you know you love me xoxo philly

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On Sunday the family and I drove down to Philly for the day to go to the art museum for my moms birthday. Philly is a city that has history for all of us so it always nice to visit. I went to college for four years in Philadelphia and my mom went to PCOM for optometry school while my parents were married for a few years. It is great because this city feels like home for the three of us! 7980911406_50dfabf1af

We were lucky that we have a great city just an hour away from us! Since the Pope was recently there the LOVE Philly logo statue was changed to “AMOR” to honor the Pope. Of course we had to get a photo! I hope we can take advantage of day trips more often because it was a great time with the family. We went to the Philadelphia Art Museum which is a must see if you go to Philly! Again I fell in love with Monet. I was staring at one of his paintings for about fifteen minutes just memorized by the beauty of the brushstrokes. There was Picasso, Michelangelo and Da Vinci!

See you again, Philly!



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