This Vintage Coach Bag is Back in Style

I would like to thank my mom for allowing me to steal… I mean borrow her bags all these years. During the move, her vintage Coach Court Bag made its way to Philadelphia and not their house in North Carolina. Very odd, still trying to figure out how that happened 😉 Right now, I have it on display in my closet because the leather has the right amount of worn look to it. They don’t make bags like this anymore and I love the vintage look to it.

I am sharing this bag that was released before I was born because Coach just released the bag again! Coach is calling this newly released bag the Willis Bag but it still has that chic look to it as the original Court bag. My mom first introduced me to the briefcase or doctor bag styled bags because she always said they look more professional. I think one of the reasons that my Coach bag rarely gets used is because it looks so professional and pretty. Now that this bag has been released, I am inspired to use it more on the weekends for outings. If you prefer the classic original version of the bag, I found a few options on EBay for a lot cheaper!


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