life is about learning to dance in the rain


Rainy days are no fun and this week it looks like the rain will not go away!

I have put together some of my rainy day essentials. I wish I was at home on the couch curled up reading a book but instead I am stuck in this gloomy office today!

rainy day essentials


What are some of your rainy day must haves?

Cubicle Sweet Cubicle

Cubicle Sweet Cubicle


Just because you have to spend all day at your desk that does not mean you can’t have some fun! If we have to sit in front of our desks for hours at a time we should at least personalize the space and make it pretty! Inspire your Monday with some cubicle or desk decorating tips!

For Christmas I surprised a friend with some goodies for her cubicle. I put together some of the office goodies I picked up for her and what is on my desk. I got everything at TJ Maxx and Homegoods which really helped with my budget. This style may not fit everyone but I encourage you all to go out and spruce up your desk some way this week. I started writing with a new pen and got pink post its, a subtle change but these winter months need some pop of color!

It’s time to inspire your home away from home!


Take the day off, work will be there when you get back…


On Tuesday morning I woke up on time for work and dragged myself out of my warm bed to get ready for work. When I saw my work outfit on a hanger laying out for me I decided I was going to play hooky. I called work and told them I was not going to come in. Since working at my job since June 1st I have only taken two days off of work. Lately I have been in this repetitive slump at work and in life. Every day it is the same thing over and over. A busy chaotic day at work ends and I go home with very little energy. The only thing now that gets me out of the house is going to the gym or fitness classes. Even in college I never skipped a class and was always running somewhere. Unfortunately about the real world is there are no holidays or snow days. I felt so anxious taking a day off of work so last minute but by noon I was so relaxed. There comes a time in life that we revolve our lives around a job and not about our self care. My day is determined by how good of a day I had at work. I do not think our days should just be about our job. I cannot remember the last time I did something for myself and not feeling guilty. Even staying up late makes me anxious because I will not be able to give 100%  at my job the next day.

My weekends start and end without me even noticing it is over. I start the week and before I know it is Friday with nothing fun to show for it. Does anyone else feel this slump?

On Tuesday morning I walked downstairs in my comfy pajamas to have breakfast with my family. My parents had the day off so we spent the entire day watching Netflix in pajamas and wrapped up in blankets. This is better than any vacation we could have taken!


If you are looking for a show to finish in one day this is a great binge watch. We finished the show in one day and I cannot wait for the next season. It is a show full of laughs and shows how important it is to have a best friend in life.

snow day

YAY! We have a lot of snow here in Jersey. It started around 7pm last night and has not stopped! While I love this snow I prefer to look at it through the window in my pajamas. I went out this afternoon to shovel and it was hard week with snow up to my knees! By the time I had finished the sidewalks and stairs the snow had already coated the sidewalk again! UGH!


Most Saturdays I wake up early to get my errands done and go to a yoga class. Obviously none of that was possible today and I started to go in Starbucks withdrawal. As much as I loved lounging around allllll day finishing The West Wing on Netflix I felt very lazy. I woke up at 8am and drifted back into sleep and watching Netflix until 1pm. I haven’t slept that much in a long time!


Worlds greatest idea was taking my old comforter into our living room to snuggle in while watching Netfix. And yes, our tree is still up!

I hope tomorrow will be more productive filled with some snow related activities. Honestly the most productive thing I did today was shovel snow and shower haha


I have been talking to a lot of people about Netflix lately and I will be posting about my top Netflix binge picks tomorrow 🙂

work hard, so you can shop harder


As a PGL-er we work 40 hours a week, not including the commute to work and back home. So what else do we do on a Tuesday night when it is no longer acceptable to participate in Tequila Tuesday because we have to be up early for work the next morning? I formed a very expensive hobby. I shop. I shop for things I want and things I need.

My trip to Target is always fun and I never walk out with just some new shampoo and clothes hangers. Since I was not going back to my college house I felt like I missed out on buying decor and a new comforter. I had a guest room on my floor that was very blah. It was full of zero personality or decorations and mismatched furniture. So a few trips to Homegoods and Target later I have a new favorite room in the house. Check out my previous post a few months back for pictures and details!

When Christmas came along I wanted to decorate the house for Christmas with my own style and have my own tree. My parents gave me the second floor which I had previously redesigned over the summer to make into a winter wonderland. I fell in love with the affordable and stylish decorations they had. Just walking around brings me happiness looking at the pretty stuff even if I cannot have the budget to buy everything.

But good news!! Right now the store is up to 90% off! This is how it works…. Since it is now 2016 the 2015 is considered old and it needs to go to make room for the new pastel and blush tone collections coming in for 2016. So almost everything on the shelves need to go! A lot of the stuff is not marked clearance so be sure to use the scanner to find the real deal. I did some shopping yesterday and came home with pillows for $1.99 that were originally $19  !! Go walk around and see what you can find.

Some Target Insta-Bloggers I follow do the clearance shopping and post their finds. These gals are professionals and can find better bargains than me!

  • @targetclearancequeen
  • @targetfanatic
  • @targetlife
  • @targetdoesitagain

Looking at these Instagrams are a great break from working during the day!


My December obsession is starting to roll over into January as well. Everybody needs to go to Bath & Body Works right now and buy a candle. Right now they are still on sale and are $10 compared to their normal price of $22. I did a lot of after Christmas sale shopping and got some Christmas gifts for some friends that I had not exchanged gifts with yet. These candles are my new nightly ritual at night while I try to stay awake watching a Netflix episode!


What are some other stores I can find cute things I don’t need?! Anyone else have cheaper PGL hobbies that don’t consist of trips to Target every week??

Shop on my friends! We will be paying off our student loans forever but these sweet deals only last for so long !  😉

happy fall y’all 

 Okay so I am getting really sad lately because wherever I go I am overwhelmed with Christmas. Even my Wegmans has their Christmas trees out front and the store is decorated inside. I love Christmas of course, but I am not ready to say goodbye to fall yet!! Here are some photos of an adventure I had during early fall. Even getting apples and pumpkins for the front porch is a fun fall activity. Of course this fall the weather has been so crazy. The day I went to Delicious Orchards I had a cute fall outfit  picked out and it felt like it was eighty degrees out! But whatever, the outfit was adorbs!  If only I could take all of these pumpkins home with me but I am sure my parents would kick me to the curb!   

How many pumpkins is too many??

 The front door looks adorable! So happy we have some natural leaves to add to the theme! Hehe 
  Look at who snuck into the photo! There are days Kitty is sleeping and hiding all day while others he has to be in the way. But since he is so adorable he can photobomb my pictures anytime!I took some photos of the house decorated for fall. Since taking these photos I have changed it up a gazillion times just because it is so much fun! 
 I love my job because I get to craft all day. I got to do some graphics and marketing for the towns fall events.