I just don’t have the time to pack a lunch or snacks for work. If I don’t bring a lunch with me, I will just go all day without food and then have no energy when I get home from work. Now on Sundays while I cook dinner, I spend a few extra minutes to pack easy grab and go containers of food for the week.

5. Tell Someone About Your Sunday Scaries
I honestly could not get through the week without Jake. He’s my voice of reason to calm me down when I am freaking out about getting everything done and reminds me that I need to sit down and enjoy my weekend! It’s nice to vent about what you are stressed out about and help enforce that work/life balance. It’s also really nice to share responsibilities with. Some Sundays, I will go to bed and Jake will clean up the kitchen or will stay up to finish the laundry. After talking about what causes me to get stressed out, he has stepped in to help take a few of things off of my plate so we get things done faster and have more time to relax on the weekends. If you don’t have a significant other, do your grocery shopping with a friend, Facetime with a friend while you clean your apartment or talk to your mom when you need some encouragement to keep you going.


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