Time To Make A Plan

It’s starting to feel like Groundhog Day, waking up every morning and it’s the same thing. I try to wake up every morning with a positive attitude and while some days I allow myself to curl up in pajamas and feel all the feels, I do have more good days than bad days. At first I thought this stay home at home because the world has stopped would last a month and then we would slowly go back to normal. But now while I watch the news (riots, lack of resources, people not staying at home) I have started to accept that this is going to go on for a while and it’s time to make a plan.

Keep your morning routine…make breakfast to start your day!
Wake up, wash your face, get dressed and go have breakfast before you do anything else. Take this time to enjoy making breakfast instead of rushing out of the door in the morning. It’s a weird time that we can actually sit down and enjoy our morning without feeling rushed.

Now that this is going longer than we wanted it to, it’s time to get out of pajamas and put on some real clothes. Getting dressed in the morning helps tell my brain that it’s time to get productive. At night, when I get out of my day clothes and into pajamas, it helps tell my brain that it’s time to get ready for bed. Also, leggings are allowed to be considered real pants during this difficult time!

I’m sure you saw a meme about girls running to get their haircut, nails done and waxed as soon as the businesses open up again. Just because we aren’t seeing people like we usually do, it’s nice to still look put together! Do something beauty related each day! Do your nails, a face mask, a hair treatment, put on mascara – something so you can look in the mirror and be happy with what you see. I’ve been letting my hair air dry and not use heat tools but I have been using leave in conditioner and lots of hair oil to keep it healthy. And my at home manicures are a new favorite weekly fun activity!

I’m sure I am not the only one who goes to bed feeling like they did nothing that day. You might have worked from home but it’s hard to feel accomplished when you don’t have much to show for it. To give yourself something to look forward to, watch a movie or start watching a tv series with a roommate. If you don’t live with someone, you can do it with a friend and FaceTime during it or just text while you watch it. It’s nice to have something to look forward to that is also social!

Check your finances. Even if you are working from home, check your bank account and move money from your checking account into your savings that you won’t touch. Right now we don’t know how long this will last or what will happen when things “go back to normal”. Stores are offering so many sales right now so if you are able to, definitely take advantage of the great deals! Just check your finances to see where you are and plan ahead. I like to check my banking account weekly and take note of what bills need to be paid and where my money is going.

Accept it and find a bright side. A few years ago my dad had his knee replaced and he spent the summer at home recovering. It was his first real summer vacation since 8th grade and while it was a weird adjustment at first, he was able to take advantage of the time at home and not having to work. My dad brought this up while I was talking to him recently and told me to accept that I am safe at home and I don’t have to do anything. I was newly unemployed before the pandemic applying to jobs and obviously that was put on hold. Financially I am good – I have money in my savings and I have a boyfriend I live with that can support us until I find a job. Now to look at the bright side of this and realize that this is the only time we will be at home for a long period of time with nowhere to go. Parents and kids are at home creating memories. You pay all that money for rent now enjoy being able to be home and use it! It’s a weird time to think of a bright side, but it helps me change the narrative in my head to not freak out.

Make a list of things to do. From home projects to clearing out your inbox, make a list of things to do during this time that you have been putting off and make your way through the list. Deep clean your house, organize a closet and purge. It helps create structure and feeling accomplished.

Reach out to your family and check in. I’ve been calling my parents more often just to say hi and texting throughout the day. A group of my family members created a book club and we meet on Sunday evenings on Zoom. We rarely talk about the book and not everyone gets to the reading, but it’s a great excuse to set up a call and chat.

This post is to encourage you to stay busy and to stay safe at home. I’m sure I am not the only one who has broken down once or twice because of what is going on and because of the unknown. I journal every day and wrote down this list for myself to change the narrative in my head from freaking out to trying to have more control throughout the day. I thought it would be good to share on here in case you need some encouragement. Please feel free to roll your eyes at my ideas for a routine or to use just one of these. Do what works best for you at this time.


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